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Spiti Valley

This Ladakh-like terrain, nestled in high Himalayan mountains is another Tibetan Buddhist-culture influenced land. Often referred to as the 'Middle Land', the valley is home – and proudly so – to some of the oldest monasteries in the world. With very few tourists having the courage to tread to this remote valley and even fewer villages scattered in this jagged terrain, Spiti retains its picturesque landscape. Prospering in absolute silence, the valley can be approached from Manali via Kunzum Pass from mid-June to mid-October, or by road through Shimla-Kinnaur Valley a.k.a. Hindustan–Tibet Highway, which stays open all round the year – except when it is temporarily closed down during snowfall in winters or landslides during monsoons.
Debajeet Baruah
Afsarul haq
स्पिटि घाटी : पिन पार्वती ट्रेक [ SPITI VALLEY ]
Devansh Chandak
its a total kachcha road with river besides you and this picturesque view
Amir Farooq
#SwipeRightToTravelI was with my Brother and his gf to Spiti Valley. It was like being "Kabab main haddi" feeling for me. So after reaching Kaza, on the first day we decided to visit Tabo.We went there to visit a monastery as there was some Buddhist festival going. After reaching there I thought of giving them some private time and I went to one of the praying halls there. As I stepped inside the hall, there I saw a white beautiful girl roaming in the hall. It was quite obvious from her looks, that she's a foreigner. There was no one else in the room. Which asked me about a praying wheel, as I didn't know anything I couldn't answer to her question. She gave a disappointed look haha. So we both decided to ask a monk about it. This was the beginning of our conversation. She was from Guatemala. She was traveling Solo, so she was happy roaming around with me. I introduced her to my brother and his gf. After spending the day at the festival, it was time to say goodbye to her. But I really wanted her to stay, I wanted to spend more time with her. I guess it was quite obvious from my behavior and that's why my brother and his gf invited her to come with us. It was the beginning of our love story. We start spending the time together and we got to know each other. We went to all the places together. I remember once she said " I am glad that this trip is not solo anymore for me" and this was the cutest thing that I heard on that trip. We also decided to spend some days in Delhi alone after that trip. Meeting her made that trip memorable. It was quite unexpected to fall in love at quite an Unromantic place. But God has different plans for each one of us. And whatever happens, happen for good. We are still in a relationship, tho it's a long distance one. But we talk every day, share our stories. And one thing we won't forget ever is that TRIP TO SPITI.
Deepjyoti Biswas
Staying in the Kee monastery, I seek to understand the normal life of a monk and here is a small photo story of my discovery. To read a better explained monks life , you can visit my blog www.deepjyotibiswas.com
A postcard is a rectangular piece of thick paper intended for writing and mailing without an envelope. The most interesting ones are the Travel Post Cards - they can be an unforgettable souvenir, a memory of the beautiful places visited, a letter for a loved one with a great way to say "I'm thinking of you". It gives us numerous ways to cherish the memories of stunning places.Few such postcards brought back lot of memories and it was special as it came from the Highest Post office of the world - Hikkim located in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh.In the month of October 2017, I went to the mailbox of my office to collect some documents which were supposed to be delivered in the mailbox and was shocked to find few postcards, waiting to be picked up. They came from highest post office in the world almost after an YEAR of my visit.Hikkim, Spiti Valley
Sometimes you arrive at unknown places and still feel like HOME!!!Spiti Valley is so still & silent..cut off from the fast moving world...without any distractions. People work hard relentlessly despite of harsh terrain and weather. One can see serenity in their faces & contented stillness in their eyes. The thread of Buddhism binds them together with devotion, dedication, peace and warmth. There is abundance of innocence & cheerfulness on the faces of the kids. And cherry on top is eye pleasing laughter of little Lamas!!!
S S (Saurabh Sabikhi)
Below is a special moment in all my travels put together. Discovered this little hidden lake in the Himalayas. A lake no tourist / traveller has seen before. A lake which did not have a name. A lake, which friends and fellow travellers have loving named - SS Tso ('SS' after my initials. 'Tso' means a lake).
