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Kudle Beach

This is one of the four main beaches of the beach town of Gokarna. Not very far away from Bangalore, this place is thus an awesome weekend getaway. The shape of the beach is a perfect 'C' and ne side are coconut trees while on the other there are rocky outcrops. The slope of the sea is high and thus the waves are wild and high too. This makes it a perfect beach for surfing but not very safe for swimming. This is also a very cheerful place with a lot of people but still a certain peacefulness remains. The crowd is mostly of foreigners with a very few Indians and thus you can be assured about decency of people. There are not many accomodation options around this beach but the variety of food here will leave you with no complains for sure.
1.The Beach trek.Situated 1 and 1 1/2 kms away from the actual town are situated the beaches of Kudle, OM, Half moon and Paradise.All these beaches are interconnected and a trek through these beaches starting from Kudle to paradise is one of the things that must be done once you are in Gokarna. It isn’t a strenuous trek and can be covered in half a day.
Day-3 was all for chilling and playing in water. And also a day off for my phone (camera). In short, Beach bums day!
Venu bairi
Venu bairi
Venu bairi
Venu bairi
Pristine beaches, phenomenal cafes and positive vibes..
Sushma Neeraj
With just a few shacks on the beach, this place is just perfect to chill. It is also one of the lesser known places in the area, and you'd actually find more foreigners than locals. For those who don't know, there are five beaches in Gokarna - the Gokarna beach, Kudle, Om, Half Moon and Paradise. Each prettier than the other. The town is like any other, but the small trek that one needs to do before reaching Kudle is what makes it all the more special. It's clean (unlike most beaches in Goa), completely secluded, incredibly gorgeous, and most importantly, calm. The best way to visit would be from Goa. Just 91 km from Dabolim airport, the beauty of Gokarna is only a couple of hours away from South Goa.
Vimal Chandra
I fell asleep on the shores of Gokarna only to ride longer and farther the next day. The trip to Chikmanglur from Gokarna had begun the moment I woke up at 04:00 AM the next day. The sun was not up yet, it was dark and the breeze cold, WITH all the moisture it carried from the sea. A shower could not be skipped, especially after all the drinking and trekking, I had done the day before. The water was freezing, yet, it was unavoidable. That was one of the shortest showers I’ve ever had. The moment I stepped out, all hell broke loose. My wet towel and the cold air came into perfect unison to make me shiver to the bone. With all this happening, how would I survive Ladakh I thought?Time: 04:25 AMFast forward to me getting all geared up, bags packed and looking into the sea with my last smoke in Kudle beach, Gokarna. From the seas, I would be riding inwards to the lands of hills. The distance was only 320 Km, but the duration of the ride would be long and as usual, I started early.The motto had always been to cover more miles before the sun was at its prime, luckily though, the terrain I was travelling through did not have much of sun’s harsh influence. The land was hilly and covered with a vast expanse of trees.
Kudle beach, peaceful beach just before gokarna. This beach is ideal to play, beach is clean. Many hotels along the beach to grab a snack. The view of om beach from kudle beach road is awesome. There is also a sunset point along the way which is a must visit.
Vimal Chandra
After a couple of smoke breaks and light-food stops, I was within 50 miles of Kudle beach, Gokarna.Kudle Beach: Have you ever been to the Palolem beach in South Goa? if you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about. That place is a celestial paradise. With shacks along the beach, and very few people. That place packs the perfect Goa experience.
Dipsekhar Ghosh
Gokarna beaches Nice thing about Gokarna is that you have to climb down the hills to reach every beach of Gokarna .Here are few of those from my 3 days trip Kudle Beach :Directly accessible by roads from Gokarna .This place has few beautiful resorts. Also known for Yoga and Ayurvedic spa centres - Nice gentle waves for families for a relaxing vacation .Little populated though compared to other beaches here .
Saloni Sikdar
Now there is something with the beaches. It has this hidden power of just eliminating any kinds of worries and sorrows. And I am told, this was the birthing place of lots of lovely stories and tales. We spent the next few hours sitting on the beach, exploring the small shops selling antiques and spices, majorly catering to foreigners.Another thing that caught my attention was the cleanliness of the beach. Hands down, one of the better kept beaches of our country. Infact, what was humbling was the fact that, most of the cleaning was done by the local residents. One of the incidents that comes to my mind is, of me and Prem sitting and munching on some chips while it was pretty dark. Thanks to a huge light installed at the entrance of the beach it was pretty well lit, like a 200 metres area from the main entrance of the beach. There was this little girl, maybe 5-6 years old. She was picking up these packets lying on the beach and putting them on her side bag. Now this was unusual because ,one she didnt look like a rag picker, she was way too well dressed for that and secondly she had a smile on her face. We kept looking at her as she approached us."Bhaiya, please don't throw the chips packet on the beach. I will come and collect it once you are done. I will be around"I was blown away. I had a new found respect for the folks and specially her parents for instilling the belief of taking care of the environment around her as her own home. Later we came to know that, her parents were also involved in the cleaning drive, which happens to be a weekly thing , every Saturdays, on the Kudle beach.
Swetha Kumar
Kudle Beach- This beach is one of the most popular and travelers are fond of spending time here. The beach is located between Gokarna beach and Om beach. there are many shacks, guest houses for stay. you can play in the sea as it is clean compared to Gokarna beach. you can also witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset sipping your favorite drink.
