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Sunday is a great day as mass is held here. September to March is the best time to visit the place.
Relax, Picnic, Boating
Free entry/Boating- INR 200- INR 250 for 30 minutes
All year
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Prinsep Ghat

Prinsep Ghat with a good spectacular view is names after the famous James Princep. The place was built when the city and the whole country was under the Raj of the British. It is among the serene and quaint places in Kolkata where locals and tourists go for a getaway from city's hustle-bustle. This place is also considered by the locals for morning and evening walks by the banks of the river Ganga with not really a great view but also clean and oxygen free of pollution, amidst the lush greenery all around. For those who want to pay some quality time by the Hoogly without spending much, this is actually the spot to head to. An extra activity here's boat rides that are slow and serene in the waters of the Ganga.
On the auspicious end of the Valentine's week, I would like to express the mesmerizing experience of my visit to The Princep Ghat.The calming effect The Ganga's breeze would feel on your face would give a sense to visit again.
sayantika khatua
Prinsep Ghat...● Prinsep Ghat is a ghat located between the Water Gate and St George's Gate of the Fort William which is along the Kolkata bank of the Hooghly River in West Bengal.The ghat is stretched from Babu ghat to Prinsep ghat on the riverbank for almost 1.2 miles.● It was made in the memory of the Anglo Indian scholar James Prinsep.The construction started in 1841 and it was open to public in 1843.The white monuments in the park are crafted with Gothic and Greek inlays which is maintained by pwd of the state since 2001.There is a ground in front of the monuments.● It also has a railway station named after it which is maintained by eastern railway.One of the songs in the bollywood film Parineeta was shot here on the Ghat.
The Calcutta Nomad
The Princep Ghat is one of the most visited and most photographed recreational spots in Kolkata. It is a majestic structure built on the banks of the Hoogly River and was built in the memory of orientalist James Princep.
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