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Mumbai Airport

This airport was earlier known as the Sahar Airport and presently also known as the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. It is the primary airport linking other states and countries of the world with the metropolitan of Mumbai. This is the 2nd busiest airport of India after delhi in terms of Passenger traffic and the 47th busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic. Mumbai Airport is till now the busiest airport in the world in terms of Cargo freight. The airport is better than many others in the country and has planes landing and departing under many international airlines. The other facilities and amenities of the airport are very good and the service of staff here is very comfortable and friendly.
Amisha Chordia
We spent the return journey just browsing through the pictures clicked... Each one of them had a story and a memory attached!!!
Roshan Rajwani
This was the day i waited too long as it was the time to leave the country.Packed up with all the wilderness and enthusiasm to explore a totally new place we set off.Started off early on this day as i had to fly off to Bangkok on an afternoon flight.The day went on the flight and we reached the city in the evening.Then first off went on to transit to Pattaya - the bachelor's paradise.We reached our hotel in the night and just lied down to sleep.Pattaya Hotel - Royal Cliff Beach Resort( An excellent 5 star resort, do check it out it is fabulous in its price range)The link :
Abhinav Acharya
28th October,2016 - The day arrived.After long planning, friend and I boarded an early morning flight to Bangkok.
Parampara Patil Hashmi
Priyank Badola
Anoop Menon
Rutuja Patil
Traveling to the past It is going to be a long day. My morning started with a mild headache but had to get up as I had to complete my packing, follow-up my visa, pick up a bag from market and do some minor chore before I leave. And yes, my travel agent have offered that she would send my passport to me instead I going 5 miles to collect it. I completed all my tasks and was waiting for a call from the travel agent office. I called her up and she said she will update me in 15 min. After waiting for many such 15 mins I called her up to confirm if my preparations are not in vain and I would get the passport well before time. She said she would deliver the passport mid way and could pick it up. I left my place towards bus station where the passport delivery boy was supposed to come and I would then catch a bus to Mumbai. Puneites have to travel 7-8 hrs more than the scheduled time to reach the Mumbai international Airport for any international trip. Aks had taken a day off to help me out and drop me to the bus station. On the way we went to telephone office to give international roaming a try on my phone. But these people need a post-paid phone to activate it and I had a prepaid one. Anyway, internet has made world easier and I could work without the phone. When we left this place, I called up the travel agent to confirm the place where I would get the passport and now she declares that she does not have anyone to deliver it, without even apologising for the delay. I needed it and not hers, hence had to go all the way to her office in another direction to pick it up. Thankfully Aks was with me and we went to the travel agent picked up the passport, went to bus station and I caught the Shivneri (AC bus run by state Govt.). It was 4:00 pm in my watch and my journey had begun. The bus took its usual root and I wanted to sleep. My fellow passenger wanted to have some casual talk and the lady with a child behind me didn't want me to recline my seat. And my head was screaming and shouting at me "SLEEP". Very obediently I neglected the surrounding and slept without wasting a minute till the time it took its usual halt at a food mall. MacDonalds have been a great savior wherever you go. I got down, picked up a burger had it and again slept. 90 min to go to reach Dadar, my dad is supposed to pick me up and I am supposed to call him 30 min before I reach. But, I slept again and got late to give him a call. This resulted in longer waiting time at Dadar bus stand. So we quickly reached his place, had some nice home cooked dinner which I had carried and I took a nap for a while. We should reach the airport by 12 am and hence we left his place at 11. So here I was, carrying a small hand bag, a sack with packed/ready to eat food and a laptop bag on my back at the freshly baked crisp terminal 2 of Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport. I was ready to travel 5 hours behind our time.. travelling to the past.. Travel and Travel Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport Terminal 2: I collected my boarding pass and as I was passing through Kenya I was also recommended to be vaccinated against polio which the airport authority had arranged for. After all regular formalities of immigration, security check etc. I went in the airport lobby. When I checked my gate pass to reach the gate, I was surprised to see Gate no. 73 on it. Did the new terminal 2 have so many gates?? Without wasting time I started walking towards it, I didn't know, how much time it would take. But then the moving escalators for walking made it easy and quick. The corridors glittered with decorative lamps and the chairs were colourful and comfortable.I reached my gate and I had enough time to spend reading a book. "Lady, you are not a Man" (LYANAM==LAYMAN) by Apurva Purohit, accompanied me through-out my journey. The book is about woman for a LayMan (wink) and encouraging, especially for me as I was traveling alone. After I boarded the flight and receiving the usual meal which had a Indian taste I dozed off only to open my eyes in Nairobi, Kenya. I had a connecting flight to Ghana from there as most of my fellow passengers had. It was interesting to see how people of almost all races in the world come together at a location and all disperse in the world. The airport with nearly 10 gates was full of people, leaving only few chairs for people adding in. Going through the window panes of many duty free shops, I inquired for a transit visa which I took in my return journey. After all this I had 2 more hours and the airlines declared that the flight was an hour late. What am I going to do for 3 hours? I sat on this really uncomfortable chair and started reading the book. I also made some changes to the ppt I was supposed to present the other day and then again I dozed off but didn't forget to put a alarm on my mobile phone. After I got up I went through a confusing system of entering the gate no.8 where people from other flights were also awaiting their flight. They announced our flight name and asked us to board the bus which would take us to the plane. I got an aisle seat and the person besides me was reading something familiar. Although it is not meant to be good manners I peeped in and I found that the person was coming for the same meeting as I was. Small world!! I got introduced to him and then went back to my favorite task.. dozing off. After the flight of 5 and half hour the pilot instructed to tighten our seat belts as we were about to land at Kotoka International Airport,Accra, Ghana. Amidst the grey clouds our flight landed safely. As we entered the airport we went through the immigration part, clicking our pics, imprinting our fingerprints and moved towards the exit. Now me and David walked together to find a person holding name of the institution we were invited at. Sitting in a left handed driving vehicle we reached the hotel,we were staying at,in nearly 30min. Throughout the ride I felt that the driver was not following rules being used to the right handed driving in India. After we reached, true to the Ghanian claim of they being good hosts, the hotel staff was humble and very supportive. Although it was 2:00 pm in the Ghanian clock I was in the evening as per my biological clock. All this travel had confused me in terms of date and time. After eating some home made snacks I slept to wake up only tomorrow morning.