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7 out of 20 attractions in Matheran

One Tree Hill Point

This is a bit tucked away if compared with the other attractions in Matheran. This is a hill point from where you get very nice views just like other places. You can hire a pony and take a ride till here. The only problem is that you are not allowed to climb the hill and the views become a little guarded when standing downhill. You can also do valley crossing for better views at a cost of Rs 250 per person.
Ravindra Pal
Worse Than Charlotte Lake, Nothing to see there.And Finally after walking almost 20 Km in a day we reached our hotel fully exhausted.
Shalini Garnaik
We went to One tree hill point and there was really just one tree on top of the hill. It was less crowded there so we sat and enjoyed the beauty of hills.