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Katiki Waterfalls Road

Varun Suchday
Milky white water dropping from 100 feet height forming a pool at the base where you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life – Katiki has to be the most scenic waterfall in the area. A 30-minute trek through a lush green forest will lead you to this scenic waterfall. It is 7km from Borra Caves, so you can see both on a single day.Note: Sometimes during summers, the waterfalls dry out completely. Please check with locals before you go.Off the beaten path experiencesHow can you go off the beaten path in an offbeat destination?
Kirat S
I combined my trip to Borra Caves with a trip to Katiki Waterfalls. Just before Borra Caves, a road takes you down to this gorgeous waterfall. The road is a little tricky so hold on tight and trust the local drivers with their skills. The waterfall is breathtaking and certainly a must visit even if you are in a hurry! Though remember that the last one km of the road is by foot and can be a bit much for the elderly so avoid it in case you are travelling with too many young children or elderly people. The restaurants around the waterfall are splendid and serve the best bamboo marinated chicken in India (no, really!)