Jaipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. As the capital of the deeply cultural and historical state of Rajasthan, a number of tourists flock to this city throughout the year. Being a member of the Golden Triangle circuit due to its proximity to Delhi and Agra, Jaipur has seen a boost in its tourism as well, becoming one of the most visited cities in the state as well as the country. 

There are a variety of places to visit in Jaipur, such as forts, palaces, monuments, museums, markets among many others. These places are well-known to provide insight into the past and culture of Rajasthan as well as offer an authentic local experience to tourists.


Places to Visit in Jaipur: Forts, Palaces and Monuments

City Palace

Reflecting the amalgam of Mughal, Rajput and European architecture, the City Palace is one of the most important places to visit in Jaipur. The palace occupies a large area in Old Jaipur, accompanied by vast gardens, courtyards, museums and buildings, including the well-known Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal. City Palace is where the king Sawai Jal Singh II resided and reigned after he moved the capital from Amer to Jaipur due to issues of water and population in the early 1700s. Rulers after him kept adding to the architecture until as recently as the 1900s. It will take you around one to two hours to take a tour of the complex. 

This is among the must-see places to visit in Jaipur for art and history aficionados, and a treat for photographers. 


Amber Fort

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Amber Fort (or Amer Fort) encapsulates an important period of Mughal history in Rajasthan. One of the essential places to visit in Jaipur, this is a huge fort made of sandstone and marble, showcasing the fusion of Mughal and Hindu architecture. It was the primary residence of the Rajput kings when Amer was the capital of their kingdom. It was commissioned by Maharaja Man Singh in 1592 but many successive rulers made it their home till the 1700s when Jaipur was declared the capital. The fort comprises four series of courtyards, halls and gardens. Through the Sural Pol and Chand Pol gates, one enters into the main courtyard called Jaleb Chowk where parades would take place. There is also a temple here dedicated to one of Goddess Kali’s incarnations. Going up the stairs from there, one enters the second courtyard with Diwan-e-Alam which was used to hold sessions with the general public. The third courtyard housing the king’s personal quarter can be reached via the Ganesh Pol. This section of the fort also has the famous Diwan-e-Khas, where private audiences were hosted. The hall is decorated intricately with glasswork, hence locally known as sheesh mahal as well. It is one of the top places to visit in Jaipur. There is a building opposite this hall referred to as Sukh Mahal (Hall of Pleasure). The fourth courtyard comprises several rooms that belonged to the women of the royal family.

History lovers absolutely love spending time at Amer Fort, one of the must-see places to visit in Jaipur. 


Hawa Mahal

An adjunct to City Palace, Hawa Mahal is constructed right next to it. Hawa Mahal, also made of sandstones of a reddish hue, with more than 950 windows on its exterior resembles a honeycomb structure which makes an interesting addition to the places to visit in Jaipur. It was created by king Sawai Pratap Singh for women from the royal family to enjoy the festivities and celebrations on the street below without compromising on the strict purdah rules that they had to adhere. The few floors on the top have similarities to the crown of Lord Krishna; the king was devoted to him. The brilliant architecture allows the interior of the palace to be pleasantly cool, making it an ideal summer palace and giving it its name. When you enter, you will find yourself in a spacious courtyard that is adorned by fountains and also has a museum for history buffs, making it an interesting addition to the places to visit in Jaipur. Although the outside areas are intricately designed, the inside is fairly simply made. It is believed to be the king’s favourite palace. That’s not hard to believe since it’s well-ventilated, elegantly designed and provides a good view of the city. This will become your favourite of all the places to visit in Jaipur.


Jal Mahal

This sandstone monument in the middle of the Mansarovar Lake with a backdrop of the Nahargarh Hills is one of the most photographed places to visit in Jaipur. It was built by Maharaja Madho Singh in the 18th century. A quintessential example of Rajput architecture with some Mughal hints, it is believed to be used as a lodge for the king’s hunting retinue. Although it may seem that it is single-storeyed, there are four more floors submerged in the lake. You can only see from a distance, though. This is one of the only places to visit in Jaipur that does not allow entry of tourists. You can take pictures of the monument from the streets, but cannot go inside it. For a closer look, you can take a boating tour. On the other side of the lake, marble cenotaphs honouring some Rajput kings can also be found. Over the years, the Rajasthan government has taken many steps to improve the condition of the structure and the lake itself. Currently, it is set to be turned into a luxury restaurant and will be among the most exclusive places to visit in Jaipur. 


