Why does one travel to hill stations? For a change of scenery, a break from the daily humdrum and to revel in the treasures of nature. All the reasons that put Mussoorie on India's tourist map. A hill station in Uttarakhand, the dreamy hamlet of Mussoorie is known for its deodar-covered forests, blue skies and blissful way of life.


One may feel that there aren't too many places to visit in Mussoorie but that's where the magic lies. In laid-back sightseeing sprees and a places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary which is tailor-made according to your interests.


Mall Road

The mall road in most Indian hill stations is the centre of all activities. Somewhat resembling the busy markets of cities, Mall Road in Mussoorie is where you should be to rejuvenate yourself after exciting sightseeing sprees.


Much smaller than most mall roads in other Indian hill stations, Mall Road is home to numerous decade-old restaurants and shops. If you have visited Mussoorie before, you'll notice that nothing seems to change in this quaint hill station. The roads look the same and the locals are as welcoming. Since there aren't too many restaurants and shops situated across town, including a visit to Mall Road in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary is inevitable.


There are several restaurants here, some which have stood the test of time and now have a loyal following of foodies. Hot steaming momos is a common sight on Mall Road and a delicious treat is never too far away. If Chinese is not your preferred cuisine, you can expect Indian delicacies as well as an Italian fare in most restaurants. The best restaurants which you should tick off your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary are Kalsang, Tavern and Cafe By The Way.


Mall Road will also make it to your list of places to visit in Mussoorie if shopping is on your mind. Besides the usual handmade woollens, travellers can take back stationary, food items, fruit wines, jams and local handicrafts. We recommend brushing up on your bargaining skills for the best discounts.  


Cost: A day on Mall Road in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary will cost you anywhere between Rs.100 and Rs.800 depending on the inclusions.

Gun Hill

A trip to Gun Hill promises two things – awe-inspiring views and an opportunity to ride in a cable car. On the list of places to visit in Mussoorie, Gun Hill is an enthralling tourist attraction, especially if you are travelling with children. 

The second highest point in Mussoorie, it is located at an altitude of 2024 meters. The views of the sunset from here are quite charming. You can see the entire Doon Valley and the overwhelming Himalayan range in the background. 

The ropeway to Gun Hill operates between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. While it sees a lot of tourists and there is always a queue, there is ample space for at least six to seven people. At the top of the summit, you can enjoy local street food and indulge in old-school carnival games to keep yourself busy. Balloon shooting, ring throw and a view from the telescope are a few activities here that you should add to your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary. 

The food stalls here serve everything including maggi, omelette with toast, hot tea, cold coffee, chips and Indian snacks such as samosa. A steaming plate of Maggi with hot tea is the perfect way to celebrate your break from the city. It tends to get cold in the evening so we suggest carrying an extra jacket. 

If you don’t want to take the cable car and prefer trekking to the hill, you are in luck. The trek is around 20 minutes long and is not exhaustive. Since most trekkers regularly trek to the mountain, there is a rough path that you can follow. 

Cost: A trip to Gun Hill in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary will set you back by Rs.50. This amount will vary depending on what you choose to eat.

Lal Tibba

There are a few coveted hidden gems which should make it to your list of places to visit in Mussoorie. Lal Tibba in Landour is one such place. Situated approximately 7 kilometres from Mussoorie, Lal Tibba is the highest point in the area. 


On a good day, you can see the Badrinath peak, Kedarnath peak, Bandarpoonch ranges as well as Nilkantha peak. There is a telescope installed here which makes the experience more charming and reminds you of easy childhood days before technology took over. Besides the panoramic views, Lal Tibba is on the list of places to visit in Mussoorie for nature lovers and peace seekers. 


On a cloudless day, the view of the setting sun is marvellous and prompts the hidden photographer in you to capture the sky in all its glory. Surrounded by a thick forest cover, Lal Tibba has been attracting travellers for years. If you have sufficient time in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary, we recommend spending at least five to six hours here. You can explore the local cafes and historical buildings, enjoy a few nature walks and reconnect with nature in this quaint town. 