Sonal Agarwal
Hikkim Post Office
if you're always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you're in? . .Few months back , I got a chance to visit Spiti valley and guys trust me , that places is amazing ! From jawdroping landscapes to kind-hearted people , from epic sunrise to peaceful stargazing nights , you can experience all of this in a Single road trip to Spiti !
This video is about the road trip from Reckong Peo(Kinnaur) to Kaza(Spiti Valley).My travel route:Delhi - Shimla – Reckong Peo(Kinnaur) – KAZA(SPITI VALLEY) – Rohtang Pass - Manali - Delhi.
Sayali Patil
Travelling and wandering is my cup of tea, coffee, juice. It's been four years since I started travelling. But this time I was totally unplanned for the trip to Spiti valley. One of my good friend was planning for a solo trip and I was the add on in his solo trip. I hope he has no regrets of taking me with him on this trip. In fact I would like to say a big thanks to that wandering soul, because he is the one who always inspired me to travel and explore. So my dear folks, I'm going to take you through my Spiti trip, it might be a short and crisp summary of my trip. If you guys want to read my entire journey, so you can catch me on my blog, wandersay.wordpress.com.From let's say may, I was reading, listening and watching about Spiti valley. The cold dessert of India. Every time I watched photographs of Spiti I was left speechless. Natural beauty, mountains, empty roads and that sparkling sunshine fascinates me. One day my friend told me that he is planning for Spiti. I was like ok dude, enjoy have Fun. I never had anything in my mind that I could join him in this trip. Later on one more member added in that trip and they both booked their tickets. Before they went for this trip, I was dying to join them. I realize that sayali, you need a break from this daily routine and you have to do it. Friday 29 June 2018, 4.30 pm was boarding time of their train and on Thursday, my friend casually asked me hey would you like to join us? There I'm. Without wasting a second I said yes. Somehow my 'shiddat' worked out. We checked train bookings and everything was done in last few hours. Right from bag packing to ticket booking. Mom dad also amazed watching me like this. Cause I never went on this kind of unplanned trip. But without any cross question, they allowed me and we went to Spiti.
Spiti or "the middle land" is the land between India and Tibet. It is not a place rather it is an experience in itself. Situated in Himachal Pradesh, India this place is surrounded by mountains and remains cut off for most part of the year due to heavy snowfall. Together with Lahaul valley it forms Lahaul-Spiti district. I, along with a couple of friends decided to go to Spiti this summer. We booked our Spiti Valley tour from an agent, Spiti Holiday Adventure. Initially, we were reluctant to go with a Spiti tour operator for our Spiti Valley trip since I always like to explore on my own but then we decided to go with it.How to reach Spiti ValleyThere are two routes for a Spiti Valley road trip.1. Via Shimla - This route generally remains open throughout the year and you enter Spiti valley from Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Kaza, which is sub-divisional headquarter of Spiti valley is around 430km from Shimla. While going from Shimla many major places of this region like Reckonpeo-Kalpa-Sangla-Chitkul-Nako-Tabo-Dhankar-Pin valley falls en route.2. Via Manali - This route generally remains after the snow is cleared which is usually after May. Road from Gramphoo to Batal is mostly pathetic with numerous water crossing and at few places full of stones specially are around chota dharra. Manali to Kaza is nearly around 220 Kms. But one just cannot afford to miss Chandratal lake. It's a must visit for everyone who is going to that region.
Ralph Paul
Ralph Paul
Before getting started , here's where you can find some pictures of Spiti and my other travel stuffhttps://www.instagram.com/ralph_paul_/
Sharayu Bafna
It was my first time to Spiti Valley and the Journey began with 5 strangers. I was feeling all of it Happiness, wonderment, excitement but definitely no fear. We had begun our journey from Manali at 6:30 in the morning and the estimated time to reach our to at Chandrataal was 5pm. But we were delayed by two hours as there was a road accident. We reached our camp by 7pm and the freezing temperatures added up to our adventures.
