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Rumi Darwaza

Once the gateway of Lucknow, this beautoful monument was commissioned by Nawab Asaf- ud- Daulah under the program of 'food for work' when the city population was facing famine conditions. The gateway is not only famous in India but also all over the world. The British also called it the Turkish Gateway since the model was inspired from some monument in the then region of Constatinopole or modern day Istanbul. The Rumi Darwaza is on the north western portion of the Bada Imambada which was also commissioned by Nawab Asaf- ud- Daulah. The monument was built in the year 184 and was once surrounded by immense natural beauty. The name Rumi Darwaza was given after the word Rumi which is a Persian word meaning Rome. This is because the gateway is modelled after a gateway in Constantinopole which was once the capital of the Eastern Roman Kingdom which was later vanquished by the Turkish rulers.
Dr. Yadwinder Singh
रुमी दरवाजा लखनऊ की पहचान है| इस खूबसूरत दरवाजे की ऊंचाई 60 फीट है| इसकी भव्य शिल्प निर्माण कला लाजवाब है| रुमी दरवाजा का निर्माण नवाब आसफ़ुद्दौला ने 1784 ईसवीं में करवाया| कांस्टेन्टिनोपोल के मशहूर द्वार की तर्ज पर रुमी दरवाजा बनाया गया था| इसका ऊपरी हिस्सा 8 फीट ऊंची छतरी के आकार में है| जहाँ आप सीढ़ियों को चढ़कर जा सकते हो| जब भी लखनऊ आए तो रुमी दरवाजा जरूर देखें|
While talking to my friend over phone, I said "I wanted to visit Rumi Darwaza atleast". And do you want to know my friend's response?? "Switch on the TV and you can see all the tourist attractions live". Yes! The protesters were burning tyres around all important places in Lucknow. Knowing that I was helpless, I decided to stay at the hotel itself, took a nice shower and ordered dinner to my room and had a good sleep.
The 'Rumi Darwaza' is standing tall since the 18th century, was initially built to mark the start of then Lucknow. As time passed, the city grew bigger. The Darwaza was no longer considered as the start point of the city. It was made into an entryway of the Nabab's palace. The palace does not exist anymore. It was destroyed by the British when the Nabab refused to surrender. But many monuments inside the palace still survived. So does the Rumi Darwaza.
Srishti (still.winds)
Rumi Darwaza
Amit Halder