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Trail to SnowLine Cafe

Snowline cafe is a tea outlet, 3 kilometres from Triund on the Triund - Indrahar Pass trail.
Shanky Kalra
Now after coming back to Snowline Cafe ,i was just looking for my tent, because i was so tired and just want to sleep for few hours.
Shanky Kalra
We reached Triund by 2:30 P:M and had lunch there rested for a while and then again started for Snowline Cafe and reach Snowline by 4:00 P:M.The weather was superb and we came across flock of sheeps spreaded across the meadows, which added beauty to the views.Few of the Pics are :)
Jaiveer Yadav
I had my small dynamo battery with me. After walking a couple of steps, I found a flock of sheep. I guess they were pissed off as I disturbed their sleep. So, they called their bodyguard, the Dog who came charging like anything at me. I didn't lose my control and like any other Indian started calling cho cho cho, tommy tommy, you are a good dog. The guy (dog) got flattered and calmed down and it also told the sheep to go back to sleep. I guess it also gave them a mild rebuke.I walked carefully for 2-3 km, looking for the trail lest I should get lost. After 1 hour, I reached the place from where I fetched water yesterday. There was a tent and few people were snoring in there.I thought it would be a good idea if I rested there for a while.After 30 minutes, I saw a torch light some 300 m away. Thinking that this might be some group heading for Indrahar pass, I walked hurriedly to catch up with themI again encountered another flock of sheep, then followed the dog and I replied with my same technique and the result obviously had to be the same. I had till then surpassed two such flocks of sheep. I was patting my own back that dude either I was too good to handle the dogs or the mountain dogs are very humble at least with humans.On reaching the tent, I found that it was one of their own guy who had went out for a loo. It was still dark then. So, I sat there and had a tea till sufficiently good light. I asked my way and started on the mission to scale the summit with two chocolate bars, a biscuit packets, a few candies and a half filled water bottle.First of all, came a waterfall. I drank some water and filled up my bottle.
Shilpa Shashidhar
Convinced after some coaxing, we started our trek to snowline. All the while during the trek, I kept telling them, it better be worth it!! And was it? Hell yes!! The trek to Snowline is another 2 hours from Triund. The trail is rugged, narrow and steep at most of the points. My progress was slow and tedious. Years of lethargic lifestyle was showing up and so did the Dauladhars with every turn, they became clearer and closer.
Saurabh Jain
This is rather a trail but watch it , the beauty round there mind disturb your mind