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St. Mary's Church

A historical church built in the 19th century by a royal engineer named Col. A.H.B. Hume, this is just near the Tip N Top Pint. This is like a heritage monument of the hill station but all church services were stopped after 1947 given the deteriorating conditions of the building. The charge of administration was taken by the Garhwal Regiment and it was then converted into a museum like we find it now. The museum houses nothing but a pretty good collection of old pictures and details about pre- independence era of this place. You can also enjoy audio- visual representation of the British Era when you come here.
Abhinaw Chauhan
St. Mary’s Church is yet another hidden gem resting in the lap of the heavenly Lansdowne, known for its precise and magnificent structure. A Catholic church of historic importance, St. Mary's Church is located near Tip N Top point. In 1895, St. Mary's Church was constructed by Col. A.B.H. Hume of the Royal Engineers. The church stands tall amidst a picturesque setting, overlooking the hills and valleys beyond. The structure is designed to dole out peaceful and serene ambiance to the visitors. Visit St. Mary's Church for it's beautiful stained glass windows and quaint aura.