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Krishna's Butter Ball

Mahabalipuram is a place known for its natural rock formations and this is also one of those. This is a very interesting formation and is a huge balancing rock. The name is such because it seems like a dollop of butter. According to legends and tales, the baby Lord Krishna had an ever lasting quench for butter. For this he would often steal from his mother's kitchen and this rock also seems to be one of those dollops which he would have stolen during his childhood. This place is never very crowded and the shady rock is ideal for an afternoon nap or as a background for some interesting clicks.
Mrphenomenal Diaries
Krishna’s Butter Ball400 M Walk To Left To Rayagopuram Will Lead Us To Butter Ball, The Interesting Giant Rock Hanging On A Steep Surface.1908, Governor Of The Madras Arthur Havelock Made An Attempt To Use Seven Elephants To Move Due To Safety Concerns, But It Didn’t Work. The Boulder Is Bigger And Heavier Than The Monolithic Stones Of Ollantaytambo And Machu Picchu 1969, A Tour Guide Is Said To Credit Its Present Name, Krishna’s Butter Ball To Indira Gandhi Who Was On Tour Of The City People Do Try To Push The Ball And Take Photographs Here, Its Slippery To Get To Top To Touch The Giant Rock.Timings - 6 Am To 6 Pm No Entrance Fee Or Camera Fee