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Make it to the Sunday Mass at this church when one is in Dalhousie.
All the days of the week from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Read about the history of Christianity in Dalhousie at the library that is adjacent to the church.
There is no entry fee charged to pay a visit to this church.
All year
Families, Couples, Friends
4 out of 16 attractions in Dalhousie

St. John's Church

Built in 1863, St John’s Church is much like the Roman Catholic Church in England. This monument was constructed during the British rule by Protestant missionaries and is of much religious and historical importance to the hill town of Dalhousie. The architecture is that of a typical British structure as it is made of brick and wood. The church is located in Gandhi Chowk and is a mere 2 kilometres away from the Dalhousie bus stand. Many tourists come to visit this holy shrine all round the year. Next to the church is a library that houses a great number of books and records for visitors to read and go through.
Anupriya Asthana
As I lit the candle, prayed and showed my gratitude here, I felt overwhelmed and somehow I didn't know what to do. I approached father and told him that it's my birthday and you are the only in this city who knows it! I didn't know why I said this? But his response made this day even more memorable. He asked me to finish my prayers and come back so that he can pray for me afterwards! Every word of his prayer and love that poured through it made my heart and soul so full. I just couldn't believe that someone who is a stranger who has got nothing to do with me showered me with kind words and blessings.With my heart full and soul singing accomplishments of day’s adventures I retired for the day!I had planned to go to Sach pass next day which is located 150 kms from Dalhousie and takes about 6 hours of car drive to reach there. It runs over the Pir Panjal Mountain range, at the height of 4500 meters and is considered to be one of the most difficult passes to cross in North India. I was advised not to go there considering the condition of the road to the sach pass, dangerous altitude and recent weather making it more inconvenient , but since the whole idea of this trip was to challenge my comfort zone and indulge in the things that I usually don’t do – I decided to take the leap of faith.
Raj Trivedi
After resting for sometime we decided to venture out and visited the first spot i.e. St. John Church