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Nohsngithiang Falls

Naveen C V
On the way to Mawsmai caves, we stopped at the Seven sister waterfalls viewpoint, one of the tallest waterfalls in India. When we reached there, the climate was at it's extreme. There was heavy wind and rain. We waited inside our Sumo for the climate to calm down a bit. We even felt our vehicle moving due to strong wind. After some time, we got out of our vehicle, but even then, we were not able to open our umbrellas. There is a platform there with a thatched roof from which we can easily watch the waterfalls. It is seven segmented falls. The locals believe that the falls symbolize the seven states of North-east. The view is spectacular and completely engross any individual. It was then, while we were enjoying the waterfalls from up there, a bolt of huge lightning struck just next to us. Somehow the lightning got captured in my camera. We realized that if we stand there for long, we'll fly off the cliff along with the shed. So, we headed to our next spot, Mawsmai caves.
Souvik Podder
The following day, we started visiting the view point of majestic 7 sister waterfall although clouds were playing hide and seek with us but still we managed to see a glance of it and it was very beautiful.
After this mini trek in caves I headed to last place of the day Seven sister waterfalls. When I reached it was fully covered by clouds and couldn't get the view. After 15-20 mins the clouds started moving and I got the full view of waterfalls. View was just superb.After satisfactory view here, I headed back to shillong.I reached shillong by 6 pm, after freshening up I walked to Dylan Cafe to have quick dinner. This Cafe is inspired by Bob Dylan, nice silent Cafe with good food on menu.I headed back to Hostel for good sleep and excited for day 3.
Preeya Darshini
Nohsngithiang Falls
Karim S A
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