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Arjuna's Penance

This is the World's largest bas- relief and is a stone carved group opf monuments with more than 100 types of sculptures of gods, goddesses, birds, animals and other such figures. It is said that this is the place in which Arjuna from mahabharata practiced very hard penance in the prayer of Lord Shiva. This was to please the lord who could bless him with the divine bow with which he would later kill the kauravas. This is the reason this place is called as Arjuna's Penance. Also, once Bhagiratha Sage stood on one leg and prayed to the lord continuously so that he could change the course of the River Ganga and send it here. he was later blessed and he River Ganga started flowing here. This is why this place is also caled as the 'Descent of the Ganges'.
Shiwani Kumar
Shore templeShore temple is an impeccable art of architecture, as whole temple is carved out of granite stone. The temple has idols of Shiv, Shakti and Vishnu. It is believed that there were set seven temples on the shore which were renowned as Seven Pagodas. The stone carvings on the walls and entrances are marvellous.
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Descent Of Ganges - Arjuna Penance1 Km From Shore Temple There Is This Giant A 96 By 43 Feet Open Air Relief Carved On Two Monolithic Rock Boulders With Around 146 Structures.“ The Panoramic View Of The Life In The Forest Is Aptly Sculptured Here In The Two Large Boulders, The Cleft Between These Two Boulders Is Brilliantly Utilised To Show The Flow Of The River Ganga Which Is Evinced By The Presence Of Nagas And Naginis, The Great Event Of Obtaining The Weapon Pasupatha From Lord Siva By Arjuna, Is Portrayed Here.” - Asi We Stand On Side Of The Road To See These Rocks We Cannot Go Close To Structures Creating A Steep Well Like Stricture Between People Standing On Road And Structure.If You Want To Fit The Two Rocks In One Frame You Will Be Needing An Ultra Wide Lens Like 14 Mm. Timings - 24 Hours Open No Entrance Fee Or Camera Fee
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