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Any time when you are in Bhopal.
8 am to 8 pm all through the week.
Chiffon sarees are also available here. You may want to purchase a few.
You have to decide how much you wish to spend here and need to stick to it. The Chanderi silk items are expensive.
December - May
Families, Friends, Solo, Couples
20 out of 199 attractions in Kolkata

New Market

New Market happens to be an important shopping center in Bhopal that lies in Madhya Pradesh. The market is close to TT Nagar and one can get some good deals on raw silk and fabrics, Chanderi silk and tussar. The Chanderi silk sarees are quite famous and one can get some very good varieties here at New Market. For everything else like cosmetics, footwear, clothing, perfumes, jewelry and accessories, bags and wallets and other such stuff, there are numerous stalls and shops here to browse through all day long.
Nishtha Nath
5. New Market, KolkataIt's time for us to be surrounded by Christmas trees, jingle bells, and plum cakes. If you go to this market in Kolkata, you won't need any other hints to know that Christmas is getting close. Your hunt for all the traditional and favorite Christmas decorations ends in this market. With about 20 kiosks arranged in a circle in the market, you may get anything you need, including ornaments, little Santa Claus, bells, lights, and trees. Every year, the selection of Christmas decorations evolves and grows significantly, and you would undoubtedly feel the desire to expand your already sizable collection. With some modifications, the typical suspects like jingling cherry red bells, red socks, streamers, fairy lights, and Santa hats are always in supply.People wait in line outside Noham's for the plum cakes, but the local bakeries also provide rose cookies and little fruit cakes that are worth trying. Additionally, stop by the Kashmiri shop in the market to pick up the Mache stars and bells you need for the ideal décor.When : EverydayTime : 10am to 10pmVenue : Lindsay St, New Market AreaEntry Fee : Free of cost
The Shy Secrets
Visit Nahoum's, the decadent Jewish bakery
Megha Paul
12.30 pm: New MarketThere is a common saying out here. If something is not available in New Market, there are very low chances of you getting it elsewhere in the city. The shopaholic in me decided to test the saying and thus, my next stop in the city was this grand Gothic-style building with its clock tower. Originally meant for British gentry who disliked shopping alongside the natives, the S.S. Hogg Market, now commonly known as the New Market, is flooded with street peddlers. The labyrinthine network of shops sell products ranging from books to clothes, food to video games- almost any commodity imaginable. You can look at amazing silver jewellery at throwaway prices.And for all you foodies out there, New Market is a truckload of joy and a haven for cheap food. I started with the drool-worthy king of Kolkata street food -- phucchkas and chaats. You will find hundreds of temporary kiosks selling these. For lip smacking rolls, try Nizam’s and Badshah. To satiate my sweet cravings, I visited Nahoum and Sons for its delicious brownies and rum balls as well a rich selection of cakes, biscuits, pastries and breads fresh from the oven.
Our first stop was - surprise surprise - New Market, which is actually the oldest market of Kolkata. Talk about names that are opposite of the characteristic of the named! There we were swarmed upon by the hawkers who wanted us to come to their shops for buying stuff. They kept imploring us to come to their shops, to which we had to keep saying "later later". Before we could get anything else done, the eyes of one of the friends K, were caught by the sight of some lovely Indian kurta-pyjamas and she wanted to try the outfits. She made some purchases while the rest of us looked around.
Baidehi Ghosh
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