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September - May
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Gol Gumbaz

It is a mausoleun of Mohammed Adil Shah, and was completed in 1656, was designed by Yaqut of Dabul and is located in Bijapur.
Gol Gumbaz – the largest dome in the world when it was constructed
Aishwarya Rao
Next morning was a visit to the most popular monument in Bijapur the Gol Gumbaz. The Gol Gumbaz opens early for tourist viewing at 6 am which is the right time to visit since later in the day it is quite crowded with tourists and school students hence the acoustics of the Whispering Gallery can't be experienced. We reached the Gumbaz at 6.30 am. There were hardly any tourists around so we could click good pics of the monument.
Neha Ballal
Gol Gumbaz is massive!! Just the dome, the scale, their construction, their symmetry. It is beautiful. Though with all the tourist now, and people screaming on top of their voices to hear the echo instead of whispering it can easily be the location to shoot a horror movie. To think back then they worked out how to make a whisper be heard metres away, and figure out how to have that massive dome set up with perfect symmetry. I was in awe.
Gautam Vaishnav
After gol gombaaz we had a talked with some local asking them are there places which we can visit and we got places to visit but we didn't had time to visit them because most of them get close by 6pm so bad luck. our bus was at 21:00 so we decided to have some dinner at a thali system hotel and we got a thali in 60rs with 3 chapatis, 2 bhaji, rice and dal. refer below image.
I booked a hotel in Bijapur when I was sitting below that tree. Most of the time I booked the hotel when I was about to reach the place as it gives me the flexibility where to stay at. I reached Bijapur and checked in the hotel at 12:30 pm afternoon. I was too tired to visit Bijapur and decided to take rest for 2 hours as I was riding motorcycle for almost 10 hours. I had a great sleep for those two hours. I woke up at 2:30. Then I decided to visit Bijapur city.My hotel was on the solapur road near the solapur -bijapur highway. So, I took highway again for Gol Gumbaz. It was approx 10 km from my hotel. One can see the Gol Gumbaj from the highway itself. It was really a big and splendid sight.I was getting more excited as I was going nearer to the dome. Only for history lovers: Gol Gumbaz is the largest Gumbad(dome) in the India. It is also the mausoleum of Muhammad adil shah of Bijapur. It is the finest example of the architecture of Adil shahi dynasty.