Munnar is a dreamy town nestled in the laps of the Western Ghats. Situated in the Idukki district, Munnar was once the summer retreat of British officials. Munnar means ‘three rivers’ in Malayalam after the rivers Nallathanni, Mattupetti and Periavaru that flow through this town. Places to visit in Munnar are surrounded by lush green hills and are ideal locations for a peaceful holiday. The tea gardens of Munnar stretch out for miles giving a brilliant green hue to the valleys. This town is one of the largest tea-growing regions of the country, so if you happen to be a tea lover then Munnar is your dream destination. All the places to visit in Munnar are replete with natural beauty, a feature that makes it one of the most sought after hill stations in India. The distinctive flora and fauna of this place attracts nature enthusiasts from all over the world. The stunning view of clouds floating above the verdant hills of Munnar is bound to be etched in your memory. 

Places to visit in Munnar: Waterfalls

Attukal Waterfalls

Surrounded by a dense forest, Attukal Waterfalls strikes you with its breathtaking beauty. This waterfall is situated at a distance of about 10 kilometres from the main town, and lies between Munnar and Pallivasal. Attukal Waterfalls is one of the finest places to visit in Munnar that entertains thousands of tourists throughout the year.  Monsoon is the best time to visit Attukal Falls if you want to witness this waterfall in its glory.


The way to Attukal Falls is through a narrow mountain path enveloped by a thick forest. This journey brings a lot of trekkers and adventure seekers to this thrilling tourist place in Munnar. There is a wooden bridge that you will have to cross to reach the falls. This bridge is a perfect spot to admire the grandeur of Attukal Falls and click pictures. We suggest staying at a hotel near Attukal Falls if you wish to behold the serene charm of the place.


Chinnakanal Waterfalls

Chinnakanal Waterfalls is located near Chinnakanal village about 15 kilometres away from Munnar, on the way to Thekkady. Cocooned by thick foliage, the milky-white water of Chinnakanal Falls crashing down against the rocks is a view that makes this place one of the most alluring places to visit in Munnar. This waterfall originates from the River Devikulam and cascades down from a height of about 800 metres.


Also known as Power House Waterfalls, this is one of the most relaxing places to visit in Munnar where you can idle away your time in the lap of nature. Additionally, adventure lovers can trek to the foot of the waterfalls to get a better view of the area. You can take a refreshing dip in the pool formed at the bottom of the falls, but be careful not to lose your footing on the slippery rocks. Chinnakanal Waterfalls is best viewed from the plantations close by. However, you will need permission from appropriate authorities to visit the plantations since these are privately owned . June to September are the best months to visit this fantastic place in Munnar.


Thoovanam Falls 

Thoovanam Falls is a charming waterfall located 60 kilometres away from Munnar town, inside Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. With greenery all around, the splendour of the waterfall is something that leaves a lasting impression on you. Sit back and relax in the middle of the woods with singing birds and fluttering butterflies as company. Thoovanam Falls is among those places to visit in Munnar that need to be on your itinerary without fail.  


Thoovanam Falls pours down from a height of 1400 kilometres, the River Pambar being its point of origin. The water pools at the foot of the waterfall where you can go for a swim. To reach the falls one has to walk about three kilometres from the entrance through a rich green forest. You may encounter elephants, deer and bison grazing, or langurs hanging off branches on your way. With so much scenic beauty and thrill on offer, Thoovanam Falls is one of those places to visit in Munnar that are ideal for a visit with your family.

Places to visit in Munnar: Nature and parks

Photo Point

Photo Point in Munnar is an area overlooking sprawling tea plantations that serves as an excellent location to capture photographs. The beauty of this location is what makes it one of the most prominent places to visit in Munnar. The rolling slopes are dotted with bright and green tea plants with silver oaks standing at intervals. Situated at a distance of three kilometres away from the main town of Munnar, Photo Point is a sightseeing and picnic destination that is on every tourist’s list of places to visit in Munnar.


Photo Point is an idyllic location where the azure sky blends with the verdant slopes of the Nilgiris with the pleasant aroma of tea wafting around in the wind. In fact, the winding road alongside rolling hills up to Photo Point is a delightful journey in itself. If you forget your camera when you visit, fret not– there are a number of professional photographers ready to take a picture of you in this marvellous place to visit in Munnar and develop prints almost immediately. If you happen to visit on a particularly cloudy day, then you would be stunned by how the grey sky accentuates the green of the tea garden. 


