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Matanga Hill

This is the central landmark of the city of ruins and also known as the Matunga Hills. The peak of this hill is a place from where you can enjoy awesome views of sunset and sunrise and also some of the most spectacular views of the city. On the southern part down the hills is the Tungabhadra River and on top is the famous Veerbhadra Temple. This temple is dedicated to one incarnation of Lord Shiva known as Veerbhadra. On another side of the hills is the Achutya Raya Temple and last but not the least is the Hampi Bazar. This old market is the starting point of people who come for trekking here.
Later, we had a small trek to Matanga hill. It was supposed to be a breathtaking view of sunset but it was absolutely cloudy that day, but we enjoyed the trek which is steep. While coming back we took a less traveled path, which was a thrill on its own.
Titli Ghosh
Day 2: Matanga Hill and the Ruins of Hampi
I have to say this was the best day of our 3 day stay in Hampi. Our day started at 5:00 am with a 30-45mins hike to Matunga Hill - The best Sunrise spot in Hampi. We were surprised to see monkeys by the time we reached the top and there’s a kid who sells tea everyday. Sitting on the top of the hill with cool breeze blowing on your face and with the sun rising, the beautiful view below coming into sight is a completely soothing experience. There were two foreign women practicing advanced yoga by the time we reached the top which inspired me and ultimately led to me becoming a Yoga Instructor. We spent some time enjoying the breeze, breathtaking views, clicked some photos with the foreigners and started hiking down.
Spirited Soul
After the temple visit, we had a good lunch at the Mango tree restaurant, which is in the central market itself. After the lunch, we booked an auto for the entire day, which covered almost all the corners of the city. If you are a history buff, you cannot miss the Queen's bath and the Lotus Mahal. The Vijaya Vitthala temple is an architectural marvel as well. We ended the day at Matanga hill, from where we could see the entire city. The sun set view from this point can transport you back in time.
Anshu Singh
Day 2: Mathanga Hills, HampiMy plan for the 2nd day was to climb Mathanga hills to witness beautiful sunrise in hampi, trust me the climb was scary but the sight from above was fascinating.