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September to March
Food and Photography
₹400 for 2 people

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba is a multi-cuisine restaurant in Murthal, Haryana. This 50-year old Murthal Dhaba showcases the diverse flavours of India through its extensive menu and lip-smacking delicacies like Paranthas. It is also a popular destination to stop by during your journey. This Murthal Dhaba is located on Grand Trunk Road and is accessible via road. It has a contemporary architecture with a lively ambience. On weekends, Amrik Sukhdev Murthal is heavily crowded and is a popular weekend getaway destination among the residents of Delhi and Chandigarh. Amrik Sukhdev is open for the public throughout the week, and you can find a dynamic crowd there even in the wee hours of the morning. With its quick service and delicious food, Sukhdev Dhaba has carved its own space and has turned into a destination in itself.
Kunal Singh
As everyone took their own time to reach the meeting point, it was around 5 AM that we started our trip. So, 3 bikes and 5 people, the guy who had his phone connected to his bike for GPS, was given to lead the trip, and we decided to take our first stop at Amrik Sukhdev, Murthal.After stuffing ourselves with stuffed Paranthas and Chai, we decided to move and planned on covering 100 Kms in a single stretch. So, after every 100 kms, we would stop our bikes, to straighten our backs and stretch legs and after another 100 kms, we would stop and have Chai and Maggi, which is an emotion I feel every traveler can connect to. After riding for 6 long hours, we had covered half the distance, and had reached the mid-point, Chandigarh. We had our lunch and continued...
Rustam Singh
On the eve of 18th we were all ready with our bags packed. We were waiting for our traveler van to arrive. We all were partying before the trip. We had beer, weed,speakers and an energetic group with full of excitement in them.Our traveler arrived at 2 A.M, we all boarded and from this point our trip to manali begin.We were carrying the same vibes as we were having in the flat, we were chatting, drinking, smoking. After some time we stopped at Amrik Sukhdev,murthal, NH 44. Amrik Sukhdev always remains my first stop whenever i go on any trip via NH 44.We had some parathas and tea there, after that we continued our journey then we had several stops on Chandigarh manali highway.
You cannot miss this sparkling and swanky restaurants on the Haryana highway. One of the oldest dhabas of this region turned into a modern-day eatery, this place is great for families and group travelers. The all-night eatery has a huge spread of multi-cuisine buffet, a-la-carte menu, an in-house bakery and confectionary, beverage counter, and multiple kiosks serving snacks.Gulshan Dhaba, Sonipat, Haryana
We only took one break on our way to Kufri and halted at renowned Sukhdev to have Prathas after which, we hopped back in the car.On our way to Kufri, we saw snow on the roadside and prayed to see snowfall.
Swati Verma
1. Dinner at Amrik Sukhdev: 12:30- 1:30 am (mandatory for us always!)2. Chai & sutta breaks all along3. Star gazing at random pit stops (a must !)4. Waking up to the amazing view of the hills at 6:00 am (as I wasn't driving :P)5. Loo breaks at great looking restaurants on the way6. Shimla at 7:00 am. Since there was no sign of the snow so we drove further.7. Spotted snow near Charabra and parked our car as there was heavy traffic jam due to icing on roads and snow clearing works. So we decided to walk along the road and enjoy the eye popping views of the nature.7. Charabra -->Kufri ---> Charabra 8 km apprx on foot (made us dead tired but equally energized ! Oh & yes, that was the most fun part )