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Later afternoon, before sunset.
24 hours
Bird watching, nature walk, scenic views.
Entry free
June to September
12 out of 46 attractions in Lonavala

Tiger Point

Also known as Tiger's Leap because of its shape that resembles a leaping tiger, Tiger Point in Lonavala is a 650-metre high hilltop offering panoramic views of the lush green valley with lakes and waterfalls. With clouds hovering in the close proximity, the sight can be bewitchingly beautiful and heavenly, especially if it's a rainy day. It's a perfect escape for nature lovers in Lonavala who don't have time to visit hills in the northern India.
Jul Sharlin
Monsoon calls for a trek. Here I am reminiscing about a beautiful trek to the dark forest - Andharban. Location: Tamini Ghat Road, Gaon, Pimpri, MaharashtraAltitude: 2,160 ftTime taken: 4-5 hoursDifficulty level: Easy-moderatePass through Lonavla's Tiger Point, Ambey Valley, random villages and valleys, and after about 3-4 hours you reach this Independence point near the Pimpri Dam. If you are coming individually and not with a travel group, you have to pay a token amount of Rs. 50.- per head. Otherwise no, because the travel agency/group has already paid for it.
Yasmin Mirza
Tiger Point : You must be eager to know why it is called tiger point, are you going to see the tiger. Answer is “NO” this is a point about 650 m above which gives a shape of tiger and from here you can see the beauty of Lonavala. Just spend some hours here and you will feel like enjoying each and every moment.
Mohini Chauhan
Tiger's Leap: Also known as Tiger's point because of its striking resemblance to a tiger if attended closely, the Tiger leap is a cliff top located 650 metres above the sea level offering a spectacular view of the valley. The echo point on Tiger's Leap is another major fascination.
The Wandering Wolf
Quite similar to lions point. only it's ssecured by the fences around it. Very crowded and tourist litter everywhere. But view is good. you can won't get peace of mind over here.
Ruchi Jain
Tiger's point is a very beautiful natural landscape in Lonavala which stands at a height of 650 m. It resembles the shape of a tiger. There is a small waterfall near the landscape which flows during monsoon season only. The fog gives a picturesque view of the site. Long walks here is indeed very romantic. Once here, you don't feel like leaving this place due to it's ambience. Similar to this is the Lion point in Lonavala. Though we did not go to this particular place due to lak of time, People say that tiger and lion point are almost similar.