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Spiti Valley

This Ladakh-like terrain, nestled in high Himalayan mountains is another Tibetan Buddhist-culture influenced land. Often referred to as the 'Middle Land', the valley is home – and proudly so – to some of the oldest monasteries in the world. With very few tourists having the courage to tread to this remote valley and even fewer villages scattered in this jagged terrain, Spiti retains its picturesque landscape. Prospering in absolute silence, the valley can be approached from Manali via Kunzum Pass from mid-June to mid-October, or by road through Shimla-Kinnaur Valley a.k.a. Hindustan–Tibet Highway, which stays open all round the year – except when it is temporarily closed down during snowfall in winters or landslides during monsoons.
Avantika Chaturvedi
With the Milky Way season in full swing and the mercury starting to become manageable in the mountains, it is a no- brainer that one should head to the magical Spiti Valley! Known for some of the best night skies in India, May sounds like the perfect time of the year to pack your bags and head to this Middle Land!
Ishvani Hans
Palak Checker
They say that, "once you have tasted the sky, you will forever look up”. Once you have been here, there is no coming back.  Spiti shall be rememberd as one fine memoir. You would not mind traveling solo to this place because there comes a point in life when we must draw a line between ourselves and the rest of the people existing on this planet. When every single person is skeptical about the other, travel alone to give a few people the benefit of doubt. Spiti is the reward that you get after days of rough traveling through bumpy roads and rugged terrain. All throughout, you would see the windswept roads through the trans Himalayan mountain ranges. The wonderful gift of sky high mountains and a glacier fed river is what you get after striving for hours on the roads.
Aman Chotani
I believe in Stars, the man who sees the stars gets connected to his soul. It makes me feel alive, capturing the stars is one thing and living it is another. We see our reflection in stars, they show us the reality. SPITI is one of the places where I have spent most of my time looking at the stars. 100 years of our life becomes longer when we stay awake and look at the beautiful nature we have been gifted by god. Cherish the time we have and live every moment. SPITI - An Experience Aman Chotani presents SPITI - An Experience Post Production - Soul Motion Pictures​ PR & Executive Producer - Mixed Route Juice Pvt Ltd​ Edited by - Karan Sharma Music & Sound Design - Mannan Munjal​ Post Supervisor - Parvez Kaleem​ Shot with S8
Mohit Singh Arora