If you can extend your places to visit in Mussoorie, a one-night stay in one of the luxurious properties in Landour will add to your holiday experience. The resorts here spell luxury and comfort and if your budget allows, you must stay back. There is a small market here but it’s much smaller than the one in Mussoorie. For souvenir shopping, we recommend heading to Mall Road. 


Cost: A trip to Landour in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary will cost between Rs.200 and Rs.1000 per person depending on the inclusions.

Kempty Falls

There are a few places which become symbolic for the place they are situated in. For anyone visiting the hill station, a trip to Kempty Fall is a must. Among the biggest attractions in places to visit in Mussoorie itineraries, this iconic landmark is situated just 13 kilometres north of Mussoorie.


The waterfall is nestled amidst craggy mountains and the first sight of the gushing waters and the verdant greenery is breathtaking. Owing to the popularity of this tourist attraction in places to visit in Mussoorie itineraries, it’s no surprise that the waterfall is always crowded. Numerous tourists visit every day and lavish picnics are a regular sight. 


Kempty Falls is divided into five channels and the pool formed at the bottom of the falls is the centre of all activity. You can rent a tube before taking the plunge or enjoy the cool water from the side. There is a separate locker room where you can give your clothes and valuables for safe-keeping. 


An interesting activity here is the cable car ride which offers mesmerising views of Doon Valley. The short ride is priced at Rs.100 per person and you simply can’t discount it from your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary. You can also add more to your souvenir shopping loot from the few shops located on the road to Kempty Falls. Besides handicrafts, there are a few shops selling tea, Maggi and light snacks. However, if you truly want to enjoy a lavish picnic, we recommend bringing food and water. It’s also urged to avoid using one-time plastic bottles to protect the environment. 


Cost: A trip to Kempty Falls in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary will cost you between Rs.100 and Rs.250 per person.


Dhanaulti is one of those places in Uttarakhand which effortlessly give you the ideal hill station experience. An unmissable part of places to see in Mussoorie itinerary, it is situated 65 kilometres from the hill station. Situated at a height of 2200 meters, the quaint hilly hamlet doesn’t see many tourists. 

It is a crowd puller for trekkers, nature lovers and photographers and you’ll see several colourful camps dotting the hills here. If you are an enthusiastic trekker, the treks here are a great way to explore the area and should make it to your list of places to visit in Mussoorie. Ranging from easy to difficult, you can either conduct cursory research or speak to locals for the best trekking routes.

For those who want to combine camping and trekking together, there are several local tour agencies here who can plan your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary. Among the most popular sites for camping, Burma Bridge stands out for its verdant fields and surreal beauty. While there aren’t too many tourist attractions in Dhanaulti, you can include a visit to Eco Park, Potato Farm, Dhanaulti Adventure Park and Surkanda Devi Temple. Eco Park offers a fun-filled experience if you are travelling with children. Home to a variety of flora and fauna, it’s the ideal picnic spot for a family travelling together. 

Cost: A trip to Dhanaulti in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary will cost you between Rs.1000 and Rs.5000 per person depending on the inclusion. This amount also includes hotel costs for a night.

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary should make it to your list of places to visit in Mussoorie if you are a wildlife enthusiast and an avid bird watcher. The wildlife sanctuary is part of Rajaji National Park and is situated at a distance of 11 kilometres from Mussoorie. You can hire a cab for a one day trip to the wildlife haven.


Among the lesser-known sightseeing spots in places to visit in Mussoorie itineraries, Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is home to mountain quails, leopards, red-billed blue magpie and deer. The sanctuary offers visitors uninterrupted views of Chaukhamba and Bandarpunch peaks which are quite a delight for photographers. 


The sanctuary opens at 7:00 am so you can plan your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary accordingly. Exploring the park will take you approximately three to four hours so you must carry enough water to last you throughout your trip. There is a canteen on the premises which serves snacks and beverages to calm hunger pangs. There are numerous short trekking trails here which you can include in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary.

