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Robber's Cave

the shooting star
The first destination that we ventured was ROBBERS CAVE.(locally known as Gucchupani).I personally love this place because of it's huge breathtaking caves with sunlight peeping in and water dripping down.My feet walked on the hard slippery rocks with cold water streamlining against them teaching me life's lesson that nothing in life is stationary. So you might as well just go with the flow. The cave ends into a small, jaw dropping, disneyland like waterfall. If you visit the cave someday (which u definitely should), be careful to stay 7 steps away from this waterfall else you will slip into a ditch (just like I did,LOL).The cave has rocks which we climbed to reach the top, not to forget that I fell twice owing to my short height. But trust me, the top is worth a thousand falls as you can actually find the entire plant kingdom there *just Biology things*. It is a place that lets you live the sunshine, swim the river, drink the wild air!
Yes you read it right its the Robbers cave or Guchhupani in locals term is place of naturally formed caves through which the river flows. Its sheer natural and lovely. It’s got his name because it has been said that robbers of daku Sultana ( described byJim Corbett as Robinhood of India) gang used to hide there from police during the British rule.3. Laxman Siddh Temple–
Pritha Puri
Robber's Cave is one of the most popular sites in Dehradun but people hardly ever try to explore it fully. If you are an adventurous person who does not mind getting their feet wet, then this is the place to go. Carry an extra pair of clothes with you when you go for this. Robber's Cave has a water stream inside that has to be crossed on foot to reach the other end. Most tourists just look at it from the outside and leave. Take a quiet walk inside the cave and listen to the river gurgling under your feet. The Robber's Cave is 8km from the heart of Dehradun, and should take you about an hour to reach.12) The Old Mussoorie hike
Malhar Lakdawala
Next day we started our drive towards Mussoorie the roads were very beautiful. The drive was more enjoyable as the weather was cloudy. We took a halt at Dehradun and saw a signboard stating Guchhupani 3kms inside, with a shady photo on it. Pooja insisted that we should go and check out this place. I and Bandi were quite skeptical on this. Never heard of this place, nobody ever mentioned this, should we go inside or no was the question. Due to Pooja’s insistence, we went inside. It was a 3km narrow road drive to reach to a place captured by families. I murmured “this is a family picnic spot, we seem to be out of place”, the insistence was collaborative now, "let's go inside since we have come untill this point". The place proved our apprehensions very wrong. It was a river cave, which had been formed due to a crack in the mountains. One feels excited while walking in the river and going through the mountain passage. The passage is small and narrow and two huge mountains on both sides makes it ok for 4 people to pass through at a time. It was like a mini Grand Canyon which one can explore through. One would be sad to have missed it. Later on, my friend Poojan pinged, did you happen to see the robbers cave I said Indeed. PS - Later we realized it was #1 Things to do Place in Dehradun. Sometimes accidents are pleasant too.
Sankalp Singh Chauhan
What to say about this excellent place for those who love adventure?Everything in one package! DO visit,Without shoes.Compulsore entry at rupees 15.
Joseph James
This river cave formation stretching for around 600 meters is burried just 10kms away from the Dehradun city and has moderately deep gorges clubbed with dilapidated fort walls adding to its aesthetics.