Echo Point 

Enclosed by three mountain ranges, Mudrapuzha, Kundala and Nallathanni, Echo Point is a popular place to visit in Munnar situated at a height of 600 feet. Echo Point appears to be a place straight out of a fairy tale which comprises a tranquil lake surrounded by a green field and misty hills. 


The reason why this destination is a well-renowned place to visit in Munnar is the fact that if you shout something out loud here, a clear echo comes back to you. An ideal place for a family visit, Echo Point is a fascinating spot for kids and adults alike. If you want to experience nature up close, then this place has quite a few activities for you to indulge in, such as boating in the tranquil lake or bird-watching. Go for a stroll around the area and feel the cool breeze against your skin as you take in the matchless allure of this gorgeous place to visit in Munnar.



Munnar, to many people, is only a land of tea plantations. In reality, however, this town offers much diversity in respect to culture, scenic beauty and adventure activities. One of the most prominent places to visit in Munnar, Meesapulimala is a spectacular place the trek to which will undoubtedly satisfy your adventurous side and change your perception of this amazing place forever. Meesapulimala is the second highest peak in South India after Anamudi, and its base camp is more than 20 kilometres away from Munnar town.


The trek begins from the base camp or from Rhodo Mansion, six kilometres above the base camp. If you choose to stay at Rhodo Mansion, the trek to the highest point should take about three hours. This place to visit in Munnar can get quite hot in the morning and chilly at night, so make sure you have appropriate clothing with you. The trail for this trek goes across misty hills and vast open lands of the Nilgiris and will make you feel no less than an epic hero in the quest to find a mysterious land. The steep incline of the trail and the long walk can get quite tiring, but the view that awaits up top is sure to alleviate all stress. The panoramic view of the jagged mountain tops, the green valleys and tea plantations of Idukki, and the glimmering streams down below is simply out of the world. This enthralling place to visit in Munnar makes you feel as though you are in the abode of clouds. 


Places to visit in Munnar: Cultural centres and museums

Kalarai Kshetra

It is known throughout the world that Kerala is a state that takes pride in its vibrant heritage, traditional customs and deep-rooted culture. Kalari Kshetra is a centre in Munnar that organises programmes to celebrate the dance culture of Kerala. One of the finest places to visit in Munnar to admire the tradition of Kerala, a visit to Kalari Kshetra should definitely be a part of your itinerary. 


A martial art form-turned-dance, Kalaripayattu is performed in Kalari Kshetra. More than 3000 years old, this martial art form is the predecessor of all martial art forms, including kung-fu and karate. Watching the display of power between the performers of Kalaripayattu is a sight that evokes wonder and respect, and you will love every minute of it. This is a guarantee – you will feel honoured to have been witness to the strength, elegance and skill of the dancers in this tourist destination.


Kathakali is a renowned dance form and is the very soul of Kerala. This dance drama is characterised by its brightly coloured costumes, heavily painted make-up and authentic Carnatic music. Stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata are narrated through dance and various facial expressions. Experience the richness of the soul of Kerala in Kalari Kshetra as you drift off to a land of music and colour. One of the most remarkable places to visit in Munnar, Kalari Kshetra is a haven for art students and enthusiasts.


At Kalari Kshetra, visitors are encouraged to widen their scope of knowledge on Kerala’s cultural heritage. There are training classes held by professionals on both Kalaripayattu and Kathakali. Here, you can learn about the historical background of these dance forms, ask questions and participate in question-answer sessions. You also have the opportunity to go backstage and admire the finesse of the make-up artists. Enlivened by a rich culture, places to visit in Munnar like Kalari Kshetra should be an unmissable part of your holiday.


Tata Tea Museum

The Tata Tea Museum, also known as Kanan Devan Hills Plantation (KDHP) Tea Museum, will take you on a walk back in time when Munnar was not famed as a tea plantation town. Positioned two kilometres away from the main town, this place to visit in Munnar stores various machines used to process tea years ago. 


It is almost as if the ancient sundial at the entrance of the museum ushers you into a world so different yet intriguing. Every machine and photograph here is a testimony of the efforts put in by the tea plantation employees and pioneers, and the difficulties they had to go through to make Munnar what it is today. You can see for yourself the massive difference in machines used today compared to the ones in the past. One of the major places to visit in Munnar, the Tata Tea Museum also has a tea tasting unit. Here, you can try out a multitude of tea flavours after paying a nominal amount, and buy some as well. After all, who would miss the opportunity to take back a piece of Munnar with them?


The Tata Tea Museum dedicates a separate section to vintage furniture such as wooden chairs and tables, typewriters and magneto phones accumulated from various British bungalows. There is a burial urn from the Iron Age displayed here as well. A captivating place to visit in Munnar, the Tata Tea Museum is a must-visit.


