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Any time when you are in Bhopal.
8 am to 8 pm all through the week.
Chiffon sarees are also available here. You may want to purchase a few.
You have to decide how much you wish to spend here and need to stick to it. The Chanderi silk items are expensive.
December - May
Families, Friends, Solo, Couples
20 out of 199 attractions in Kolkata

New Market

New Market happens to be an important shopping center in Bhopal that lies in Madhya Pradesh. The market is close to TT Nagar and one can get some good deals on raw silk and fabrics, Chanderi silk and tussar. The Chanderi silk sarees are quite famous and one can get some very good varieties here at New Market. For everything else like cosmetics, footwear, clothing, perfumes, jewelry and accessories, bags and wallets and other such stuff, there are numerous stalls and shops here to browse through all day long.
Devanshi Rungta
Located at the heart of the city, New Market with over 2000 stalls under its roof, is one of the busiest markets in Kolkata.
My husband's bestie from college was getting married in Kolkata and there was no way I would let my chance slip. We boarded the Mysore Howrah Express from Bangalore City Junction at three in the morning on the 18th of January 2016. The train journey was uneventful and pleasant. We shared the compartment with a young jovial man from a village on the outskirts of Kolkata who worked as a cook with an online food delivery service in Bangalore. He was going home to attend his brother's wedding with a box of chocolate cookies he baked himself. I remember him for his cookies more than anything else. We reached Howrah Junction by 3 pm the next day. Commotion, typical to a railway station, heralded a mundane welcome to the travelers. A fleet of yellow ambassadors were lined up outside the prepaid taxi counters. We hired one of them to go to Hotel Lindsay in the bustling New Market area. As the taxi made its way across the iconic Howrah bridge, I marveled at the mammoth steel framework forming a canopy over the sea of vehicles and pedestrians. The dilapidated buildings with their hand-painted name-boards smothered with dust and age, the maroon and beige architecture of the 19th century monuments and the unobtrusive flow of human traffic deported me into a world that was still caught in the wide chasm between the pre-independence era and a fledgling modern economy. Sometimes the streets looked straight out of a movie scene with its wide roads dotted by yellow cabs and the dome of an ancient cathedral in the vicinity.
Madhu Das
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Madhu Das
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Sounak Ghosh
Shop till You DropFor the shopaholics, shopping malls may be a new trend in India, but Kolkata has had its Mall since 1874. Yes, you saw it right, 1874! The Stuart Hogg Market, lovingly called the New Market. With over 2000 shops, the typical English style red brick market building is as much an architectural marvel as it is a shopping paradise. It houses every imaginable store possible, from groceries to vegetables and meat shops, from confectioneries to designer boutiques, from florists to antique shops, Hogg market has it all.The shopping experience is not restricted only to the Hogg market. Numerous other markets have come up in the area. Even the pavements and the streets are crammed with vendors selling every imaginable piece of necessity in the world.Tip: Bargaining is an art and beware of pickpockets. Taste the pastries at the century old Nahoum's.
Shreya Rathi
Because shopping for tote bags, ethnic junk jewelry, cotton kurtas and everything that is sheer delight to eyes is a MUST. "Shoppers Paradise", and the best part is that no matter how much you buy, it won't burn a hole in your pocket. Unless you decide to buy a store, then god saves you *crackles*
Kushendra Tiwary
A delight for all you shopaholics. Its the best place where you can get cheap and best products made of leather.
Arushi Dutt
One of the oldest and prime shopping destinations of Kolkata, New Market has some of the greatest fashions at the lowest prices. It's a bit further down than the main city of Kolkata, so it's best to go along with someone or in a small group.
Kishnaa Samana
One of the most chaotic and oldest markets in Kolkata, New Market also known as Hobbs Market and Gariahat offers a microscopic view of the wonderful treasures that this city has to offer in terms of artistic variety and craftsmanship. Silver Jewellery with strong influences of Tibetan art and Indian artistry, stones of myriad colours and hues, saris (silk and Bengal cotton), clothes and bed sheets with patch work, embroidery, leather goods, cane furniture, terracotta items (ranging from ear-rings and bangles to toys and decorative objects) jute work and a variety of items from different parts of the country can be bought from these parts of Kolkata.