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Digha Beach

Talking about West Bengal's most popular sea resort, Digha was known as Beerkul during the times of Warren Hastings. This place was discovered in the 18th Century by the British. Later a poet named John Frank Smith loved this place and settled here in 1923. His writings have prominent mention of this beach in a number of places and he was the one who later requested former Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Ray to declare this as a sea resort. The natural beauty of this place is picturesque. The shores are lined with casuarina trees which also help in preventing erosion of the sand dunes here. This is a shallow beach with soft waves and thus it is a perfect beach for swimming. There are also a number of tourist resorts around for you to stay. The sunrise and sunset are both beautiful from here.
Trip to Digha (WB)Giridih(Jh) - Govindpur(Dhanbad) - Asansol - Durgapur - Saktigarh - Singur - Dankuni - Kolaghat - Nandkumar - Contai - Digha473 KmsTime taken - 7:30 Tolls - ₹ 535 (6 plazas)Road Condition Roads from Giridih to Govindpur,newly widened were empty as usual,but caution to be exercised as lots of small settlements are there.Govindpur to Nirsa ,Once you are on the GT Road,you can easily cruise at triple digit speeds,but the condition of road is not very good but works well.Nirsa to Durgapur : One enters WB,after crossing the Beliyad toll plaza,No checking was there,but we carried our RT-PCR reports to be on safer sideOnce we enter WB ,roads are excellent, highways straight upto Durgapur, What also helps are the bypasses for Asansol and Durgapur,which means you are only greeted by trucks on your journey.Durgapur to Dankuni : Reaching Bardhaman, fills your heart with all the happiness seeing greenery of the paddy fields on both sides of the road.Mandatory stop on this route is Saktigarh famous for its Lengchas(longer form of gulab jamun),also one sees the different varieties of sweets, quite different from what we see in Northern parts.The traffic flow increases as you approach Dankuni,which on our day of travel was increased multifold as riders flocked on the highway to celebrate Independence day ,also on this road you would witness a number of dhabas.Dankuni to Kolaghat : Dankuni comes as the entry point of Kolkata, meaning increased traffic flow,also increased signals,but whats a relief is the flow of traffic,one still can cruise around 75kmph ,leaving the city.Leave the city and reach Kolaghat to stop at the KFC over there which is also famous amongst the trippers flocking this route.Kolaghat to Nandakumar: A left from here and enter into another highway which takes to to Nandkumar circle,which ends your happy journey and you will be greeted by heavy traffic lead by the state buses ,which are a nightmare in this two lane route.PS: From here its a 85km ride to Digha but will take you more than 2 hrs depending on the time you reach here Nandakumar to Digha : The route is filled with traffic and busses add to the neverending route. Maximum caution and patience is to be exercised on this route.The entire route till Digha will test your patience ,and only then will you witness the majestic Bay of Bengal in its glory.PS : Weekend sees an influx of tourists from all around the place,which inturn takes the hotel tarriffs to sky high.Also depending on the type of experience you want ,one can choose from Mandarmani , Digha,New Digha ,Tajpur etc.The seafood over here is whole lot cheaper than what we are used to,which makes it attractive. Keep your expectations low and you would enjoy Digha to the fullest
Manish Kumar Dhal
We found that there is an Old and a New beach. We visited both of them and the New one was bit of a satisfaction after a travel of almost 400 Km. That was the first place where we took our rest in the whole journey on the Rock Beach. We spent an hour there and started for Baripada at around 8:30 PM.Enroute to Baripada, we had dinner and that was the first proper full course meal we had (we had packed our car full of healthy snack items just to reduce our travel time). We finally reached Baripada at around 11:45 PM and checked-in into Ambika Hotel.
Arkoprabho Hazra
5. DIGHA BEACHThe beach is one of the most visited beaches in West Bengal due to which an extension to the old Digha beach was made, the new Digha beach. Due to its popularity, you’ll get resorts and hotels of all sorts at every price, making the beach more convenient for travelling. Except for the beaches, you can also visit the science center at the new Digha beach or enjoy a boat ride at the Amravati Lake. This popular beach has a lot of water activities like surfing, jet skiing which you should definitely try out.Best Time to Visit: October to February.How to Reach: Take direct buses from Dharmatala or Karunamoyee in Kolkata. You can also cover the km by your own private car.Pro Tip: Book hotels that are directly connected to the beach.