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October and May
Accommodation and Sightseeing
Starting from ₹4,650

Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort

Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort, also known as Cherra Resort or Sohra resort, is a popular family destination in Meghalaya. It is a family-run resort which provides a laid-back and serene environment to families looking for a quiet vacation while witnessing the views of the beautiful hills of Meghalaya and plains of Bangladesh. Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort is packed with good facilities like free wifi, in-house library, play area for children, wide parking space and an in-house restaurant that serves lip-smacking delicacies. Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort booking is hassle-free, as you just have to contact their front desk via the form given on their website or at their email ID or contact number. The location of Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort is convenient, and tourists can easily travel to popular destinations like living root bridges. For amusement, campfire and evening music shows are also held at the resort. They also offer guided treks for the pleasure of tourists.
We arrived at Cherrapunji on the second leg of our journey to northeastern India, the first stop being Shillong. We stayed at the Cherrapunji Holiday Resort, a family-run resort atop a hill in Laitkynsew village with gorgeous views of the hills, greens, and plains on the Bangladesh side. There are multiple root tree bridges that you can visit from here. It takes years for a new root bridge to become strong enough to bear the weight of people crossing it. The roots continue to grow and strengthen over time. Some of these bridges are considered hundreds of years old.
Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort Road:With this we called it a day and checked into our resort (Cherapunjee holiday resort) which was a homely place overlooking the Bangladesh plains from a distance but nevertheless very much welcoming after the long and eventful day we had. Tip:you may not enjoy the food here if you do not like food cooked in mustard oil, and considering how remote the resort is you will not find anyother alternative so in case you are not upto trying it, we recommend you pack some snacks or may be some fruits from the city.