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Kathgodam is a city that's gift within the Nainital district within the state of Uttarakhand. The city is the entry purpose to several of the tourist destinations within the state. There square measure several places of interest that may be seen within the city and it’s famed for its varied stunning temples. The temples dedicated to Sheetla Devi and Kalichaud attract several pilgrims and devotees from several of the close regions, and this is often very true throughout the competition season.There is associate degree ashram referred to as the Harikhan that's set close and this is often additionally value a visit whereas move to the city of Kathgodam. One can even visit the dam that has been designed over the watercourse Gola. This is often a preferred picnic spot within the region.As the place is found on the foothills of the mountain range mountain chain, one will witness several pristine views from the city.
Anubhav Raikar
Saturday, 11th Nov: Shatabdi train to Kathgodam.. We reached Kathgodam before 12pm.. We met Anand at the station, took charge of the Avenger and set off to Ranikhet..
Sagar Bhatia
Kathgodam, Almora: A less explored hill station at 6 hrs. from delhi. Almora came to news some time ago for being the electromagnetic center. Its said that Swami Vivekananda came here in the search of inner peace. He reached the state of inner calm and took the resolution to bring a new light to the world.Temple of Shivji at the distance of apx. 8 km from almora bus stand is a scenic place. Walking to the temple gives you a immense pleasure. At the same time you can loose yourself to the nature.#NatureAtItsBest #Nature #ScenicBeauty #Kathgodam #Almora #SargrahiTemple #Weekend&feature=youtu.be
Prateek Dham
We reached Kathgodam railway station at 4:30am on a freezing morning, and were greeted by a fleet of five taxis, arranged by Indiahikes, waiting there to take all of us to the basecamp at Lohajung. The 10-hour journey from Kathgodam to Lohajung could only be completed via road, and we were pleasantly surprised at how well everything seemed to have been managed."Lohajung, as the locals say, is the place where Goddess Parvati had a war (jung) with the demon, Lohasur. Hence, the name, which translates to war with Lohasur." Interesting indeed.
Kathgodam is a town in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand state of India
Yogesh Pandey
Kathgodam Railway StationFull Moon in DaylightDay 2 : Kathgodam to Loharjung:We reached Kathgodam railway station and waited for other fellow trekkers to join the party. At 7.00 am our cabs started a 10-hour long journey to Loharjung. Our driver was an extrovert and jolly fellow who went by the name of Mishraji. After crossing Bhimtal and Bhowali we stopped at a cafe for breakfast. Crossing Garampani and Almora somewhere after Kausani we parked for lunch. Here, Kumaoni dishes like bhatt ke dubke and dal were mouth watering (Well !! at least for me). The hotel provided the splendid views of the Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas, but in the afternoon's mist and smog nothing was visible. A few of us took a stroll in the tea gardens at the hills on the other side of the road. Again we continued our journey and after a few hours stopped at a small brook. Esctacy felt in the veins as we dipped our feets in the cold water of the brook. The journey continued after we took selfies and photographs. The condition of the roads became worse as we moved from Kumaon to Garhwal. As Garhwal lies in higher mountains, it is more prone to landslides and other conditions which make the roads more tattered - explained Mishraji . As we crossed Gwaldam, Mishraji told us many stories about the myth associated with the villages. He showed us the tree which has five different species of trees and the meadow where no rice or wheat can grow after being cursed by Goddess Nanda. He told us the route we are following is the same for going to Badrinath and Rajjat yatra which is held once in every 12 years.View from the Breakfast CafeView of the valleyDirections at view pointAt the BrookAfter a long break at Deval which helped me fetch those basic utilities, we reached Loharjung at around 5 pm. Mishraji told us about the story of the naming of the place as Loharjung. It is very surprising and intriguing that how these small stories are connected with each other. Every village here has shared some history in these stories, the kids are told these stories before they learn basic alphabets. This makes one question the facts and the fiction part of the story.Tea Gardens
Anubhav Raikar
Saturday, 12th Nov: Shatabdi train to Kathgodam.. It reaches Kathgodam at 11.40am.. We met Anand (our bike guy) at the station, took our bikes and set off to Binsar at around 12.30pm
Paraj Singh
Day 1 – Bangalore to Kathgodam via Delhi:I awoke early, to a packed bag and a hearty breakfast as I left the unassuming comfort of my bed and boarded a flight to Delhi. After spending the day with a couple of friends, I settled in for the long, overnight bus ride to Kathgodam. Eleven hours of freezing inside an overly air-conditioned bus were made worthwhile watching the light outside grow brighter as the first of the fir trees straddling the meandering road came into view. ‘Round about 6AM was when we got to Kathgodam and I checked into a quaint little place called ‘Relax Inn’, a couple hundred meters from the railway station.Kathgodam is the end of the rail line and thus forms the hub of all tourism, religious and adventure alike into upper Uttarakhand. It's quite a bustling town all year round.Pro-tip: It’s a good idea to book ahead as rooms close to the city centre can be hard to find and unnecessarily expensive.I planned my trip such that I had some time before the trek began which I used to explore Nainital and the Jim Corbett National Park, just a few hours away.
Susan Halfhide
With our best intentions of leaving at 6:30, we didn't budge till an hour or so later.Bags were packed and bundled into the vehicle.One last group pic, and we were on our way to civilization. A lot of hogging along the way, and a few well placed barbs at our "baba" and his magnificent beard, and we were at the entrance of the Kathgodam Railway Station. We dutifully took our place (again short of 2 seats) and the table (aka sheet) was set for a game of bluff. Yours truly, however, was already on her way to dreamland, having dozed with faithfull book in hand. Night came all too soon, and it was finally time to say goodbye. Sleepy-eyed , we wished those awake a happy journey before we disembarked, with promises of another adventure in the making.
Susan Halfhide
Our starting point... after a very cramped but fun train journey from Delhi (we were 2 seats short for a group of 9 people), we reached Kathgodam early morning. We had to wait at the station for a while since our pick up vehicle hadn't arrived yet, but we were off after some calls to the organisers. This was to be a loooong drive and we all settled in as comfortably as we could.
Mrittika  Paul
The place where our journey started and ended, unfortunately, couldn't be given the proper attention and touring that it needed. Our train was at 7:30 and we had reached the town at five; hence, all we could do is pack our dinner from a nearby restaurant and board the train to go back home.
Sharmistha Dey
kathgodam is the centre point for all the beautiful places around like haldwani, almora, nainital etc
Karandeep Mehra
The northernmost railhead of the Indian Railways as far as the Kumaon region is concerned, Kathgodam is the springboard for your journey into Kumaon. You can come here by bus also, but the road trip isn't the smoothest and the overnight train journey provides the comfort and rest you would require before the battering of the bus journeys in the hills begin. Many of the hill-stations in India don't offer a blanket mobile or internet coverage, and keeping that in mind do buy a map of Kumaon from the station. It is easily available and very detailed! Kathgodam is a good place to have breakfast and freshen up before you catch your bus to Almora.