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Bandra Terminus

This is a suburban Village which belonged to the British when the rest of Mumbai was with the Portuguese. The locales call it Vandre and the word Bandra is said to have originated from the Urdu/ Parsi word Bandar meaning a provibce or a city. It was once just a fishing village and now the development is so much here that many of the celebrity houses are found in this region. It is at present a posh locality of outer Mumbai. The graffiti on the walls is also a contribution of the British rule as the culture is completely western and was adapted during that time. Apart from many educational institutions and attractions, the St. Mary Church is the most visited place here.
gj1 rider
we departed from Ahmedabad on night of 11-Aug-17 and returned on 15- Aug -17. We were group of 4 guys and its amazing that it cost only 2500 rupees per head for this 5 day trip with all foods and transportation.
How about a backpackers trip ? Inquired my two travel partners. And we started to think about which region should we be travelling to and coming to a conclusion we planned to visit something unexplored in Uttarakhand, North India. I am a 21 year old solo traveler based out of Mumbai. I have completed my studies in Travel Professional and I work to manage my travel expenses. The search begun in every travel magazine, the internet, and everywhere. And we got to know about Kausani, also known as the Switzerland of India. So we began to plan our trip. After alot of research we decided about our itinerary thinking about a planned budget of Rs. 12,ooo INR, per head which includes our travel cost, accommodation, food, trek, etc. I always had love for solo trips but sooner i realised traveling with people of same interests who are down to any challenges makes sense and turns out to be cheaper. We fixed the date 3rd December, 2016 to begin the journey. We quickly got our tickets booked in sleeper coaches of Paschim Express, however there was a waiting list of 45 passengers ahead of us. But being street smart and a few good contacts made sure that i had confirmed tickets ( Just boasting out ). I also went ahead and booked a return flight from Delhi to Mumbai 2 months before the departure date. Booking advance tickets is always cheaper. We checked out the best deals on online websites but only came to a conclusion wherein everyone exceeded our budget. We planned not to do the same but look for some other option. Thankfully I had a local in the same location who could do that for me. You wouldn't believe it got so cheap that the hotel offered us a deal of Rs. 700 for a day divide it by 3, much cheaper then a burger with fries.
shruti shetty
Travel..!Trips..!...Adventures...! And all we travelers need reason to this time it was "HOLI" The festival of colours, love, enjoyment and yes the reason to backpack one more time...whooooaaa...and what would be the best place to celebrate this colorful festival rather than north India....So we decided to go to Rangeelo Rajasthan-"Na jaane kya dikh jaye"ENROUTE UDAIPUR
Pankaj Chavan
It was a normal working day for me in Thane. But I had to reach Bandra Terminus as the train was scheduled to leave at 15.05. So I took a half day and booked Ola till Terminus.
Pratik Jena
King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan's house Mannat is present here facing the sea.Bandra market is also good for shopoholics.Many other film stars like samlamn khan and all stay here.
Kshitij Satam
Leaving Mumbai to Pathankot (Chakki Bank Railway Stn.) Golden Temple Mail - Travelling to Dalhousie by Bus