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June -Aug
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Amboli Ghat Waterfall

Amboli Ghat Waterfall is close by Kegad in Maharashtra. Amboli is a hill station in south Maharashtra that is based on the Sahayadri Mountains of Western India. At an elevation of 690 yards it is the last mountain station ahead of the coastal highlands of Goa and a comparatively unexplored one. Amboli gets the highest rainfall in Maharashtra and remains pleasant all over the year. The best season to go to Amboli is during the monsoon between June and Aug wherever you will find heavy rains. All through non-monsoon conditions, town wears a deserted look and brings life with a lazy approach.
nusta traveller
The breathtaking Amboli Waterfalls is found within the hill station of Amboli in south Maharashtra in India.
Shivam Bagga
I was enjoying my ride, till i left the highway and took a turn towards Amboli Ghat, one of my friend did tell me about the first patch or Jungle. Roads were not that great here, no human soul to be seen, no lights and the path covered with dense forest; in all it was a scary experience for 50-55 kms.After surviving that patch, i was greeted with Bikers Paradise curved roads, cool weather and mesmerizing scenes.
Nihar Sawade
Early in the morning we left for Thane. The last day of this epic trip was all about riding and riding. On our way back, we stopped by at the Amboli waterfalls in the Amboli ghat. As mesmerising as the ghat, is this waterfall. When we reached home, it displayed 1757 in the trip box of the speedometer, but those were not just numbers, those were moments to cherish for the rest of our lives and also a small step towards my eventual big dream!
Saumitra Shinde
Now if you are from Maharashtra or have lived here most of your life, you will know what Amboli Ghat looks like during the monsoon. It literally feels like a music festival with people of all ages coming in to witness the beauty of the Sahyadri Ghats and a magnificent waterfall falling with a thunderous roar.
Bikash Jaiswal
My God!! What a place!! We reached Amboli....