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Chilika Lake

The largest brackish water lagoon of Asia, the Chilika Lake is an awesome place to visit when you are in Odisha. It stretches from Bhusandpur in the Puri District till the Ganjan District and comprises of a beautiful wetland. There are a number of islands here and these are places till where you can enjoy boating and also spend a peaceful and exotic weekend on one of these. The islands include the Nalabana, Kalijal, Honeymoon, Breakfast, Somolo and Rajahansa. The wetland is also a bird- watcher's heaven where thousands of migratory birds, especially flamingoes come here and are a visual treat completely. The Kalijai Temple on the Kalijal island is a popular attraction here where the Goddess Kalijai is worshipped. She is a local deity and Makar Sankranti is celebrated here with great pomp.
Anshuman Panda
We woke up early in the morning.. The date was 24.1.2021.. We started journey from the temple City Bhubaneswar.. The journey was 2 hour.. We had breakfast in a roadside catering, which was very delicious food.. We were 7 people Chetan Rathod.. Pickon Biswal.. Aniket das.. Animesh panda.. Sumitra and Aurosikha Mishra.. After one and half hour of journey.. We mistrack the road and we entered in a village.. After somehow we managed to get our proper road to get back to our location.. Bt there was an other bad incident had happened with us.. Our car tyre got punctured.. And the time was tensed dunn know wt will we gonna do.. Bt after that pikon have very good contacts with the local boys, And he called them they were very nice people.. The guy was Kanhu.. Having a sweet Smile with a polite behavior.. Bt when we were tensed about the car.. Our so called buddies were busy with the photoshoots. ..haha they were Animesh.. Sumitra and Aurosikha.. 😂😂..anyway then we all settled out.. And we started journey to the lake.. It was our lunch time.. So much hungry we all were.. We reached a beautiful restaurant named ruchi restaurant.. And the restaurant was famous for crab.. Prawn and fish.. 😋 yumm.. So quickly we finished our lunch.. And reached our destination..  And finally we were so happy.. The place was mesmerized to my eyes.. I got emotional cz some of my past memories came infront of my eyes.. Do u want to know my story.. No no no.. Its juss personal. Haha 🤪..we reserved a boat it was beautiful.. I felt like Leonardo DiCaprio haha felt like going in Titanic..chilika lake is the largest salt lake in the world.. Its famous for the dolphins.. And one more thing the kalijai Temple, which is into the sea.. And the journey to the sea root is 3 hours.. We saw dolphins.. Various kind of birds.. We feed them they were fond of some snax called kurkure 😂..we reached the kaalijai Temple.. Felt so peaceful i pray to the goddess..blow the diyas.. And we all seat together with peacefully.. And were watching the sunset.. Bt we have to comeback to shore.. Cz in night it would have been risky ..we were sad cz our journey was going to be end.. Bt its nt end.. My friends its just the beginning.. 💓💓
Lake Chilka is one such serene spot where the mountain converges with the lake and gives a treat to the eyes. It's a picture right out of the magical movie sets. Located between Bhubaneshwar and Behrampur within southern odisha.
If someone has to describe Chilika in single word then, it must be serene. All you can do is – unwind, absorb the excellence of nature, and live the moment. Chilika Lake is the India’s largest coastal lagoon and the second largest inland-lagoon in the World. Each time the train would pass Chilika Lake, I would peep outside the window attempting to get a decent glance at it. Since just a little segment of the lake can be noticeable from the moving train along these lines the lovely landscape would simply zoom past. I would wish that some time or another I would get the chance to see the lake for genuine likewise I needed to see the Dolphins and obviously the appeal of a long boat ride.Since budget traveling is a painful task but somehow i managed to cut the price, when i roam around that place. If you are following my series than you could have know that this is my second day in odisha so, the primary thing that I do is to lease a scooty on the earlier day and on the following day early morning we just began our excursion to chilika from bhubaneswar. oh! i forgot to present one of my companion on the second day from where i stayed, who also decide to visit there so we simply lease a two-wheeler which simply cut our expenditure a little bit.The best time to visit Chilika is during the winter months – between October and March. During this period, the place becomes a heaven of several migratory birds worth seeing and we know these birds are the reason behind tourism. Moreover, the weather also remains cool. The temperature in the day time remains pleasant.After breakfast in the morning take a 2hrs drive to Mangalajodi from the city. Mangalajodi is famous for checking out different migratory birds, paid the passage charge and basically went off inside the way. Note that there were also boat ride which charge you excess for trip and it does not make any sense if you are not a true wildlife photographer.[IMPORTANT NOTE :  My suggestion is to join a group of around 10 peoples,it would be easy to cut cost or you will end up either paying high or you have to comeback with sad mind.]After spending around 2hrs we again drove to the main highlight – chilika.It was around 11am we reached chilika. Parked our scooty for ₹30 which is quite a cheap. we took some food snacks and refill our water-bottle. Till the time everything was going smooth then the tedious part came. The ticket price and the route, mostly the locals who comes in flock simply take a to-fro shared ride to the temple located in the middle of the lake. And all the other route you just have to reserve the boat or you have to be in a group of 10 to start the ride. and for a budget traveler its like head bang. It was then 11am in the morning the ride we decided to take was of around 3.5 hrs also we had to returned back to our hostel on the same day, so we decide to wait for an hour and if we cant find a group then we will simply go to temple. we both exhausted with the sun overhead and were ready to dump the idea but for like reason a group of 8 persons were also searching for 2 peoples an unfortunate coincidence that we encountered and started our excursion.The Route we took was a total of 5 places at a cost of ₹4000 for a group of 10 personsPlaces to Visit in Chilika & Around 1. BIRDS’ ISLANDThe granite rocks are the remainders of Eastern Ghats.Some of the huge rocks are painted white because of the folic acid from the droppings of the Birds.It is known for its rich algal networks and not many mangrove species.2. KALIJAI TEMPLEAnother significant spot in Chilika is the island of Goddess Kalijai which is the most continuous visited spot for tourists. The island is well known as a focal point of religious worship because of Goddess Kalijai. Goddess Kalijai is the managing god of chilika lagoon.3. SATAPADASituated on the southern piece of the Chilika Lake. Satapada is an extreme spot to watch irrawaddy dolphins.If you are fortunate, at that point you will have the option to see whole dolphin, generally some segment of the tail or head of the dolphin is seen while they are swimming. On the off chance that they hops, at that point just the total dolphin can be seen.4. NALABANAThe spot gets its name from the tall grass found in the island (a sort of weed). In winter supports the biggest congregation of transitory birds in the nation. The one of a kind component of this island is that it is in submerged condition throughout the year except from November to April.Chilika, however is generally not commercialized till now and a decent spot to visit. Hope you like reading this post, dont forget to share do check out my other series too. Happy Reading Total cost : ₹ 1500 – 1600Two-wheeler including petrol – ₹800breakfast cum lunch – ₹300ticket price for package was ₹4000 (so its ₹400 per person)parking fee – ₹30evening tiffin / snacks – ₹50If you like this content, do support my works by subscribing and sharing your thoughts through comments. If you have any query do write me, till then keep sharing – keep travelling.
Bala Senthil Rajan
After wonderful visit to Odisha, we had to head back to Bangalore, ...Day 6 was start of our long return journey....., Chilika lake is one of the well known lake in Odisha, and we certainly didn't want to miss... so, on our return, we stopped for a while, we enjoyed the boat rides and then we were on our way back..., We reached Vizag late in the night..,By day 6, waking up at one city, lunching at some small town, getting to bed at a hotel in another city another state have become common..,