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September to March happens to be the best time to come here
From 7 in the morning till 7 in the evening all through the week and as well as on public holidays as well.
Say a prayer at the Dharam Chakhra.
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Namgyal Monastery

The 14th Dalai Lama happens to have the Namgyal Monastery as his residence and is a considered as a centre of learning since its establishment either in 1564 or 1565. It was then called Phende Lekshe Ling and was renamed in 1751 to Namgyal Monastery by Lama Gyalwa Sonam Gyatso, the third Dalai Lama. This was done to honour the Goddess Namgyalama. The Tibetan Uprising of 1959 caused the place to be relocated to where it now stands. The Namgyal Monastery is home to 200 monks that are from the four main monastic lineages of Buddhism. The place takes care of an eldery home in Shimla and as well as a temple n Kushinagar.
The Namgyal Monastery is situated within the Tsuglagkhang complex. This complex also is the proud home to the residence of Dalai Lama, among various other shrines, temples, bookstores, souvenir shops etc. This Buddhist stupa is a memorial to those Tibetans who lost their lives fighting for a free Tibet. A statue of the Sakyamuni Buddha is enshrined in a small chamber at the top. The stupa is located in the heart of McLeod and surrounded by prayer wheels.
That Funny Guy
Stop two was the Namgyal Monastery. It was everything you would think it would be, with the exception of them all doing kung-fu in sync in a large hall.All was peaceful and quiet, but that is exactly when things get weird with me. I happened to look over at one of the monks. The uncanny resemblance to Mr. Miyagi messed with my head, and in an attempt to size him up, I glanced at him from head to toe. This is what I saw.
Neehar Mishra
 The interiors boasted the same bright colours along with a big Buddha statue similar to the one in Namgyal monastry. We were allowed photography here, so we made the most of it. Finally, it was time to leave, but not before packing some momos for the road, which we consumed within the first half and hour of our journey. There is lots more to do in this beautiful place that our two-day trip didn't permit. But we sure enjoyed every bit of our time spent here and hope to come back soon. Whenever I leave a place behind, I formulate 10,000 plans in my head on how I can move there permanently, and sweet ol' Mcleod was no different. So, until I find myself a teaching job or have enough money to start my own cafe in Dharamkot, so long Mcleodganj!
Neehar Mishra
The beauty and tranquility of the monastery stirred our minds out of the India-Tibet-China imbroglio. The main attraction here is the Buddha temple that houses a huge, magnificent golden statue of Buddha. The walls are adorned by beautiful paintings, which if I remember correctly, depict scenes from Buddha's life.
Nancy Nance
It's a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. It's a home to 200 monks. You can see the monks chanting and doing their daily tasks. The monastery is surrounded by prayer wheels and is a famous pilgrim spot in Mcleodganj.