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One Tree Hill Point

This is a bit tucked away if compared with the other attractions in Matheran. This is a hill point from where you get very nice views just like other places. You can hire a pony and take a ride till here. The only problem is that you are not allowed to climb the hill and the views become a little guarded when standing downhill. You can also do valley crossing for better views at a cost of Rs 250 per person.
Shalini Garnaik
We went to One tree hill point and there was really just one tree on top of the hill. It was less crowded there so we sat and enjoyed the beauty of hills.
The Wandering Wolf
On a Narrow Path that leads to this point, we dint make the effort to Climb up to the tree as the path that led was slippery. And with Strong winds Blowing, one could see stars in day light if he made any efforts. I Suggest don't try to Be Daredevil. Cool Point, With narrow path and Zip Line Adventure (charges Rs. 250/- per person) as a attraction this point will give you a coolest view the Ghat.
Sagnik Basu
On the top of the hill can be seen a single tree of Jambhul standing all by itself. This forms the great cynosure for the travelers. Also this is the place to have the great respite from the rat race of daily city life. The ladder that leads to this spot is called as Shiva Ji’s ladder. Descent is hilarious. The discovery of this path is credited to Hugh Poyntz Malet. The walk through the road known as Shivaji’s ladder, going down from the hill to the plain is really a great experience. It is a good train fro trekkers. It is believed that the path was discovered by a British collector to Thane, Hugh Poyntz Malet. The surroundings are cool and calm. One can get a relaxed feeling while spending the pleasure times here. From the one tree hill point one can get eye feasting views of scenic spots such as tent hill and Chowk village.