Nahargarh and Jaigarh Fort

A well-known tourist attraction, Nahargarh and Jaigarh Fort sit atop the Aravali hills, providing a glorious view of the city. With Amer Fort, they used to create a protective defence, circling the capital of the Rajput kingdom. Marvels of architecture stretched across the hills, these places to visit in Jaipur should certainly be on your itinerary. Both forts were constructed by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. When Nahargarh Fort was being built, it was believed that it was being haunted by Rathore Nahar Singh, owing to which a shrine was placed inside to calm his spirit. This is how the fort got its name. Some notable historical events can be traced back to Nahargarh Fort, such as forming treaties with the Maratha forces and providing asylum to some European residents during the revolt of 1857. Some Bollywood films have been shot here as well like Rang De Basanti, Sonar Kella and Shuddh Desi Romance, making it one of the most interesting places to visit in Jaipur. Jaigarh fort, also known as the Victory Fort, is strategically constructed to overlook Amer fort for its defence. It is connected with the complex of Amer fort through secret passageways as well. Mainly used to store weapons and ammunition, you can still find military artefacts stored in a museum here. Their great historical significance is why they are some of the most important places to visit in Jaipur.


Jantar Mantar Observatory

What makes Jantar Mantar one of the intriguing places to visit in Jaipur is the fact that it is one of the largest observatories in the world! Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh’s hobbies went beyond delving into architecture; his deep interest in astronomy led to the creation of this UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a part of the 19 astronomical instruments made by the king. The observatory in Jaipur has the world’s largest sundial made of stone. Astronomers from all over the world prefer coming to Jantar Mantar over other places to visit in Jaipur to marvel at the ancient expertise that led to this wonderful construction. And you don’t need to go far to visit it, as it is right next to the City Palace and Hawa Mahal. 



Standing tall amidst busy locals markets is Isarlat (also known as Sargasuli), which is a remnant of Sawai Ishwari Singh’s triumph over his enemies’ armed forces.  Inspired by Delhi’s Qutub Minar and Chittorgarh’s Kirti Stambha, this is one of the few places to visit in Jaipur that provides a good view of the Pink City and its other major monuments, such as Nahargarh Fort, City Place, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal and the old Vidhan Sabha. Towering at a height of 140 feet with seven storeys in the middle of the city since the mid-1700s, it used to be the tallest building in the kingdom and was believed to be a passageway to heaven by the starstruck subjects of Ishwari Singh’s kingdom. Although it is often skipped by tourists on a tight schedule, this is among places to visit in Jaipur that should be in your itinerary, not only due to the mesmerizing view it offers but also to learn about the many intriguing local legends that accompany this building’s history. 


Chand Baori

This stepwell, one of the largest in the region, is among the offbeat places to visit in Jaipur. It was created sometime in the 10th century to help local subjects with irrigation and other day-to-day needs such as water to drink, bathe, and wash clothes. It was also used as a meeting spot by the community. The locals are not dependent on the stepwell for water anymore, but people still get together here. The function of the stepwell was fairly simple, but the complex symmetrical architecture makes it evident how no stone was left unturned to make this structure. This is one of the more interesting places to visit in Jaipur for those fascinated by intricate, ancient architecture. 

Places to Visit in Jaipur: Cultural Attractions

Chokhi Dhani

This unique tourist destination in Jaipur has been created to help visitors  get an authentic Rajasthani experience. On offer is a rural setting highlighting the local culture with Rajasthani activities, and local food. A one day pass costing Rs 800 per person, which covers food and activities. There are no other places to visit in Jaipur that are condensed with as many cultural experiences. Here are a few of the many unique experiences that you can experience at Chokhi Dhani: a skit with a re-enactment of local history, traditional folk dances, magic shows, camel rides, puppet shows, shops selling handicrafts and souvenirs, and delicious local cuisine. 

