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The months from January to May and then from October to December is said to be the best time to pay a visit to this beach.
Explore the exotic marine life here.
One would have to contact a tour operator for logistics like hotel packages and activities. There is no charge to visit the beach, though.
September - May
Couples, Families
3 out of 16 attractions in Havelock Island

Elephant Beach

Perhaps the busiest of all the beaches that make Havelock Island a popular destination with the tourists is the famous Elephant beach. The place is loud with tourists and locals and as well as tour operators. There is not a day that passes by without the beach being crowded by foreign tourists who make their way to Havelock to enjoy the best of what nature has to offer. The attractions at Elephant beach is the underwater walking and scuba diving, banana boat rides, and snorkeling. One should try the seafood prepared at the local shacks that dot the place. Elephant Beach has received much international acclaim for being a clean and tourist-friendly beach that offers one a great time when one is vacationing in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. If you miss visiting this beach when in Havelock, you are doing yourself a great injustice.
Kabira Speaking
Himadri Gorai
We headed towards Elephant beach at Havelock to have some fun in the clear sea water. The speed boat leaves from the Havelock jetty and the hotel staff helped us to arrange for it. There is a trekking path as well starting about 4 km from Radhanagar beach towards jetty but this path was muddy and risky due to recent rains and we decided to avoid it even though my plan was to take it in the beginning.We kept our stuff in the locker after reaching there and did the full mask snorkeling for Rs 1000 each. It was again an amazing experience. The visibility was better due to clear sunshine but in snorkeling you can only see things from the distance of the surface of the water. But the full mask has an effect of a lens and you see things bigger.After that, we did Banana ride and jet ski for Rs 600 per head and both were enjoyable. We also took a dip in the clear water even though my wife was getting really concerned about the tan now. We boarded the speedboats after 3 hours of stipulated time and returned to Havelock jetty and finally to our hotel to have lunch and take some rest. Photos below.
Gaurav Ahuja
Situated at one corner of the island, this beach is accessible by boat from the Havelock Island dock. This beach is famous for snorkeling because of the coral reefs which starts at a depth less than a meter in the blue green sea water. The boat ride to the beach itself is thrilling. I remember our boat getting stopped in the middle of the sea and giant waves flowing beneath us. I must admit if that was the view God planned for my last moments, he was very kind. You might find this beach a bit overcrowded than rest of the beaches of Havelock since many water sports are available on this beach.
Swati Keshri
We headed for Elephant beach next. A ferry goes to the beach and takes around half an hour. It's advisable to leave early for the ferry as ferries are limited in number and most of the time one have to wait for at least an hour to get one. There would be many touts here asking for "cheaper" snorkeling and Scuba diving but it's nowhere near to the DiveIndia experience. It's always better to go diving with them in Havelock rather than here. However, one could go for other water adventure sports like water scooter which are aptly priced and experience is also good. We spent good 5 hours here before returning back to Havelock.
Niharika Jain
At around 7am, we were off to the port to catch a ferry to the Elephant Beach for our snorkelling session. This was probably the most touristy part of our trip as we realised that this tiny island was bursting with humans(vendors, instructors and tourists!). But the moment you jump into the sea, it was another experience. We snorkelled together along with 2 instructors and it was so much fun.