Places to visit in Munnar: Architecture

Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church

The Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church was constructed in 1898 and is one of the oldest Catholic churches in Kerala. Situated atop a hill overlooking the main market, this church is one of the most-visited places to visit in Munnar. Its white-walled, colonial-era edifice blends seamlessly with the greenery around. We suggest visiting here at least once to enjoy and relax amidst the wonderful landscape.


The pictures behind the altar; the stained-glass windows and the religious symbols inside the church have a spiritual effect on all those who visit. A visit to this church is a soul-rejuvenating experience in the lap of nature. The tranquility inside is quite a contrast to the bubbling market outside, and visitors often spend hours inside enveloped by silence. 


Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty Dam is located in Mattupetty, a quaint tourist spothill station in Munnar. Built in the late 1940s, Mattupetty Dam was constructed to store water and generate power. The surrounding hills and tea gardens along with the agreeable weather, make Mattupetty Dam one of the most delightful places to visit in Munnar. 


The lake attached to the dam offers a host of water sports. You can best appreciate the view of the misty hills by boating in the lake. There are loads of boats available for tourists: paddle boats, speed boats, motor boats and row boats. If none of these work for you then you can always spend time at the lakeside, watching birds and wild animals in their element. Mattupetty Dam is one of those places to visit in Munnar where people come not only to have a good time, but also to enjoy its natural environs and unadulterated air. 


CSI Christ Church

The CSI Christ Church is a quaint church located atop a hillock in Munnar. Built in the neo-Gothic style of architecture, the interior of the church is made of granite. This place exudes an old-world colonial charm and is one of the most attractive places to visit in Munnar. Henry Knight, a missionary in Munnar, built this church in loving memory of his wife who tragically died of malaria.


Recognised as the oldest church in Munnar, the CSI Christ Church is adorned with the stained-glass windows depicting biblical events and characters, and brass plaques honouring the foreign tea planters who are buried here. If you want to spend a few hours reconnecting with your inner self, then this serene place to visit in Munnar is the ideal spot.

Places to visit in Munnar: Markets

Munnar Town Local Market

Munnar Market is the heart of this town. Munnar Market is a confluence of senses, where the aroma of spices and tea mingle with the hawker’s cry. This market is one such place in Munnar where you get to acquaint yourself with the true essence of the town.


There are shops lined on either side of the road that sell a variety of items starting from fresh fruits and vegetables to utensils, garments, fabrics and toys. Munnar Market is the ultimate place to buy souvenirs, where you will find Ayurvedic items and essential and aromatic oils. When in Munnar, do not forget to buy some authentic spices, coffee and tea. Although not one of the frequented places to visit in Munnar by tourists, this market is worth a visit if you wish to learn more about the day-to-day lives of the locals.


Mattupetty Dam Market

Mattupetty Dam is one of the major places to visit in Munnar. An architectural brilliance, this dam receives hundreds throughout the year. Apart from being a lovely sightseeing spot, Mattupetty Dam is also a wonderful place for shopping. 


The flea market of Mattupetty Dam is a vibrant area selling multitude of wooden items like painted boxes, toys, pen stands, home decor items and more. This is a must-visit place to visit in Munnar to buy handicrafts and support the local artists of Kerala. 

Places to visit in Munnar: Eateries

Rapsy Restaurant

A visit to Munnar is unthinkable without having a meal at Rapsy Restaurant. Famed as one of the oldest and finest restaurants in Munnar, the rich taste here has made Raspy Restaurant a highly valued place to visit in Munnar. The decor may be simple, but the food here is certainly not. The mouth-watering Spanish omelettes, beef fry or curry, parathas and Kerala biryani are specialities here that must not be missed at any cost. Try the popular breakfast platter, puttu and kadala curry, consisting of steamed rice cakes with coconut and a black chickpea curry.


Guru’s Restaurant

If you want to relish the authentic taste of Kerala, then look no further than Guru’s Restaurant. Renowned for its premium food quality, Guru’s Restaurant is hardly ever vacant. One bite into their nadan kozhi varuthathu, or spicy chicken fry, and you will know why this restaurant is one of the most sought-after places to visit in Munnar. It would be wrong to return from Munnar without trying out the Kerala-style fish served in this restaurant. The flavour of coconut is enhanced by the sweet and sour kokum, a spice special to the southern regions of India.

Written by Baishali Dutta. She finds solace in words and her ukulele, and would rather be living in the hills.

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