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Mango Tree Restaurant

This is a restaurant in Hampi which seems to be completely under the shade of a large mango tree from where it derives its name. Eating over here is absolute value for money. They mainly serve Indian food but also make pizzas and other foreign dishes. The decor of this small restaurant is worth a mention. They have all sorts of masks and deity paintings on the walls. The seating arrangement is small and not many people can fit in at the same time. This is also an advantage since you can eat properly in this way. The stuffed capsicum curry and the thalis are special mentions over here. The servers are very prompt and efficient and the ambience is really good too.
Vikram Mn
We had lunch at the much coveted Mango Tree, if you go there don't miss out on Banofee Pie. And here comes the best part, our trek to Matunga Hill. After all the huffs and puffs the sun decided to play hide and seek and got hidden off completely. This happened after all the slips and falls by Smitha and Soma. Even the photos we took there wasn't that great. Anyways it was a nice experience.
Then we headed to Mango Tree restaurant to see what is the hype about. I found it to be quite impressive. The ambiance is very cool and happening. They have mattresses with tables in front. Sit down and relax as much as you want, read a book, listen to songs. Snacks and shakes are also quite tasty. Overall a good experience.
We had our lunch at Mango tree cafe and then started to Vittala temple. The famous Chariot and Musical pillars which are the iconic representations of Hampi are located in this temple. There’s also a tree aged 108 years here. After exploring the temple we saw a foreigner coming by walk from the back side of the temple. Out of curiosity, we asked him about the route and discovered that there’s a walking route from Virupaksha temple to Vittala Temple.
Sumeet Poojary
Next morning was all about packing back and exploring the historic side of Hampi. I had some roadside breakfast and caught the ferry back to the Hampi Bazaar. I already had an auto booked for my next few hours and visited the Lost City of Hampi. After the tired day, the auto guy dropped us at the Mango tree restaurant, where we had some snacks and were ready to say bye to this amazing and mesmerizing city.Do read Hampi: The Lost City, to XPLOR the next day of our journey, where we'll visit all the major attractions of Hampi city.To find similar stories, follow to my blog and other social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) of XporLyf. Do give a visit.Also, do let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.Happy reading and and keep XPLORing...
Debjani Paul
Lunch and rest (3 hours)To avid the harsh afternoon Sun and give rest to your tired feet, do take a leisurely lunch at any of the small cafes in Hampi Village. Mango Tree is one of the top favorites among tourists. The thalis here are star attractions!You will not get any non-vegetarian food in Hampi except for eggs, neither alcohol consumption is allowed in the village.