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Sunset point

Mount Abu in Rajasthan is a terrific tourist attractions and the Sunset at Sunset point is what you should definitely not miss. If you are a nature lover and keen to photograph the beauty of nature, then this is an ideal place. There is nothing extra ordinary here but the climate and the views make it a little more charming than many other hill stations. The best way to enjoy the sunset is while you take a boat ride in the Nakki Lake.
Priyanka Makhija
Amazed by the sight of the stone chariot, we then walked through the Hampi bazar and had lunch at the famous Mango Tree Restaurant. This place is a hit because of its mouth watering local food and you should not miss this during your visit to Hampi.
High Happy Hippie
Sunset Point of Hampi. All people gather for this everyday phenomenon.
Mady Velkar
An Evening at Hippie Island, Hampi
Shilpa Shashidhar
8. Go to the sunset point on Hippie Island – Hike the famous sunset point and witness a stunning sunset over the rice paddy fields with some amazing jamming sessions. Often, local children who sell tea join the jamming sessions and sing along.
Chitvan Chamadia
The sunset :)