16th Feb 2018

Do The DIU

Photo of EXPERIENCING DIU by Venu bairi

Diu: The Island of Calm or "Ilha de Calma as they say in Portuguese, is a quaint little coastal town infused with Portuguese history. Located in Gujarat's southern coast of Saurashtra peninsula, It is one of the two districts of Diu & Daman of India. Being union territory, alcohol consumption & distribution is legal in both the districts making them the drinking pit-stops for bibulous people.

Best time to visit: October-March

Duration: 3 Days( 2 or 3 days are more than enough to explore Diu)

Cost: 5500

How to reach: The nearest station is Veraval, Accessible by roadways from Mumbai (822 KM) and Nearest airport is Rajkot.

Day 1

INS Khukri was a British Type 14 Blackwood-class frigate of the Indian Navy. She was sunk off the shore of Diu, Gujarat, India.

INS  Khukri

Photo of INS Khukri Memorial, Diu, Daman and Diu, India by Venu bairi
Photo of EXPERIENCING DIU by Venu bairi
Best place to watch the sunset in Diu

The Chakratirth beach is located in the heart of the small island. The beach has a folklore attached to the origination. It is believed that Lord Vishnu with his Sudharshan chakra killed the demon Jallandhar at this very place. The name of the beach has been derived out of the word Chakra, which had been used to kill the demon. The beach has a tranquil ambience and has beautiful surroundings. You can also enjoy a magnificent view of the moonlight at night.

Photo of EXPERIENCING DIU by Venu bairi
Day 2

Festa Diu is actually a three month long festival from December to February and during your visit (however long you choose) you’ll be pitched up in one of the luxury tents on the beach in the festival village.

Photo of EXPERIENCING DIU by Venu bairi

It is longest beach festival and one of the more unheard of festivals in India making it a true hidden gem in the Indian festival calendar.

Diu Island

Diu Island is an apt place to experience a dream vacation in one’s life. The Island offers excellent opportunities for swimming, surfing and parasailing.It offers an altogether unique and impressive sight of sand crowned beaches and allures a flock of tourists every year.

Photo of Diu Island, Daman and Diu by Venu bairi
Day 3
Chill Scenes at Jalandhar Beach

I hit the road to visit the first beach of my trip and probably the best one too. Located close to Government circuit house, Jalandhar beach is small but very quite and peaceful. In-fact, there wasn't a single soul on the beach when I got there. This palm fringed beach is sure to transport you to a fairytale land of sheer beauty and exotic ambiance.

Sunrise at Jalandhar beach

Surrender yourself to chill on this quiet & secluded beach and it will give you the luxury of solitude that most people are constantly looking for. Finding yourself a nice spot to watch the waves crash wouldn't be a difficult job here. A book, headphones and a sunscreen is all you need to hit Nirvana!

Photo of EXPERIENCING DIU by Venu bairi
Photo of St Paul Church, Diu, Daman and Diu, India by Venu bairi

The St. Paul’s Church, is situated on Diu Island, on the west coast of India, a Union Territory of India. Diu came under the control of Portuguese colonists in early 16th century.

St Pauls Church is the one place I highly recommend adding in sightseeing list for Diu. I visited it in early morning hours – the serenity was baffling. I loved spending an hour sitting there in pin drop silence. Thought about life. And travel. And friends and what not.

Just Do the Diu! Maybe you find your Isle of Calm there. Peace!