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Pabba's Ice Cream Parlour

This is a very popular ice- cream parlour very close to the Mangalore Main Bus Station. Everything is too good about this place and the taste and flavors of ice- cream tops the list of all. They also sell other snacks including samosas, sandwiches and cutlets and these are also yummy but trying out atleast a tiramisu is highly recommended. They have in store guava and litchi flavored ice creams. This is altogether the perfect place to spend some free time with friends, family or even arrange for a formal meeting.
priyanka kakade
NOTE : Let me tell if you are in Mangalore or planning to go there , add Pabba's ice cream parlour at Lalbag in your bucket list . Pabbas has to be visited place and try different ice creams and sandwiches and i bet you , you will not get taste unlike here anywhere around the world.Pabbas special, Tiramisu, Gadbad and Dilkhush are few out of many rich flavoured ice creams and in Sandwiches , Schezwan grilled sandwich .
Panchami Bekal
Visiting the beach is preferable during the evening because Mangalore is really hot!!! To start off, visit the famous Pabbas ice cream parlor in Lalbagh (near KSRTC bus stand) and savor the yummy and delicious ice creams(Gadbad, Tiramisu, Chocolate dad and what not !!)
Satyam Kumar
Pabbas IceCream Parlour(Must Go): Great taste, quality with quantity, and value for money. Enormous variety of ice-cream. Rich dishes and ice cream at a very compatible price. Try Gadbad, chocolate dad, cassata.
Prateek Dham
Your Mangalore stay is not complete without indulging your sweet tooth at the ultra-famous Pabbas.
Priyanka Nayak
Gudbad Ice cream Tiramisu and sandwiches is the best pick of this place.