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Sam Sand Dunes

This is an area a little out of the main city of Jaisalmer and is one of the most beautiful attractions of the city. The sand dunes are a visual treat and camping is what attracts most of the tourists till this place. This is a unique experience as you have a tent right on the sand and the whole night gets more colorful with the traditional music and dance programs. There are a number of camel tour agencies which try to force you to pay more. You should be able to tackle them skillfully. A trip to Rajasthan cannot be completed if you miss this.
Mouna Nanaiah
Day 6 - Sam Sand DunesThe ride from Jaisalmer to Sam is deserted but the roads are fantastic and well maintained. The entire stretch is embedded in a giant piece of dry land. There are many desert camps situated in the area which offers, camel riding, desert safari, stay, food, parasailing, paramotoring, quad biking and cultural performances. In Sam Sand Dunes evenings are craziest, sunsets are chaotic but sunrise is equally peaceful. After nightfall when the moon rises, the complete desert shines like a collection of pearls. You can also visit Kuldhara, the abandoned town which is en-route Jaisalmer. Rejuvenated from the relaxed stay at Sam, I headed back to the city.The same day, post lunch I boarded my bus to Jodhpur which is at a distance of 290 kms. I reached the blue city by 6.00 pm, on time to experience the night life.
Debashish Baidya
Avinash Jha
Our Third and final Destination for day one was Sam Sand Dunes. We reached Sam Sand Dunes by 5'O Clock in the Evening. In 1700 per person Hotel Roop Mahal(where we stayed in Jaisalmer) offered us a package including jeep safari, camel safari, cultural show, dinner and 2 day transportation. Since we already booked the night stay in Jaisalmer, we were unwilling to stay there in the night.
At Jaisalmer, we stayed at Royal Resorts, which is an award-winning desert resort. We spent the evening watching graceful folk dances and performances at the Rajasthani show specially organised by Royal resorts for its guests. After that, we headed out for a nocturnal Desert Safari also conducted by Royal Resorts. WOW Safari! Let me put it this way: "If you havent seen the deserts of Rajasthan at night, then you haven't seen them at all!" It could give any amusement park a run for its money. We lay down on the cold sand, counting the stars as we let nature envelope us in her shroud.
Bikashjyoti Pathak
ICING ON THE CAKE!!! Experience The Great Indian Desert!!!
Satyakee Sulit Sinha
Place for desert safari
It's a sunset point and after dusk, desert music-and-dance shows are held here. The camel ride on the dunes was fantastic.
Roma Kandpal
My first desert safari. We chose to take the camel safari instead of the jeep one, cos, you know we're cool like that. We were two enthu cutlets who were excited to try every possible thing that isn't conventional and something we would take back home and remember it throughout. We paid around Rs. 1800 and got ourselves the best ride ever. Saw the sun go down and then headed towards the cultural program that happens every night. You can choose from the package the kind of things you wanna do. Mostly the entire package comes with a safari ride and a dinner/drinks evening. It was luckily a sufi night and we were served an authentic Jaisalmeri food for dinner.
Navin Raju Roselin
On day 5 I reached Jaisalmer at 05:00 PM and while visiting Jaisalmer fort, I heard about Sams Sand Dunes and the tents there. So decided to ride another 45 kms and stay at a tent there.
Rohan Mukerjee
The only thing that never fits inside the palm...sand!
The Sam Dunes are 42-45 Km from Jaisalmer city.
Ankeeta Bboruah
Ishita Bhowmik
You can take cars (Jeeps mainly) to go upto a distance for seeing the oh so awesome sunset! Otherwise they take you a little distance on camel as a part included in the package. P.S - To actually enjoy the desert you need to shell out more rest the decision can be yours either you want camel or jeep!
Damini Aggarwal
Visit to Jaisalmer is incomplete without the Sam Sand Dunes. The Dunes mark the beginning of Thar Desert ( approx 40 Km away from Jaisalmer). Enjoy the Desert Safari: camel ride, camping, folk music and food. A perfect place to click pictures. Sit back and enjoy the beauty. Full of adventure and highlight of the Trip!
Achal Gupta
After reaching Jaisalmer we quickly get a package as they say which include night stay and other events like traditional dance , camel safari etc. We decided to head towards the Sam where the tents are located. Road towards Sam is simply awesome. Scenic with windmills on background a perfect mixture for the photographer in you. Only thing one need to keep in mind is there are no petrol pumps after Jaisalmer so one has to carry enough for return Journey. We reached Sam quickly, first on the plate was the Camel Safari. Although, it was not exactly what was promised by the broker down at Jaisalmer. But it is a must try and for some extra bucks one could go deep in the desert away from all the tourists. Camel guy will leave you at the sunset point to relax and just see the sun go down. After sunset it was time to head toward the luxury camps and enjoy the local cuisine with Rajasthani folk dance. Later in the evening we all get invited to take the stage and show some dance moves and that is where the fun begins. From rajasthani cultural music it was now time for Honey Singh ... :D
Smiti Maini
The next morning we started for Jaisalmer which is a 5 hour drive away from Jodhpur. As we progressed towards Jaisalmer, we could see more sand in the surroundings. This being Decmber, we packed a lot of warm clothes. But it was so hot in Rajasthan that I even argued with my mum on why we bought so many woolens. I was excited to witness a real desert for the first time. We were staying at Choki Dhani Desert Camp. We reached there late in the afternoon and immediately after checking in, proceeded towards Sam Dunes to catch a glimpse of the setting desert sun. We hired a camel and a camel cart for the 6 of us. My brother enjoyed the camel ride and we relaxed on the camel cart, while enjoying the desert panoramas. We stopped at a spot and waited for the sun to set. My sister is a photographer and spent a lot of time with her DSLR clicking beautiful pics of the sunset while we enjoyed playing in the sand. The yellow-orange-red transformation of the sun in front of our eyes and its journey towards the desert horizon was breathtaking and no words would do justice to the beauty we witnessed that evening. As the sun set, the sand became more and more cold. And suddenly the temperature dropped. My mum looked at me and I lipped a quiet sorry for the previous argument. On the camel ride back to Choki Dhani, it became too cold and I was shivering without a sweater.
It was 4:00 PM, we finally reached Sam Dunes. The finale celebrations were on; we could see number of flying kites adorning the clear blue sky. While I was trying to catch the festive mood in my camera, Rachit tried his hands with kite flying. After soaking ourselves in the vibrant colors of Rajasthan, we headed back to our guest house in the city. Fostered by the striking dunes, we have already started working on the plan to fulfill our long cherished dream to go on a long road trip to Rajasthan.
Sumit Vaswani
Dune Bashing in the Dunes