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Jallandhar Beach

This Jallandhar beach is very popular for the Jalandhar place of worship, roosted on a little, wonderful hillock and the sanctuary of Goddess Chandrika. So in case you wish to go for a round of prayer to God alongside appreciating the perspective from the shoreline, then this is the perfect spot for you to visit. Furthermore, look at the stone cutting inside the Jalandhar Shrine. This little place of worship delegated with an arch houses a stone cut face of Jallandhar a legendary evil presence who was murdered by Lord Krishna. It is accepted to be the substance of an evil presence by the name of Jalandhar, who was slaughtered by Krishna. In case that you think shorelines are constantly brimming with individuals, reconsider. A visit to the secluded Jalandhar shoreline will change your point of view. Here, you will have the advantage of having an untainted territory, which is not frequented by numerous visitors. In this way, appreciate the shoreline, the sand and the water, and, obviously, the skyline's perspective.
Chirra Akhil
After a tedious exploration during the day and party in the night, our worst nightmare was to wake up and reach the sunrise point before the sun. Our hotel had a handy service which allows anyone to rent a cycle which is managed by Mybyk. So, there we are riding our bikes, where most of the people still on their bed. In no time, we are at our destination Jalandhar Beach, on-time, prepared to witness one of the beautiful sunrises of our life. It finally happened and, we don't want to miss it even for the blink of an eye. When the sun grew strong enough to tan us, we continued our ride to Chakrateerth Beach and INS Khukri memorial.
Venu bairi
Chill Scenes at Jalandhar Beach
Chirag Panpalia
Next, we headed toward the Jalandhar beach, it was nice and clean mostly because it has little space for the beach. Roamed there for some time and headed to the Chakratirth beach.
Devashish Patel
The highlight of our trip was the Diu fort, where we enjoyed the views of the Arabian Sea from the many vantage points near the lighthouse. The evenings, we spent mostly at the Amphitheater overlooking the Arabian sea on the Jalandhar beach. I could sit there for hours staring at the blue sea, and it was undoubtedly my favorite spot in Diu. Our favorite restaurant in Diu was O'Coqueiro. The restaurant is run by a couple hailing from the Garhwal region in the garden of their house. In the evenings, they have soft Beatles music playing in the garden that is lit by Paper lamps. In the morning we loved the Pancakes and the coffee, while for dinner we opted for authentic Portuguese seafood that was freshly prepared after we placed the order. Until then we enjoyed the music and the many books that dot the shelves of their tiny library.
Preeti Singh
You will love this if u want peace. :) Dats just me...i hate crowdy places.