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Bada Bagh

This literally means a “Big Garden”. This is an estate that was constructed by Mahrawal Jait Singh in the 16th Century on the Ramgarh Road. The main attractions here are a dam, a tank and a garden. All of these were built by large blocks of stone and are known as jait band and jai tsar. All of these have been named after the man who made them. Also beautiful are the cenotaphs or “chhatris” which belong to one ruler each. The oldest among these is the cenotaph of Mahrawal Jait Singh.
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Bada BaghEvening of Day 2, after some quick lunch, we left for the Bada Bagh – the Royal Crematorium having long parallel arrays of golden sandstone carved Chattris or Cenotaphs looking over a lake. These Cenotaphs was erected honoring the dead kings of past. Spending the evening there and watching sun set was truly magical! Bada Bagh is located close to Loduvra – the ancient capital of the erstwhile Jaisalmer state before the newly built Jaisalmer became the capital in 1156. Traveler’s tip: Since it is a bit outside the city, carry some water and food with you.
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revive all those filmy scenes at this place.
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There are so many different ways to remember our dearly dead, and the Rajput royals in the 16th century picked a beautiful architectural tribute. A cluster of chattris (umbrellas) stand in tribute to a few line of kings, till they moved onto something else.
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• Visit Bada Bagh (literally meaning big garden) is a garden complex, which lies about 6km north of Jaisalmer on the way to Ramgarh. Commissioned by Maharawal Jait Singh in the early 16th century and completed by his son Lunakaran, Bada Bagh was built as a valedictory memorial dedicated to the members of the royal family.→ Getting thereBy airThe airport nearest to the Serai is the Jodhpur Airport served by regular flights from all major airports. While making your booking, you can request the hotel staff to arrange a pick up for you.By railThe railway station nearest to Jaisalmer is about 4km away, the Chandan Railway Station. Again, the Serai can provide transfers from the station.By roadThere are several buses operating regularly between Jaipur and Jaisalmer. Be sure to book your tickets in advance as seats are limited.Have you been to any place that made you think differently about everyday life? Share your experience with the Tripoto community and become a part of India's largest community of travellers.