Raja Seat Mantapa 1/19 by Tripoto

Raja Seat Mantapa

Built on a high level ground, this was a viewing spot for the Rajas that showcases the beautiful valleys and cliffs , bounded by beautiful surroundings.
Tushar Gupta
7.30 AM, we reached the first major tourist attraction in Madikeri. Raja's Seat is a high altitude up-the-hill garden that provides a spectacular view of the evergreen Coorg Valley.
It was time for the sunset and we knew exactly the place from where the perfect sight can be enjoyed. Raja’s seat is the best and most famous place to witness the sunset. As it is famous, it was crowded with people who were there for the view and hence finding a calm and peaceful place was an impossible task. The sun slowly disappeared behind the humongous mountains and it was a delightful experience. After the sunset we sailed through the Madekeri markets for spices and coffee shopping.
Panchami Bekal
Raja seat is a sunset view point.There was also a toy train ride (INR 30 per person) which we enjoyed thoroughly. We watched the day come to an end. The sky was lit with beautiful hues of Orange and red. We returned home and our host, Mr. Bharath served us the yummy dinner.
Raja Seat :
Babu Reddy
Clicking and posing went for half of an hour. We started back to Madikeri from there. We reached place at 3.30PM and our next attraction in list is Raja seat.
Astha Rungta
From Bagamandala just take a bus to return to Madikeri and in between just again "ASK" the driver to drop you near Raja Seat Garden. A beautiful garden with an entry fee of Rs. 5 per Adult, you will find a fantastic view point, a toy train ride, musical fountain and a place to chillax on green grass along side a small temple. After getting drenched in the "Lean On" music in Raja's Seat, I urge you to take a "Bhelpuri" from outside and have a calm and serene walk till Omkareshwara Temple, just 20 minutes walking from the place.
The Wandering Wolf
Situated in the heart of the Town, basically a garden but a spectacular view of the hill. Ideal time to visit would be to watch the sunset. For relaxing you got a beautiful garden and kids could enjoy in the toy train.
Sasank Raavi
It is said that Rajas Seat is where the king of Madikeri used to relax at evenings . Located very near to the Madikeri fort in the middle of the town , it is built on the edge of a hill with a beautiful garden and artificial fountains. The view from Raja's seat is a pleasant spectacle of several layers of greenery and an unending chain of hills . Every evening one can witness the sun-kissed mountains with flamboyant colors of the blue sky as dusk begins.