If you are short on time, put this at the top of your places to visit in Jaipur list. 


Albert Hall Museum

The Albert Hall Museum makes exemplary use of Indo-European architecture, making it part of the unmissable places to visit in Jaipur. The city, over the years, has seen a number of patrons of art. This building has been used to display industrial art and the work of local artists, as suggested by Maharaja Madho Singh. There is a variety in the collection that the museum houses: murals, jewellery, sculptures, carpets among other precious items. It also includes coins from different periods of the country. 


Birla Mandir

This Hindu temple, also commonly known as Laxmi Narayan Temple, is one of the preferred places to visit in Jaipur by devout tourists. Made of clean, white marble with three spires ascending one after another, it is a beautiful tourist destination in Jaipur for religious travellers as well as those who appreciate good architecture. Holy tales and quotes are sprawled on the walls and tinted windows of the temple. Visiting this temple among the places to visit in Jaipur is not only a spiritual but an aesthetic experience. 


Galtaji Temple

This temple may be situated on the fringes of the Pink City, but is still one of the most important places to visit in Jaipur. This is an ancient, grand temple built on the Aravalli Hills which experiences a huge influx of pilgrims every year. The temple has a number of water tanks that are filled by the spring naturally emerging from the hills, where many pilgrims take a dip. This is an interesting addition to the cultural places to visit in Jaipur as the temple looks more like a palace. It has shrines dedicated to Lord Rama, Hanuman, and Krishna. Nestled within a lush landscape, this tourist destination has a peaceful ambience. Many tribes of monkeys reside here as well, which is why it is also locally known as the Monkey Temple.


Places to Visit in Jaipur: Markets

Johari Bazaar

Find a beautiful collection of jewellery in this market at a reasonable price. An integral destination in the places to visit in Jaipur, one can find a range of precious as well as semi-precious stones and gems. Most of the jewellery is traditional and handmade by  local artisans. You can also find the popular kundan jewellery and a range of ethnic clothes, traditional footwear, pottery and other handicrafts that can be purchased as keepsakes.  


Tibbati Market

A seasonal market set up from November to January, this famous Tibetan market is high on shoppers list of places to visit in Jaipur. Perfect for budget shopping, with a little haggling, one can get a good deal on local handicrafts, clothes and souvenirs. The products you find here will be of good quality and affordably priced by the Tibetan artisans, making them a steal for travellers.


Tripolia Bazaar

This market is one of the best places to visit in Jaipur for lac jewellery. Tripolia bazaar also has a variety of bangles. Traditional bandhani fabric, as well as clothes made of the popular tie and dye technique of Rajasthan, can be found in abundance as well. Splurge a little and take home a bunch of authentic local textiles and jewellery. This market is close to the major monuments of the city too, making it one of the ideal places to visit in Jaipur to end your day of sightseeing with an evening full of some shopping.


Aravali Bazaar

Among the best places to visit in Jaipur for home decor, Aravali Bazaar will be loved by those looking to buy high-quality items at low prices to brighten up their houses. This is a one-stop solution for all home needs: quilts, bedsheets, carpets, and many other decorative items, along with some clothes as well. 


Bapu Bazaar

One of the most famous places to visit in Jaipur, this is a roadside market where one can find authentic Rajasthani clothes, footwear as well as handicrafts. Especially known for Mojari shoes as well as clothes made of Bandhej material and unique designs embossed by carved blocks sold here, this street is constantly bustling with hawkers and tourists alike. A number of things that are overtly Rajasthani, such as sculptures, paintings, and home-decorating items are also put up to allure tourists into buying mementos from their Jaipur trip. 

Besides these tourist places in Jaipur, there are quite a few places around it that you can reach easily. Some of the popular places to visit near Jaipur, within Rajasthan are Pushkar, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. All of these destinations have their own unique place in Rajasthan’s history, and offer a special set of experiences and attractions that invite travellers from all over the world. Take a complete tour to dive deeper into the magic of the desert state of India.

Written by Shruti Mishra, an in-house Tripoto writer.



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