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Borra Caves

These are one of the largest stalactites and stalagmites caves in the country, located in the Ananthagiri hills of the Araku valley. They are considered as one of the deepest caves in India going about 80 mts deep.
As you can see in the map route photo that caves is in between araku valley and vishakhapattanam. From that cut you have to travel atleast 7km to reach borra caves. And in between that route you also find Katiki Waterfall. Which is approx 4km from the cut.Both places are amazing and worth to visit.And you have to trek 4km to reach waterfallPrices:Ticket for borra caves - 70₹ per personAnd 10₹ per bag for locker.20₹ for two wheeler parking at katiki waterfall.Note- rentals doesn't allowed non-gear bike to take out from the city. So I took scooty on rent from Green bike rental which is just 30 meter away from my hotel. (Price are same)
After around an hour with great views on the sides we finally went to Borra Caves, we had to take few steps down and as luggage was allowed inside and Phones, Cameras were payable, we deposited them there. Once we got all the formalities done, we went inside. It was again hugely crowded and I wasn't interested but as we went deep inside the place was awesome. Lightings were great too. We even took a family photo there and came out satisfied.We had lunch in a nearby restaurant. Bamboo Biryani was really good but not sure whether it was made really by stuffing it inside. Meals was average. We asked our driver to stop at bus stop. He charged two hundred more and collected Rs. 2700 in total. We were pissed. He told it'd be Rs. 2700 only if we return back to the hotel but changed his word there.
Vaibhav Mishra
We had good time before leaving for Vishakhapatnam so decided to go to Borra Caves which turn out to be very nice place. It took around another 30 min to reach Borra Caves from Katiki waterfall. This place has entry charge and is mostly crowded. Borra Caves are one of the largest cave in India at an elevation of about 700m. The caves are basically karstic limestone structures extending to depth of 80m. There were different lights installed in caves which gave better look to structures in cave. Overall it is a good place to visit if you have time and some interest in geology.
akhil rklo
The Borra Caves are situated in Andhra Pradesh in Vishakhapatnam district in the east coast of India. It is one of the best visit places in the Araku valley. The places will be covered with rocks with irregular in shape. Though it is irregular in shape stalactites the structure of the rocks will be viewed in the form of sculptured form. The Rock are in the form of the stalactites due to the drops of water fallen from the roof of the caves.The beauty of the rock was made by itself. Here we can experiences the beauty of the nature and the creation of the nature without any help of mankind.When it comes my experiences in the borra caves it was fabulous because when it comes to nature it will attract the people with its beauty as I am already a nature lover it attracted me a lot with its sculpture which was created by itself with the drops of water fallen from the roof when i got to know this by the guide I was abit shocked and we can also see the monuments at the top of the roofs and surprisingly it was also created by the water fallen from the roof. Apart from the rock we can also see the lord Shiva was also there in the caves. The rocks are covered with lights to attract more the visitors. It will be attracting in such way that the person who ate to take pictures are also will be clicking the photographs.
On the discovery of the caves, there are several legends, which the tribals who inhabit the villages around the caves narrate. The popular legend is that a cow, grazing on the top of the caves, dropped 60 m (200 ft) through a hole in the roof. The cowherd while searching for the cow came across the caves. He found a stone inside the cave that resembled a Lingam, which he interpreted as the Lord Shiva who protected the cow. The village folk who heard the story believed it and since then they have built a small temple for Lord Shiva outside the cave. People flock to the temple for worship and the cave to get a glimpse of the Lingam.Just wow, took almost 45 mins to 1 Hr to cover the whole cave and it was huge.Head-ups - The bamboo chicken was the best here.