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Kappil Beach

Located about 6 km away from the Bekal Fort, this is one of the cleanest and unpolluted beahes of the region. If you are the one who prefers seclusion more than the crowd, this should be a perfect beach for you over the rest of the beaches. This place is however becoming a favourite location for tourist with every passing day the Kodi Cliff nearby serves as a watchpoint for tourists. From here you can get awesome views of the Arabian Sea and the surroundings too. The views of the Pallikunnam Temple, which is about 2 km away can also be enjoyed from this cliff. Besides, you can also enhoy small picnics and lazy strolls along the beach.
I visited Kappil and Thanni beach which are nearby. Both of which are breathtakingly beautiful because of the lake and the sea. A lot number of activities like Kayaking, Boating, etc are also gaining pace at the Kappil beach. There are also facilities to kayak upto the Mangrove forest nearby.
Saheli Bera
Just 7 Km away from Varkala lies this this tranquil haven. This place is perfect blend of sea and backwater and offers double pleasure to the visitors. Monsoon waves peacefully rolled over the long stretch of black sand. I spent a quality time by strolling along the sea shore. I darted in and out of the ocean, leg plants rolled up to the knee, lost balance as the waves retracted, shifting the sand away beneath my feet. While walking along the beach I left my footprints on velvety black sand. The idyllic and secluded Kappil beach was almost like a private beach for me with no one around.
Kappil BeachThose of you know us well, would know that we always go to a place with a well researched itinerary. It always helps us to get the maximum out of our trip and the same research goes into our blog to help the fellow travelers. But we also make sure to keep aside some time where we roam around the place aimlessly to discover something different and new. And this is how we discovered the Kappil beach while driving around Varkala and we were so glad that we did. There is a small stretch of road here which has the Kappil beach on one side and the Kappil lake on another. A perfect photo opportunity for a drone shotClick here for the Google Location of the Kappil BeachThis is surely one of the untouched places of Varkala. As it looked like, not a lot of tourists pay visit to this beach and we could only find the local fishermen doing their daily chores. We took some pictures and proceeded from there
Hari Sankar B
Still flying under the tourist radar, serene and picturesque Kappil is the one of the few beaches in Kerala that hasn’t been inundated by shops and eateries. The secluded beach is at the confluence of the Kappil Lake and the Arabian Sea, and is also one of the cleanest in the state. Visitors can take a boat on the backwaters adjunct to the ocean; stroll on the bridge that runs across the lake; or even climb up the Kodi Cliff for a panoramic glimpse of the Arabian Sea.
RaHol Sharma
Almost all of Varkala is really beautiful , you will find backwaters , a lot of churches , lighthouse , helpful people , places full of nature . But still here i am mentioning some places that you can visit .1. Varkala Beach