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Katiki Waterfalls Road

Katiki Waterfalls is located in Vizag. It is 50ft high and emerges on Gosthani River. It is named after the place where it is situated, i.e., Katiki. It is nestled amidst the lush green Borra Caves of Araku valley. Due to its natural charm and serene atmosphere, Katiki Waterfalls in Araku is a popular tourist destination. It is well-connected via road. Borra Guhalu is the nearest railway stop from where you can either undertake a short trek to Katiki Waterfalls or get a cab. You can also travel in a bus up to Borra caves from where you can travel in shared jeeps to the waterfall. The road that stretches between Borra caves and waterfalls is rough and the journey can be quite bumpy. You can enjoy a campfire near the waterfalls or take a dip in the crystal-clear waters. There are shops available near Katiki waterfalls from where you can purchase honey which is collected by the locals themselves.
Lal Chand
It was time for a trek and we headed to Katiki Waterfalls. It was a delightful trek indeed.The route to this place was a bit tricky! Careful Driving! We kept our vehicles at the bottom and started walking. On the way there was a Railway Track passing midway through the trek and the waterfall was at top.
Vaibhav Mishra
We decided to visit Katiki falls which was around 20 Km from Araku valley. The important thing is that there is no proper road to reach Katiki waterfall. The only way to reach this waterfall is to book Tata Sumo for around 8 Km and then trek for 1-2 Km. The roads are very dangerous and it will be scary at some points. We had to spend Rs 2000 for this ride because of no proper road and any choice. Finally reached water fall after some 1-2 Km trek from dropping point of Tata Sumo. The waterfall was not up to expectations but the journey to reach there made it a thrilling experience.
Located in the lush Araku Valley, the way to Katiki Waterfalls includes a little bit of trekking to reach. Katiki Waterfall is 50 ft high and approximately 4 kms away from Borra Caves. Surrounded by clean water and immense greenery in its vicinity, Katiki originates from the Gosthani River and cascades down in full swing.
Anila Kopparapu
Katiki Waterfalls is named after Katiki, the place where it is located. The waterfall is about 50 ft high and lies around 4 km away from Borra Caves. Katiki Waterfalls originate from the Gosthani River and contains greenery and clear water in its vicinity.Katiki falls is located between Borra Caves-kasalaka railway stations you can see from the Hills at Tunnel no:44A small waterfall.Should take a jeep to reach the point and then walk for like 1 km. Any bigger SUV and you can take the SUV itself.Ice cold water, legs started freezing.A good experience but it's the smallest waterfalls I've ever visited.