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If you like peace and want a quiet place to relax and retrospect the Meteora is the place for you. People are hospitable and friendly... No one is in a rush and everyone is happy and smiling! Just like us on this short trip to Meteora... Would love to go back again and someday I will.. Till then I cherish the memories :)
Day 3: MeteoraIn morning, head towards monastries. We visited St. Stephen and Great Meteora Monastry. Views from these monastries were breathtaking. In Afternoon have lunch in Kamlambaka and head towards Athens. Overnight in Athens.
Day 2: MeteoraThere are 3 ways to travel Meteora. By Car, By train and or by Bus. We hired a car by Global Rentals and it was best way to explore Meteora. Remeber to buy insurance if you plan to hire one.Total Distance: 350 km, travel time: 4-5 hoursApproximate Cost - 210 Euros (including car rental, petrol, and tolls)By Train or Bus (40 euros per person)Stay in Kamlambaka or Kastraki as these are nice traditional villages and offer great views of Meteora and town. Watch sunset in meteora and in evening stroll in market and lanes of Kalambaka. This is very cheap town and great for shopping (wines, beer, bakery, clothes)
Meteora is many things - the kind of mountains you have never seen, the monasteries perched in those mountains, defying the laws of gravity, hiking trails that will take your heart away, sunsets that will get you romantic in no time, and a feel of overall calmness which you have been craving for. If you want to shoot here for business, pre-wedding or just for fun, you will love it.
Athens is the capital city with the presence of amazing ancient structures, e.g. Parthenon, Acropolis, Olympic stadium. And you will get numerous blogs and sites giving you the detailed ideas about how to see Athens in a few days.Santorini is of course, the dream of the European holiday. Couples swoon over getting cozy in Santorini, rest of the people count the money and save up to see the most beautiful sunset along side the caldera. Again, you will get many articles, covering both expensive and budget options (though it is not that budget, frankly speaking), to enjoy this island in the Aegean sea.I am going to tell you about the other side of Greece, you won't hear so often. However, they are amazingly beautiful, totally photography worthy, and unique to Greece. So if you are visiting for a slightly longer time, and have time after Athens or Santorini, or have the guts to ditch Santorini (not Athens, because most of your flights will reach Atehns, and it is not as expensive as Santorini is), here is your pick.1. Meteora : The land of jutted out mountains and monasteries
Pallavi Paul
After a heavy dose of Athens, we left for the incredible Meteora – a UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts of six functional monasteries perched atop wind-battered rocks made of sandstone. Four out of these are inhabited by men, the other two house women.We stayed in Kalambaka at a lodge called Koka Roka Taverna run by an incredibly hospitable Greek family. Kalambaka is a sleepy little town that shares the glory of the pinnacles of Meteora, towering over it.Nick, the owner of this 5-bedroom-lodge, whipped up a delicious meal of meatballs cooked over an open flame, served with potato wedges and a customary cheese salad, while he enthusiastically shared travel tips with us.