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Matanga Hill

This is the central landmark of the city of ruins and also known as the Matunga Hills. The peak of this hill is a place from where you can enjoy awesome views of sunset and sunrise and also some of the most spectacular views of the city. On the southern part down the hills is the Tungabhadra River and on top is the famous Veerbhadra Temple. This temple is dedicated to one incarnation of Lord Shiva known as Veerbhadra. On another side of the hills is the Achutya Raya Temple and last but not the least is the Hampi Bazar. This old market is the starting point of people who come for trekking here.
Amol Sonawane
Matanga Hill, Achyutraya Temple, and Monolithic Nandi Bull Structure, HampiMatanga hill is a pleasant nature's gift in showing us sunrise and sunset. This is just opposite the Virupaksha temple. The sunrise view and view of the Achyutraya and Virupaksha temple from the Matanga mountain is an incredible sight. You can experience the wonderful megalithic old structure at Achyuthara Temple and Hampi Bazaar. A walk into megalithic structure takes you to the mysterious world of Mowgli's jungle book and you can actually feel it. The temple has carvings and inscriptions describing incidences from the Ramayana and Mahabharata.
Shubham Arkal
Matanga Parvat , Monolithic Nadni Bull structure & Achyutraya temple :This is just opposite to the Virupaksha temple. The sunrise view and view of the Virupaksha & Achyutraya temple from the Matanga Parvat is a besieging sight. Achyuthara temple and bazar is a megalithic old structure, a walk into it will give you the feel of being into the ancient ruins of Mowgli’s jungle book. The temple has inscriptions and carvings depicting incidences from the Mahabharata & Ramayana. There is a huge bazar and Kalyana Mantapa marriage hall opposite to the temple.
Nisha Jagadesh
Some tips: Where to stay: If you are an easy go person, stay in homestays in Hampi as they are located in the center, with awesome food, surrounded by restaurants and shops, and you can even rent cycles for just Rs.100 here – and best of all- you get the real feel of the place! When you stay on the side where the Virupaksha temple is located, the home-stays are sober and quiet whereas the other side (just a 5-minute coracle/ferry ride to the other side) is the Hippie island – which have the fun, young and more happening home-stays.
Bhargavi Sri
- Mattanga hill (Sunrise point), Achyutaraya temple
Later, we had a small trek to Matanga hill. It was supposed to be a breathtaking view of sunset but it was absolutely cloudy that day, but we enjoyed the trek which is steep. While coming back we took a less traveled path, which was a thrill on its own.