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Bekal Beach

This is a shallow beach just by the Bekal Fort and is the one which has been developed by the Tourism Department over here. This is now an exotic location for tourists and also the most visited place in Kasaragod. There are all sorts of facilities here including waste bins and toilets. There is a children's park for the little ones to enjoy and there are also shady areas and tree houses for you to rest. To make the beach even more beautiful two laterite statues of Theyyam have been built here by artists from Neelambur too. Apart from these facilities, the beach is very nicely lit up during the evenings to make it look beautiful as well as to let the tourists enjoy the place even during the hours after sunset.
Adete Dahiya
2. Bekal Beach Trek, KeralaLocated in Kasargod, Bekal is an unexplored beach on the sandy shores of the Lakshwadeep sea. It is situated at a distance of about 400 km from Bangalore. The area is a popular locale for shooting film scenes in Bollywood and Tollywood. The beautiful trek gives you a multi-terrain experience in just one day as the trail features a beach, backwaters and a fishing village. It features in the best beach treks in the country.
Aakanksha Magan
Bekal Beach is right adjacent to the fort. There are a few colourful fishing boats on one end while the rest of the beach is free for swimming and lounging around. Your typical hawkers are here offering candies, horse-carriage rides, fried food and even some magic shows.
Panchami Bekal
Later we decided to visit the Bekal beach, which is adjacent to the fort. There are rides and a park for the kids. We spent around 15 minutes there as it was very crowded.
Sheyli Nnayaar
The fort is spread across around forty acres on the Malabar coast overlooking the Arabian sea. Travelers can enjoy at the beach with their families or friends and can also indulge in cruising. Tourists can also savor the taste of Payasam, which is available locally.It was an unique experience. Bekal Fort is surely a place for a day trip. Can be a place for a leisurely tour or a serious visit for a study of the past.
Beaches are really clean and photograhers will surely love this place.Overall, its ideal for a half day trip.
Sumiya Ebrahim
I don’t know since when Bekal fort has started to enchant me.. a place where history sleeps… a place which withstood the test of time… Bekal is a beauty in every sense of word. The spectacular view of Arabian Sea from the fort will leave you speechless.
Muktadhara Ray
Travel, they say , is not always about the destination.Sometimes, it's just the urge to be on the move, the longing for an unknown distant place away from the maddening crowd. Bekal is a place where silence speaks loud, where the only noise you hear is your heart beat. From the fort, you only see the unending sea wherever your eyes go .
Salim Islam
The trip was at the last stage now and we moved out of Payyanur towards the northern town of Kasaragod. The main aim was to visit the Bekal fort and the Bekal beach. Dominated by resorts, Bekal had only two options for budget travellers like us. We finally took the motel near the flyover. A pre-dominantly Muslim town but they let the tourists be and we didn't encounter many awkward stares as we had expected.The Bekal Fort has a lovely architecture and a brilliant placement out into the sea. I had seen the Aguada Fort in Goa but this is something spectacular. (Read my Goa blogs here : North Goa and South Goa)Kerala never did end actually, for all of us. The windowless buses, the cheap public ferries, the backwaters, the tea-gardens, the mountains, the beaches, the spice plantations, the forests and the spirit of Kerala. I can hardly find words to explain what this state does to you. It's magical.
Gaurav Maurya
Bekal's beach is still pretty much untouched and unexplored. It is a new entry on the list of places to visit in Kerala and is growing quickly. The most famous aspect of Bekal would be its fort, which is also known to be the oldest fort anywhere in Kerala. There are options such as exploring the fort, driving through thick coconut groves and even boating across the serene backwaters. On crossing these backwaters, one will witness the visual splendour of the beach. Since the beach and the fort are almost adjoined, the fort also provides a majestic view of the sea. This is also a popular place of shooting for Bollywood movies.
Muktadhara Ray
There's a small path behind the Nirvana that leads to the Bekal beach. The beach is one of the cleanest I have seen and is dotted with shells.
Smruti Rao
An overcrowded beach with vendors and tourists all around is very common in India but Bekal beach is very different from from all those beaches. It is quiet, serene and absolutely clean. If you are lucky, you might even spot a dolphin swimming in the sea. We started walking along the shore and after 1 km, you will spot Uduma fishing village with multi-coloured fishing boats. The Uduma fishing village is also marked by an artificial rock bund created to prevent sea erosion wiping out the village. Climb over the embankment and walk until the village is behind you. The embankment merges with the Bekal beach soon after. Half hour later reach the rocky outcrops that mark the end of the Bekal beach.Cross the rocky outcrop to reach Kappil beach.