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Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba

Misha Jain
1. Amrik Sukhdev, MurthalTopping the charts for a long time, the Amrik Sukhdev is one of the favorites and most well-running food junction over the area. They have been managing the food quality, service, cleanliness and other needs of the customers very well. The Dhaba serves traditional North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian and desserts. I must tell my experience. Once I stopped there at 2 am in the morning and I ate hot jalebis. I always relish the paranthas and red-chili parantha with Dal Makhni served here.
Nomadic Meteor
After having breakfast at Little Italy, we started our return journey to Delhi, bidding goodbye to the mighty Himalayas with a heavy heart and unforgettable memories of a crazy trip. The day was tiring but the level of excitement was not supposed to fade away so, at 12:00 midnight, we decided to take a break at the famous dhaba, Amrik Sukhdev at Murthal for dinner. Being a Mumbaikar, I have always found famous places crowded all night long in Mumbai but the crowd at this dhaba was crazy. I had never expected a place closer to Delhi to be so crowded at wee hours in the night. So, we quickly wrapped up our dinner and rushed to the airport as I had to catch flight at 3 am.Getting down at the airport was the most difficult part emotionally, as we were all going to be scattered again for an indefinite period of time. Bidding each other goodbye and making promises of meeting again, we all headed back to our respective cities.This travelogue was originally published on my website:
Misha Jain
Build by Sher Shah Suri, Grand Trunk Road is one of the busiest roads of India. National Highway 1 covers a part of GT Road starting from Wagah border(Amritsar) to outer Delhi.Waah Border>> Amritsar>>Jalandhar>> Phagwara>> Ludhiana>>Ambala>>Kurukshetra>>karnal>>Panipat>>Sonepat>>Outer Delhi.This route has lots of food junctions on the way for food lovers. Listed below are some of the best junctions to enjoy ur journey on the way.1.Amrik Sukhdev(Murthal)Murthal is well known for dhabas for a long time. Among the list of dhabas serving delicious food, Amrik Sukhdev tops the charts. Every dish served here is finger-licking. Pudina parantha with paneer and dal makhni is my personal favourite.
This above proves how extraordinary is their food and believe me it is cheaper than you might think. So let’s start off with how this unplanned trip happened. I was getting bored and was wander lusting on google. Then out of nowhere this blessed ad of Amrik Sukhdev came up. I was intrigued. I called up my friends, who I know would come with me on such a short notice. Out of 7 friends, 4 agreed to come along this insane trip with me. I book a Scorpio on ZoomCar.Next day at 11 am, I got into Scorpio and picked up my buddies on the way to one of the most blissful food trip ever. It took us merely 1 hour from North Delhi to Murthal. We arrived there and looked in awe the beautiful building with humungous parking lot in front of us. We entered the Air Conditioned area of the restaurant and had to wait. We used a strategy which every waiting group in the restaurant used. Our group stood by a table. People on the table were about to get up and we stared at them till they got up and left. We as a group are not proud of what we did but we don’t write the rules.
Kapil Yadav
Best stoppage for people commuting on NH1.