Prinsep Ghat 1/14 by Tripoto
Sunday is a great day as mass is held here. September to March is the best time to visit the place.
Relax, Picnic, Boating
Free entry/Boating- INR 200- INR 250 for 30 minutes
All year
Friends, Families, Couples
11 out of 199 attractions in Kolkata
Prinsep Ghat with a good spectacular view is names after the famous James Princep. The place was built when the city and the whole country was under the Raj of the British. It is among the serene and quaint places in Kolkata where locals and tourists go for a getaway from city's hustle-bustle. This place is also considered by the locals for morning and evening walks by the banks of the river Ganga with not really a great view but also clean and oxygen free of pollution, amidst the lush greenery all around. For those who want to pay some quality time by the Hoogly without spending much, this is actually the spot to head to. An extra activity here's boat rides that are slow and serene in the waters of the Ganga.
Aditya Sen
James Princep Monument (wiki)
Anindita Ganguly
I knew I had just two days left from my 20 days’ trip. Accordingly, my cousin took me out for a stroll near the banks of the river Ganges! I believe that was the start of my vagabond life wherein I experienced goose bumps when I saw the vast Ganges sweeping my feet overlooking the huge 2nd Hooghly Bridge on my left and the famous Howrah Bridge on my right! I do not know what mesmerised me the most- the beautiful sunset, the river or the picturesque bridges in front of my eyes! That sparked an interest in my heart to be a vagabond who can experience the same sunset but a different water body flowing in another city! I wanted to feel the same way as I felt in that evening! I would compromise every luxury which does not stand a chance in front of such natural beauty! My creative mind was overflowing with imaginations where I could visualise huge snow-capped mountains, a splendid sunset and a river in some other land! How breathtaking it would be to explore this Ganga which gives life in plains taking birth itself in the Gangotri amongst the snow-capped Mountains! I must say, that the Government of West Bengal have taken special care in maintaining the standards of the water body that they take pride in!
Sounak Ghosh
Enjoy the SunsetSeldom does one get to see sunsets in a city crammed with apartment blocks and high rises. So while in Kolkata, escape to the riverfront at Princep Ghat. Sit by the strand among manicured lawns and watch the sun slide over the horizon. The iconic Vidyasagar Setu enhances the idyllic experience. Reinvigorate yourself in the effervescent breeze of the Ganga. But please don't leave as soon as the sun sets, wait for the lights on the bridge to turn on and marvel at the beautiful scene; cliched but one should not miss the scene.Things to Do: Take a boat ride and have a grandstand view of Kolkata.
Riyanka Roy
The most obvious place where we headed after a hearty breakfast was Princep Ghat, one of my favorite places in the city. I could sit there for hours, looking at the boats sailing down the river. I've been there in the evenings as well, and wondered how the whole view changes from dawn to dusk. I've seen the shadow of the bridge falling on the river and the water reflecting the glittery lights of the bridge, and the kids playing on the mud at the bank, and then taking a dip.  For people from other cities, it'll be difficult to understand the diversity that prevails from North to South, be it the lanes or the houses, or the people and their lifestyle. Growing up in South Calcutta, I've always seen the dynamism and modernity of the city, unfolding with time. When I explored North Calcutta for the first time, I felt the strong heritage that the city still holds. North Calcutta is dotted with century-old buildings, criss-crossed by hundreds of narrow lanes.The smell of old pages still lingers on my mind as I think of those afternoons at College Street, hunting for old-copies of Political Theory books, and then gorging on chicken cutlet and coffee at the Indian Coffee House. I often overheard the intellectual conversations going on around me - this is where ideas are formed, debated, debunked and mulled over. Another reason for bunking college and going there was to have 'Daab-Shorbot' at Paramount.
Ruchi Jain
It is really a must place visit for all the nature lover's and photographers. The ambience is very serene and calm.
Nutan Lakra
Named after James Princep, an eminent orientalist, and built under the British Raj, Princep Ghat is a quaint getaway from Kolkata's sense-assaulting vibrancy. Perfect for evening walks along the banks of the Hooghly, this is the place for languid conversations and internal musings among the auburn setting Sun and the gray Hooghly waters.