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May to September- 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM and October- April- 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
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December - February
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Kisama Heritage Village

This is a village and an open museum off the Imphal Road about 10 kilomteres from the Central part of Kohima. Here you will be able to experience the authentic living styles of the Nagas. The place is a Heritage Village since they have successfully preserved the joy of simple living of the tribals in one place. There are number of Naga traditional houses here along with some bachelor dormitories which are locally known as morungs. The most important fact about the Kisama Heritage Village is that the largest Naga Festiva, The Hornbill Festival is celebrated here. This is a week long festival which is celebrated every year from the 1st to 7th of December. Tourists come here to watch tribal people gather together and enjoying their singing, dancing and sports. Most of the people who come here are in their traditional warrior attires. The Kohima Rock Festival is also celebrated in this village.
4. Witness the colourful Hornbill FestivalThe 10-day long Hornbill Festival is held every year in December and is called the 'festival of festivals', giving visitors an opportunity to experience the diverse Naga culture. The Naga Heritage Village, Kisama is the venue for the festival and Nagamese people of all tribal sects gather at this heritage village to exhibit the most spectacular show from December 1 to 10 every year.
Dec 10th: Closing Ceremony of the Hornbill festival Breakfast at the village guest house The closing festival of the Hornbill is an unmissable event. It is full of fun, gaiety, dancing and bonhomie. Continue the closing ceremony festivities at Mima village. The morning walk at Mima village allows you to explore the village and the surrounding areas. Stone monoliths are common to most Angami villages. These monoliths littered all around Mima village have interesting stories giving you a deeper understanding of the history and life of the village and its people. Evening cultural activities continue at Mima. We encourage you to participate in the many traditional games that the village youth will be playing in the evenings. Exclusions: 1. Tea/ coffee/ extra orders/ snacks 2. Lunch at Kisama heritage village
Dec 9th: Visit the Kisama heritage village Have a traditional lunch at the Kisama heritage village. You have an option of continuing to remain for the evening activities and dinner at the village house in Mima or alternatively you can head to town for the night carnival While at Kisama, you can visit 'morungs' of each of the tribe where you can study their architecture, dress, food and drink. There are 17 Naga tribes and each one have their own morung. A morung is a dormitory where unmarried boys of the village are required to stay together and where the elders of the village teach them the lessons of life. On your return in the evening you can visit the Kisama village, the venue of the Hornbill, to enjoy some traditional dances performed by the tribes in the central arena designed like an amphitheatre. It also has a central shopping court, where you can see and buy traditional arts and crafts made by people from all over the state. There is also a Naga Chef competition each year, where the top four finalists are given a stall each where they run a kitchen for guests to sample and rate their food - the winner of the competition is decided based on the billings and ratings at each stall over the ten days of the festival. There is usually a night carnival held in Kohima during the Hornbill festival - if you’re a street food lover, this is the ideal time to try some street food. Cooking classes and rice beer brewing classes are also organised. One can participate in these activities and learn to cook authentic Naga dishes or brew your own rice beer. Exclusions: 1. Tea/ coffee/ extra orders/ snacks 2. Lunch at Kisama heritage village
It is the main festival arena.