Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park 1/9 by Tripoto
Early morning or late afternoon
8am-6pm October-March, 7am-7pm April-September
Bird watching, explore nature
INR 50- Entry, INR 100- Guide
December - February
Couples, Friends, Families
7 out of 88 attractions in Jodhpur

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

This is a recent development in the city in 2006 and still calls to be a priority in the things to do in Jodhpur. The entire park is located on a ground of 72 hectare and full of the local species to give an idea about the diversity of the place to the tourists. The attraction is just next to the Mehrangarh Fort and the best part is that it has something different to offer at various times of the year. There are walking trails in the park where you can do bird watching as well as explore various reptiles and butterflies. There is a small café here for those who want to take a food break.
Debjani Paul
4 PM- RAO JODHA DESERT PARKIn an attempt to restore the city's ecology and plants native to rocky environments, this park was built in 2006. Spread across 170 acres, this is the best place to explore the native flora-fauna. You can choose the trail you would like to take with some very helpful staff. It is one of the most refreshing and unique experiences in Jodhpur.Take any walking trail to explore this unique attraction in Jodhpur.6 PM- STROLL IN THE BAZAAR AREA NEAR CLOCK TOWER
Pankaj Chavan
It is located just 10 minutes away from Jaswant Thada. Entry fee was ₹100 per head !! So we thought that it might be something interesting. Some sort of adventure.
Ruchi Jain
It was developed in the year 2006 with the aim of restoring the ecology of a large rocky wasteland area next to the fort. The most fascinating about this place is that it is interesting to expore this at different time of the year as it's foilage changes with evey season. It is open from 9:00 AM to 5;25 in the evening and one can also hire a guide for this.