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Khangai Mountains

Another fantastic place to hike, our route took us to the Khangai Mountains. On our way to the mountains, we witnessed a horse-racing event. I looked forward to an interesting encounter with the local culture and here was my chance. Naadam, a festival that always has a variety of traditional competitions and activities, including the Three Manly Sports of horse racing, wrestling and archery. It seemed like over half the men and boys were on horseback, warming up the racehorses, chatting and just riding around the area the same way the rest of us would walk. The trainers stood out with their fancy del, sashes, hats and boots, along with their sweat scrapers tucked into the back of their sash. Older men sat on the ground exchanging snuff bottles in the traditional greeting. The kids were happily running and riding all over the place. Everyone was clearly having a great time, as was I watching it all.