Vinita Sarda
Gokarna, Kudle and Om beaches are the highly frequented and busy beaches. But my favorite was paradise / full moon beach. It is one of the lesser known beaches and you have to hike it to reach it! There is no motorable route directly to this paradise! (or well, you can take a boat but they will charge way too much if you want to spend time at the beach – my recommendation is to trek it down if you can!) The getting lost and finding your way is the best part! Also helps when the hike is absolutely gorgeous as well! ????
To head to Kudle just follow the concrete trail and then the uneven trail. Kudle Beach is quite compared to the other beaches. There are few good cafes and shacks here too. The most famous one is The Ganga Cafe. You can spend some time out here and then start moving towards Gokarna which is less then a kilometre walk on your way you also have The Zostel Gokarna which is soldout most of the times.
Ankhi Paul
At last came the time to end this weekend getaway. We were unable to get more leaves but Gokarna is a place where you can stay for a month also as there is so much to explore, to learn, to meet people from different countries of different types, some thoughtful others weird; boredom is the last thing that will cross your mind.We packed our bag of memories and walked the streets of the main market heading towards the bus stop. For lunch, we went to a home of a localite who served us hot, home-cooked karnataki fish-rice plate with a big smile on their face. On our way back home, we kept wondering when are we going to go back again. Surely we will someday...
travel India
The beach was very neat and clean with crystal clear water, the one will love to sit for hours just to watch this beauty and we get a better sunset view,unlucky coz of clouds i couldn't capture. this is the right place for the night stay, beach is having many shacks and cafe's offering the stay in hut's and that too on a very affordable price, though the hut's don't have Ac and all, but yes you will get basic amenities, living on the beach is way to different then staying in a resort, you get all the time to see for what u have traveled for.
Nidhi Jain
Gokarna is scenic with rocky mountains and Western Ghats on one side and Arabian Sea on the other. It is well known for a number of beaches. So the journey to visit all the beaches around began and Kudle beach topped the list.
Yashita Mahajan
One can easily hike from the Om beach or the Gokarna beach to reach here. This beach is absolutely the best place to play volleyball, frisbee, football or do slack lining. You can find alot of vendors selling gem stone jewelry or a few foreigners selling chocolate balls and coffee on the beach.
Woke up to the beautiful views of Chitradurga windmills and around 7:30am we were back on the highway. After about an hour we found this little hut where they served hot idlis, puris and tea. Post breakfast we were back on the road cruising past small towns. Many hours and breaks later a board that made me instantly happy, Gokarna- 15kms! Soon, we were riding through the town, heading towards my favourite stay- Gokarna International Beach Resort, Kudle. After that long ride, the view of Kudle from the hilltop was an absolute treat to sore eyes but what we saw next was the worst. People! Tonnes and tonnes of people all over. How could i forget, the long weekend has struck everyone. We sat by the beach for a long, relaxing lunch as we decided what to do next. Our last minute plans obviously meant we had no stay in this overcrowded place. After a lot of searching and whining, I came up with an idea because I am an absolute genius; Let's hit Goa! Duh! And to my surprise, the others gladly agreed. Didn't want to face any further disappointments so I decided to find out the happenings in Goa before we left. Obviously, North Goa was very happening over this weekend and I honestly was looking for some peace so I booked a little cottage in South Goa, something I'm glad I did.The ride from Gokarna to Goa was absolutely beautiful! So scenic and it was almost like it was only the our bikes on the road. As we rode thorough the Ghats, we stopped at a beautiful view point; valleys covered in fog and the sunlight finding its way through somewhere. Splendid weather as we rode through the lush green roads as we reached the absolutely lovely coastal city of Karwar. This road is an absolute beauty! You ride through the town with the coast right by your side. We were just in time to see the setting sun as we rode through the city. A long while later, that board that brings SO much joy and triumph- Welcome to Goa! Woohooo! As we rode through the Goan greenery, around 7pm we made it! Home for the next 2 nights- Dom Pedros Haven, Utorda. After dumping our luggage and freshening up, we headed to their restaurant for a long relaxing dinner. But then again, when in Goa do shots! Many shots and very little dinner later, we headed to bed.
Malay Majithia
We planned to have a laid back day 3 which comprised of walking tour from Gokarna beach to Kudle beach from the back road. There is one snake temple on the way, which is an absolute bliss to visit, an orthodox than any other temples out there.Walking on the Kudle beach has made us run through lots of jellyfishes.
Footloose Backpackers
Kudle beach: With extremely low maintenance, this beach is a littered place. The beach is beautiful but the garbage spoils the fun. The waves were strong and yet again it was not advisable to go deeper into the sea. Nothing much was there on this beach and we spent time walking along the length, enjoying the view and relaxing our minds.
samdeesh garg
Kudle beach is also a beach near Om beach you will get less of water sports here but more of Cafes and shacks. The cafes on Kudle are better than Om beach, you can just get a beer and relax on the beach.Apart from the beaches you can go for local shopping and temples of gokarna are really famous. If you want you can visit the temples also. We rather skipped that and spent more time on the beaches itselfTook return bus to Bangalore the next evening and reached Bangalore early Morning 
Ankita JaisWal
After freshening up for a bit, I made my way to Kudle Beach. The beach was only a 10 minute walk from Paradise Holiday and the walk was incredibly gratifying to say the least. Before I knew it, the view of the vast ocean was upon me & all my inhibitions about this ‘solo trip’ faded away.