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Leopold Cafe

In the Colaba area of Mumbai, this is a large and popular restaurant. Though the main reasons for which people come here are the lovely ambience and the food but the even more popular reason are the terror attacks that took place here a number of years ago. the bullet marks are still preserved in this cafe cum restaurant for visitors to see. Their specialties are beer of many varieties, Chinese, Continental and North- Indian Cuisine. a visit to this place is worthed during your trip.
Established in 1971, Leopold is a tourist magnet, but book lovers come here in search of Shantaram.
Sadhna Kumari
Leopold Cafe is one of the best place to eat if you're hungry it's right on the next street (Colaba) you'll have to walk a little. The cafe was started in 1871, has survived the 26/11 terrorist attacks. They have preserved the bullet marks; you may like to have a look at the preserved bullet marks.
Trupti Satardekar
Walking past the Hotel we moved to Leopold Café on the Colaba causeway. The streets that lead us there were quite evening types. The sun had just set and the dim lights made the walkway shimmer. And in that moment I realized I have started loving Mumbai. The one that felt scary insecure and crowded suddenly felt peaceful, comforting and beautiful. Anyways back to the topic. Talking about Leopold Café, The cafe was an early site of gunfire and grenade explosions during the 2008 Mumbai attacks by terrorists. The restaurant was extensively damaged during the attacks. Gunmen sprayed the restaurant with bullets and the bullet marks can still be seen. Leopold_Cafe And the ambiance in there is something that makes your forget all the crackle out there in the outside world. The funny posters around are worth a read, thought and laugh. We had a pretty cool time in there, the pasta was amazing and the coffee too.
Exhausted and hungry, we quickly showered and ventured out to find some breakfast. The first place we stumbled upon that we fancied eating in was Leopold Cafe, one of the most established and famous cafes in Mumbai. It's mentioned in the book Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and was also the target of the 2008 terrorist shootings. We'd accidentally ticked one of our must see's off the list very early on in our Mumbai visit. Integration and Assimilation The next couple of hours were spent wandering the streets for what Andy, I, and some friends call 'integration and assimilation'. In laymans terms - 'finding our bearings' and 'getting in the swing of things'. For us this consists of wandering around to see what we stumble upon and familiarising ourselves with where we are and how things work. This time it involved pottering around some markets, avoiding crazy taxi's, or 'Johnny Cabs' - as Andy calls them (based on the Total Recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger film) and noisy buses belching plumes of choking smoke. We also had to dodge the crowds milling on the side walks going about their daily business and the various street vendors and hawkers trying to sell us their wares. I loved the ' giant balloon' sellers - Andy's answer was always - 'no thanks I've already got one of those' which I of course managed to twist and find amusing.
Prateek Dham
Leopold Cafe & Bar has been in existence since before independence, and it will still remind you of the Victorian style the British were so proud of. Even though you may have been full after a visit to Gokul, it's always advisable to sit at Leopold for at least a bite to be a part of Mumbai's history.Where: S.B. Singh Road, Colaba Causeway, ColabaContact: 022 22828185How Much: Rs. 2,000 for 29 PMYou can only go further than this if you don't have a flight/train back to catch.
The historic café is bustling with people. Food is great too.
pawar sheetal
Authentic old charm with yummy food.
Naidu Pothala
Quite good, during those 26/11 attacks the bullet holes in the walls of this cafe can be seen even now.
Ruchi Jain
Leopold cafe is one of the most famous restaurant and bar in this place. This place was the first site where the 2008 Mumbai attacks took place on 26 November. The terrorists had first attacked here where the cafe had been very severely damaged. The cafe is always filled with many foreigners who love the ambience and food here. They love the beer here. Most of the birthday celebration is done here.
sneha shenoy
If there is any restaurant that is as famous as the city itself, it has to be Leopold Café. It situated on the busy Colaba Causeway where the world comes to shop on the streets. Fondly called Leo, the cafe is a very popular choice among the locals as well as the tourists and serves food for every palate. One of the first sites attacked during the November 2008 Mumbai attacks, this café is best known for its beer towers.
Priyanka Gogoi
Big groups, a tower of beer and you have it all! Plus, the food isn't that bad. The desserts should definitely be tried. And while you are there, do look out for the bullet marks that are the reminders of 26/11. This place is always buzzing, it's legendary.
Srishti Mehta
A perfect place for coffee and snacks!
Gunjan Upreti
A perfect place for you evening drinks with good food and music. Leopold is a popular restaurant and bar on Colaba Causeway and was one of the destination of 2008 terror attacks.