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The Clock tower
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Husainabad Clock Tower

Husainabad is a beautiful city famous for the Clock Tower and is located in Lucknow near Rumi Darwaza, which was built by Nawab Nasir-ud-din Haider to mark the moment of arrival of the 1st Lieutenant Governor of United Province of Avadh named Sir George Couper. This Clock Tower is said to be the tallest clock tower in India. The tower is 67 metres tall and has been designed by Roskell Payne. The parts of the clock were build with Gun Metal. The pendulum of the clock has a length of 14 feet which is also the longest in India. The dial of the huge clock has been shaped like twelve petalled flower surrounded by bells. The design of the clock tower in Husainabad reflects a combination of two styles, Victorian and Gothic. This is the perfect example of artistic brilliance and should definitely feature on your itinerary.
Aashu Jha
7.Clock Tower :- Also known as Husainabad Clock Tower ,It is located adjacent to the Rumi Darwaza and Picture Gallery. It is a major landmark of Lucknow, built in 1881, It is said to be the tallest clock tower in India and only second clock tower of the world after the Big Ben London, interesting isn't it?