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Sunday is a great day as mass is held here. September to March is the best time to visit the place.
Relax, Picnic, Boating
Free entry/Boating- INR 200- INR 250 for 30 minutes
All year
Friends, Families, Couples
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Prinsep Ghat

Prinsep Ghat with a good spectacular view is names after the famous James Princep. The place was built when the city and the whole country was under the Raj of the British. It is among the serene and quaint places in Kolkata where locals and tourists go for a getaway from city's hustle-bustle. This place is also considered by the locals for morning and evening walks by the banks of the river Ganga with not really a great view but also clean and oxygen free of pollution, amidst the lush greenery all around. For those who want to pay some quality time by the Hoogly without spending much, this is actually the spot to head to. An extra activity here's boat rides that are slow and serene in the waters of the Ganga.
Such Evenings !!
As river Hooghly flows just through the center of Calcutta, there are many 'ghats' amplifying the beauty of sunsets. Go for a sunset view to Princep ghat which is close by Maidan and you can have the evening tea here, seeing the bigger (and much better) versions of paper boats we all used to make during rains.Don't forget to take a ride over Vidyasagar setu aka second Hooghly bridge and you won't be disappointed.Just at walking distance to this place is every cricketer's dream ground, 'The Eden Gardens'.You can see all the posters of the iconic rivalry between India Pakistan matches and of course, the famous India/Australia test of 2001.Even if it is vacant, you will sense those loud sounds of cheering enough to get you goosebumps, the same way I had when I first saw this Mecca of cricket.
Iona Dsouza
Now there are two things that I love most when I travel, sunsets and food. On stepping out of my hotel, Pramod my chauffeur asked, "Madam, where to?" to which I asked "Where can I catch a beautiful Calcutta sunset? Minutes later I found myself strolling at Princep Ghat. Little did I know that this sunset would shape the rest of what I'd call my most palatable experience as yet.
Megha Paul
6.30 pm: Princep GhatI decided to spend my evening at the Princep Ghat by letting myself free in the tranquility of the calm shore water. The river lapping up the ghats is the perfect prescription to find your own peace. It also makes for a brilliant photo opportunity while the sun sets amidst the backdrop of the Howrah Bridge and the Vidyasagar Setu. A boat ride at the Princep Ghat is an experience anyone visiting Kolkata should indulge in.
Isha Saxena
This is where you can spot the two different bridges - the iconic Howrah Bridge and the Vidyasagar Setu. The area has been beautified resembling a much smaller version of the Marine Drive, however, the main attractions remain the two bridges.