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Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal also known as Water Palace in English is yet again one of the things to do in Jaipur. It is located in the heart of the famous Man Sagar Lake and near the cenotaphs of royal ladies and Maharanis of the city in the earlier times. Madho Singh was the one behind the formation of the Jal Mahal in the same year as that of Hawa Mahal- 1799. The idea was to get a summer resort made for the royal family. The place was also used for hunting ducks during the warm season. Under the Jal Tarang project going on currently, this place is closed for restoration.
Aprajita Parkash
It takes time, the palace is big and then we head back to the Jaipur city, with a quick stop by the Jal Mahal, which at present is just a far away structure standing in the center of a lake.
Kaveri Harit
Drop by in the evening to spend some peaceful hours near Jal Mahal. That view is sure to make you fall in love. It can get a little crowded so look for a spot away from the hustle-bustle and get lost in tranquility.
While I was coming back from Amber fort, I also stopped by a place from where I could see Jal Mahal. Jal Mahal (Water Palace) is located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake.
Manvi Deshwal
Shashank Sinha
4) Jal Mahal:Also known as "Water Palace" it is located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake.
Shakti Chauhan
Jal Mahal is located at the center of Mansagar Lake. This Palace has floors under water. The palace is closed for tourist. You can see it only from a distance.
Saikat Mazumdar
Once you complete these two masterpieces there is just another one waiting for you 10 mins away – Jal mahal. It is another exquisite piece of work with the backdrop of mountains in the middle of water. One can witness some excellent sunsets in this place. One can amuse oneself wearing local dresses and clicking pictures. There is a large area where you can relax and plan your next day schedule.
Jal Mahal : Soon after I leave for Jal Mahal. When I reach here, It was early evening. It is a delighted spot to spend a good evening. Jal Mahal is made of red stone and is 5 stories high. The 4 floors of the palace stay under the water and it is only the 5th floor that is visible. Visitors are only allowed to see the Jal Mahal Palace from a distance. Entry is not allowed in the palace. So I did not a chance to go inside. Someday, I hope that I get a chance to see what inside the royal palace and this marvellous architecture. I enjoy having a sip of tea while watching the Sun going down. I brought few Rajasthani gifts for my little sister from the footpath/roadside small shops. Remember - bargaining is the key but don't do too much. they are very poor people.
Ashish Mishra
On the way back to Jaipur city the early morning views of Jal Mahel got our attention and made us take a halt to enjoy the landscape and enjoy sip of tea.
Karishma Mayur
5)Jal Mahal: Located at the center of Mansagar Lake, this five storeyed palace is for floors under water when the lake is full. Due to its cooling architecture, it was used during summers. This palace is closed for tourists and can be seen only from a distance.
Jal Mahal: Jal Mahal or the Water Palace is located on the Man Sagar Lake. It is an astonishing palace which has five floors, and four of them remain underwater. The entry inside the palace is restricted, but if you are a bird lover or a photography enthusiast, you may stay there for a while and enjoy the view from the pathway outside the palace.
Any trip to Jaipur is incomplete without a visit to Jaipur’s forts and palaces. They are located within close vicinity of each other and are best visited by hiring a vehicle for the day, which gives the flexibility to move at one’s own pace. On the way, is Jal Mahal, which looks really beautiful sitting in the midst of a vast expanse of water. It can be photographed from afar but entry inside is not permitted.
The Punjabi Wanderer
Yukti Malik
Jal Mahal- Water PalaceShimmering in glory like a jewel, standing in the middle of Man Singh Lake, Jal Mahal captures an eye-popping makeover during the night. Enclosed by Aravalli hills from three sides and the fourth side comprising of intensely inhabited plains, the architectural beauty of the Mughal and Rajputana styles of construction upstands with its five floors.The 255 year old palace, built in red sandstone, showcases only its first floor with remaining four floors under water. The scenic beauty of the palace comes alive at the onset of evening when bathed with lights.
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Manju Sihag
Returning back home from amber fort, i stopped here and walked around for sometime. I was really tempted to go inside but there is no way. There used to be a boat ride but not anymore.
A palace in the middle of a lake.
Surrounded by water from all sides and a beautiful palace where you can spend about 2 hours. Must visit here at night to have an ultimate view of the palace.
Pushp Mishra
Its a drive-thru area. you will cross this for sure when heading towards Jaigarh fort from Delhi Road
Chhavi Vaibhav Sharma
These days they have closed Jal mahal, you can just have its view from some distance. Some local told me its closed, as there are many crocodiles in the river surrounding jal mahal. But still you can admire its beauty from distance, got some pics click. Also, can buy some craft stuff from there as reasonable cost.
Saee T
Aastha Garg
A place where you can lost all track of time, It is basicall a summer resort for the royal family..in the middle of artificially created reservoir "Man Sagar" made in reign of Madho Singh, the place is so beautiful and serene that you can look at it for hours and still want to be there for couple of more hours. One can not enter the Mahal but can see it from far, Well it is Jaipur's own Marine Drive.
Vishal Tangirala
Jal Mahal (Water Palace), (On the way to Amber Fort). A Rajput style architectured palace sits in the center of the Man Sagar lake. The lake is often dry in the winter, but summer monsoons frequently turn it into a beautiful lake filled with water hyacinths. Free on the 18th of May, as well as the Observatory and wind palace.