Cost: Including a visit to Benog Wildlife Sanctuary in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary will cost you between Rs.500 and Rs.1500 depending on the cost of transport.

Happy Valley

If you are under the impression that Mall Road in Mussoorie is the only place to visit, then a visit to Happy Valley will prompt you to reconsider your stance. Perfect for travellers who are willing to explore different places to visit in Mussoorie, Happy Valley is situated approximately three kilometres from Library Chowk. You can choose to walk the distance or hire a cab. 


An erstwhile refuge for Tibetans, it is said to be the first place where Dalai Lama set foot in India, before calling Dharamshala home. There is a thriving Tibetan community here, complete with an enchanting monastery, a few eating joints and shops selling souvenirs and Tibetan handicrafts. The area is said to be home to more than 5000 Tibetans.


You must keep aside three to four hours in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary to explore the area. The monastery is enveloped in an aura of peace and serenity and offers spiritual seekers a memorable experience. Happy Valley is fondly known as ‘mini Tibet’ and food lovers come here for their dose of steaming chicken momos and thukpa. If you are in the mood to shop, you can spare a few hours in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary to explore the small market outside the monastery. 


Cost: Including a trip to Happy Valley in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary will cost you between Rs.100 and Rs.500 depending on the inclusions.

Cloud’s End

Cloud’s End is situated six kilometres from Mussoorie. It is part of the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary and the two-kilometre road leading to the summit is lined with deodar and oak trees. The trees offer a natural cover from the blazing sun during summer and are an awe-inspiring sight during winter. Geographically marking the end of Mussoorie, Cloud’s End gets its name from the cloud cover which greets you at the end of the road. 


If you are a nature lover or enjoy capturing splendid views, then you must add this to your list of places to visit in Mussoorie. The viewpoint also offers panoramic views of Aglar River Valley, another huge draw for photographers. 


There is a heritage hotel here that is visited by travellers who are in the mood to enjoy hot tea and some snacks. The building is said to be constructed in 1838 and still retains some of its glory. The management has made efforts to maintain the heritage hotel as a tourist attraction and you can easily spend a couple of hours here. Many trekking tours cover a visit to Cloud’s End and if you are an amateur trekker, we suggest starting from this spot in Benog Wildlife Sanctuary.


Cost: There is no entry ticket for Cloud’s End and it’s a great attraction to include in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary if you are on a budget trip.

Mossy Falls

Located in Barlowganj in Mussoorie, Mossy Falls is one of the lesser-known, yet beautiful places which make it to the list of places to visit in Mussoorie. The fall is named after the moss-laden rocks that surround it. 


The falls are located around seven kilometres away from the town centre at Barlowganj. There is a natural fall and few man-made falls that come together to form this enthralling natural beauty. There are six tiers of cascades and slides, totalling 145 feet. The tiers are of various gradients and water flows. The three upper falls are visible from a distance, while the rest can be admired when you come close to the main site. There's also a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva close to the falls which sees a trickle of spiritual seekers every day. The Shivalinga of the temple is drenched with water from the falls, making it a beautiful sight.  


Although one can take the local bus or hire a taxi to reach the falls, the best way to experience Mossy Falls is through a trek from Landour which starts at the clocktower. If you want to include the trek in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary, we recommend starting early in the morning. The trek passes through Wynberg-Allen School and offers dreamy views of Doon Valley. The trek is mostly downhill and takes about one and a half hours. From Wynberg-Allen School, the trekking route cuts through Mussoorie bypass into Barlowganj. From Barlowganj, the route leads down to a concrete path towards the village of Khetwala and finally to Mossy Falls.  


The entire route is paved and not too difficult to tackle. But what stands out on this trekking route are the scenic views of the valley and neighbouring villages. Early monsoon or winter is the best time to plan a trek here in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary.


Cost: A visit to Mossy Falls in your places to visit in Mussoorie itinerary will cost you between Rs.100 and Rs.200 per person.

Written by Kirat Sodhi. She is a proud mom of three cats and lives for lemon tea, a good book and spontaneous travel plans.

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