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Kundadri Hill

This hill is in the Teerthahalli Taluk of Shimoga District and is above 3000 meters above sea level. This is a very challenging trek as the path up is surrounded by dense forests and rugged paths. This is a monolithic rock structure with a variety of outgrowth. On top of the hill is a Jain Settlement and is named after the Jain Teerthankara, Kundakundacharya who is said to have performed penace here. There is no place to stay on top of the hill and you will thus have to come back to Teerthahalli. The Monsoon season is not suitable for trekking due to slippery paths.
Hrishikesh Baruah
Our next stop was Kundadri hill. By car its around 15 kms, and as the name suggests its a hill top. The last 200 mtrs or so has to be on foot. There's a Jain temple on the top, flanked by 2 ponds. You get an amazing view of Agumbe and adjoining villages from the top. Its great to spend some there as not many people flock there.
neha ballal
Located around 75 km away from the Udupi, this small hill is ideal for an early morning ride to watch the sunrise behind the hills. There is a small temple located here and many rocky edges to sit and watch the view from above. But again it depends on your luck as sometimes the whole skyline is covered with clouds. Not ideal during monsoons though.
We took the road to Aagumbe and visited the Kundadri hill.It was a very steep climb and very steep descent but all the motorcycles managed to negotiate the recklessness beautifully.Taking the road to Sringeri from Aagumbe we had our stop at 5:30Pm in the evening in a small village called Bidaragodu. We stopped to sit and chat near a stream and an hour passed by.We got on our motorcycles seeing the clouds chasing us.Within 2 mins it was pitch black and Koppa was just 20KMs from here.The rain drops were bigger and fell shattering on us reminding us of our every body part.The road is highly risky to ride on in the monsoon.There are no lights and at such rains the visibility is NIL.I was leading but did not know where i should stop or take a turn and purely was depending on the divine guiding spirit to help me cross this juncture!Turns out that this is the second place which receives highest rainfall after chirapunjee and is an elephant corridor!!
So the New Year’s Eve. Ready to party?? Yes we did party but in our own funny way. We woke up at 5am and rode down to Kundadri hills. The temperature can reach easy lesser than 15ºc in the early mornings. Holding a cup of coffee proved to be an idiotic decision as the fingers were numb and cold stuck. We started the climb around 8am. The hill road is too steep to make any mistakes and is it recommended not to have a pillion during the climb. The roads are only guarded on both sides by rather thick vegetation. Any kind of error might lead to a fatal fall to into the obscurity of Agumbe's rain-forests. The top of the cliff has a Jain Monastery and a small lake formation. Atop the cliff one can experience the wilderness and breath- taking beauty of the Western Ghats. The sun shining on the land amidst the thick fog makes the place beautiful. Moments to capture and treasure for the rest of our lives.
Shashank K Pal
It was very cold in Agumbe which made it impossible for me to move the blanket aside. But when I looked at the view outside through the open door, I sprang out of the bed. I had never before woken up to witness such a beautiful view. Since the visibility was less we decided to start riding late. We ate at the nearby hotel, came back to room and were back on saddle by 8. Varun headed towards Udupi as he had to meet his relatives at Hebri, and the rest of us headed to Kundadri. Barani kept his cycle at a house at Kundadri base. He had ridden here before and so this time he planned to trek rather than ride. I was thinking about my previous Kundadri ride. Last time I had to push my cycle for last 1km. So this time I had decided that I'll climb slowly with lower gears throughout the climb. It worked. I climbed Kundadri hill this time. This time again I was the first to reach the top. I was happy and was celebrating with my cycle. Soon Sandeep arrived, followed by Suchith, Ashok and Barani. We clicked several pics, took a little rest and then continued the journey. It was fun riding downill. I had to stop in middle as my discs were very hot. Suchith accompanied me. After a minute break we continued with our breaks pressed tightly. After reaching we had one more huge downhill. Riding 8kms without pedalling was fun again. A little ahead after Someshwara, Ashok and Barani took a diversion towards Karkala. We congratulated eachother on successfully completing our trip and continued on our way. We were reduced to 3 now, Sandeep, Suchith and me. We continued riding towards Udupi. The ride was more challenging now. Scorching heat, tired legs, dehydrated body... Sandeep and Suchith started puhing their cycles on a few climbs. I rode on the climbs and waited for them which gave me good periodic rests. Only thing that kept me alive was the MOM-MADE food waiting for me at home. We stopped at a shop at Parkala for ice-cream. There was one final climb at Manipal.. I somehow managed to pedal, Sandeep and Suchith pushed a little and rode at the end. We took a minute break and continued. We reached my home at 3:30, drank enough water and juice, had bath and ate nicely.The trip had come to an end. What seemed to be my wish, was history now. Now, am back at home, searching the calendar for more holidays planning my next trip...