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Sam Sand Dunes

This is an area a little out of the main city of Jaisalmer and is one of the most beautiful attractions of the city. The sand dunes are a visual treat and camping is what attracts most of the tourists till this place. This is a unique experience as you have a tent right on the sand and the whole night gets more colorful with the traditional music and dance programs. There are a number of camel tour agencies which try to force you to pay more. You should be able to tackle them skillfully. A trip to Rajasthan cannot be completed if you miss this.
Soumita Das
Sand dunes are quite popular in Jaisalmer and the desert safari is quite a favourite amongst many tourists.Often these desert safaris are followed by some cultural function under the star studded sky and camp fire to keep us warm.One can even indulge in the extended desert safari, away from the cacophony of the crowd and live in the camps to enjoy the desert life more thoroughly.Wind mills are quite common on the way to the desert.The sand dune bashing is quite an experience we will definitely not forget in the years to come!
Pooja Agarwal
Kritharth Pendyala
Sand, sand and more sand. The Thar desert houses some of the beautiful sand dunes, to be explored with a local guide. Stay in the midst of the desert, and fall in love with the night sky at its uninterrupted best, with absolutely no pollution and high visibility. Plan a trip on dates where a Geminid or an Orionid meteor shower is said to happen, and it will be one of the best experiences of your life!!!Gujarat:
Debashish Baidya