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Apsara Konda Falls

This is more of a waterfall than a beach and is in the Honnavar Region. It is a seasonal waterfall and is adjacent to a beach with the same name. The waterfalls drop down from a steep height and looks like froth gushing out. It is a picturesque place with very calm and serene surroundings. It is like a breath of fresh air when you are coming from big cities. The forests, greeneries and colors of nature around are soothing and the cool waters are refreshing.
M Naik
The best part of my entire trip….. Away from the crowd, the place is so secluded, as if, it only invites people who find peace in nature.
Niyati Mavinkurve
Apsarkonda is a local waterfall which is unexplored by tourists and has no facilities. It is serene and a nearby cliff has great views of the Arabian Sea.