Ralph Paul
Pallavi Paul
Saloni Bisht
DELHI – SPITI (via Kinnaur) 793kmGoing Spiti via Kinnaur is always seen as a better option, as it is more beautiful than Rohtang Pass obviously because Kinnaur is a magical village and you can not afford to miss it. Why I think it is the best route because this route is open throughout the year hence in off season too and that’s when I prefer to travel. The only catch is that the rout is way too long and takes quite a patience test. Basically, it takes a little madness and lots of determination to go via Kinnaur.This is the guide for the people who like to travel in local buses and with no luxury, i.e how I travel (no kidding). Also for those who are broke and unemployed but can kill for travelling, like me (no kidding again).
can of tales
Many people take off to Himachal Pradesh in the summers, Spiti has also gained popularity and apart from adventure enthusiasts alot of travelers are exploring this not so commercial valley. What is not yet explored is the winters in spiti! The valley in summers and winters look totally different. There are not more than 3000 people living in the entire valley (in the winter) as the weather can get a bit unforgiving. If you are looking at an expedition in the mountains, this valley will definitely not disappoint you. We wanted to capture the raw beauty of this place so here's a second film we did for a travel company in Spiti. Let us know what you think about this film! If you need any information on spiti, feel free to connect! :) 
A ‘magnum opus’ of Imtiaz Ali and Alia Bhatt is a retreat to eyes for people who love travelling. Shot at different locations of Aru valley, Kashmir; Spiti, Himachal Pradesh; Nurmahal, Punjab and Ajmer, Rajasthan, one can truly get mesmerized seeing different hues of our beautiful country.
Disha Kapkoti
A day in Spiti when the journey got unbelievably adventurous14 September, 2015Alone at Kaza bus stop that morning, I was contemplating the idea to catch a bus but it didn't feel quite right in my head. I waited near the bus stop for almost an hour and the only great thing that happened on that dull morning at Kaza Bus stop is that I befriended two amazing boys, Sankar and Milan.It's generally odd to talk about your budget with strangers, but when your depleted budgets somehow match, you always find a bond. Yuki, a Japanese traveller joined us at that bus stop and now we were four in number. We waited for a bus that was the cheapest option to go to Dhankar Monastery, but then we thought we could hitchhike. We left the bus stand and stood at the main road. Not too long after that a utility vehicle carrying water tanks stopped and we hopped on.Little did we know that this was only the beginning of a crazy 5-day hitchhiking trip where we stuck by each other throughout. But this day alone gave us an adventure to remember. That day we changed three vehicles before being dropped at a spot from where we were told to start a hike to Dhankar Gompa. The hike ahead was a crash course on survival in the cold deserts. We lost the way multiple times and ran short of water. Sankar took charge and went ahead to find a way while we all rested. He came back and led us ahead. We followed a brick wall to catch signs of civilisation in that desert again.Not only did we end up finding a village but we also found a room with a view at the new monastery. The night was spent gazing at the stars and reading a book about the ingenious local architecture of the houses in the remote villages of Spiti. It was definitely one of those long days when the rewards are immense. In the next few days with this feisty group, I realised that money is never really a problem when you have the right spirit of adventure. If you think good karma never comes back, head out once.Read the fully story here.
The Parang La trek passes through the rugged locations of Spiti from the deep gorges and the cold desert environment and also the vast landscapes of Ladakh. This trek also has some fantastic views of the mountains and the Pare Chu Rive. The trek ends at one of the most beautiful lakes Tso Moriri at Ladakh. The varied landscapes that one has to undergo while in this trek and the view of the Tso Moriri at the end of the trek is the most rewarding part of this otherwise difficult trek.
Anjali sahrawat
This was an exciting day for us since we were to visit a lot of places today. After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, we went on to visit the famous Key Monastery and I tell you, it was an awesome experience! I interacted with locals and monks here and speaking to them about life had a profound impact on me. Post the monastery, we visited the Kibber village which was also the highest village in the valley. It was very nice visiting this place and again we met a lot of local people and children here. Everyone was nice and seeing their smiling faces truly made me feel happy.