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Nohsngithiang Falls

Located just a kilometre south of the Mawsmai Village in the East Khasi Hills District, this is a seven segmented waterfall. The group of falls has been declared as the 4th highest in the country. The name is derived from the fact that these seasonal falls flow in seven parts and look exactly the same. These falls can only be viewed during the monsoon season. Apart from the natural beauty around these cascading waterfalls, the view of the setting sun from here is awesome due to the natural color play which is created during dusk.
Pratyusha Sen
Along with a stupendous view of the Seven Sisters, you'll also be able to have a look at the plains of Bangladesh right across the view point. I'd advise you to go during or just after the monsoons to completely enjoy the experience.
mohit juneja
On our way to the hotel we hopped in and out of our cab though it was drizzling it didn't hinder our spirit to explore and our next stop was Nohsngithiang falls. One of the tallest waterfalls in India as the water falls from a height of 1033ft. The monsoon season made the water fall at full spate and we could see it from a distance, mesmerised with the beauty in 'abode of clouds'. Do stop for a perfect backdrop for a photograph session.
Rupa Majumder
Manoj D Kashyap
Bad timing! we couldn't see the seven sister water falls as the view point was covered with heavy mist. However, we really enjoyed the weather!
Sambhav Poddar
(Oct 12)I went as Heprit suggested, Eco park, Mawsmai caves and then Nohsngithiang (seven sisters waterfall), all walkable. Eco park is fine with some good views of valleys. The missing falls is interesting though, few streams disappearing into the dark abyss of a pit. Mawsmai cave was brief with hardly any prominent stalactites/stalagmites. It sort of ends within a mere 150m stretch. Must try here, Jadoh rice (mustard flavor) with tungtap chutney (fish chutney). Arwah caves, suggested by Heprit is a better alternative which have well preserved fossils. I wish to explore it next time. Nohsngithiang waterfalls was a beautiful sight, playing hide n seek behind the mist but not all seven streams showed up, probably not the best season as in monsoons when all the streams cascade in their full. The road on to the left towards the polo orchid resort provides a better viewpoint. The main road running parallel to this resort will take you to a viewpoint from where you can see vast expanse of lands that is Bangladesh. Done with the sight seeing for today, I returned back to Guwahati to catch late night train for Dimapur.
Next was Nohsngithiang Falls. Since it was a cloudy day we could not see the falls initially. So we thought just to wait for while hoping to get a glimpse. And suddenly we could see the clouds floating away and the Nohsngithiang Falls were visible.
Nohsngithiang FallsA seven segmented waterfall located within 5 kms of the Nohkalikai Falls, the view is mesmerizing in the rainy season when the entire cliff of the Khasi Hills is covered with its seven waterfalls.
Akshansh Singh
The next stop was Nohsngithiang Waterfalls or The Seven Sister Falls, the name explains it all that it is a fall where one can see seven streams of water falling from the same hill, with a slight view of the community that is situated inside the forest and little stream flowing opposite to the point where one can sit with legs in the cold water. The only disclaimer about the falls of Cherrapunji is that you cannot go inside the water, but can definitely have a great time with all that cool wind and a beautiful sight.
3) Seven Sister falls:Meghalaya, is known for this high on beauty quotient waterfall and Seven Sister Fall is a view to capture in your memory more than in the lens of the camera. Monsoon is the best time to see all the seven falls side by side and the lush green surrounding and clouds above further add to the beauty. I however, missed out on seeing the falls and could rarely get the glimpse of it as the weather was extremely foggy and after about half an hour, had even started raining. So, if you are lucky enough you might end up getting a clear view of it or might just have a bad day like mine.
Take a splash of an eyeful at the Seven Sisters Waterfall, one of the most magical places to visit in North -East India.
Radhika Murthy
This was one spot I'm extremely sad I couldn't photograph. The falls are breathtakingly beautiful, and are to be seen to be believed.